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Energize & Enlighten Tub Tea Recipe

The weather is warm, and the sun is shining. And if you're like me you probably have garden beds filled with fresh herbs and blooming flowers!

One of my favorite ways to use an abundance of garden herbs and florals is by steeping them in a relaxing herbal bath. Yep, that's right. A revitalizing tea-bath just for you!

There are many benefits of long soaks in "tub teas" including:

  • Relieves stress and anxious feelings

  • Calms your emotions

  • Soothes tired and achy muscles

  • Assists summer skin (i.e., burns, rashes, bug bites)

  • Eases tension

  • Increases circulation

  • Purifies and cleanses your energetic field

  • Supports the body's natural detoxification functions

If you want to learn how to work with your bath and shower water in a sacred way, check out this bath ritual article that I wrote!

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Summer Bath Tea Ingredients

I like to infuse my tub with all the scents and flavors of summer. Bathing in seasonal plants will help connect you to the sacred rhythms of nature and raise your vibration. Here's a few of my favorite summertime herbs and flowers to add to my baths:


My peppermint and spearmint plants are out of control this time of the year! And I often feel like so much of it ends up going to waste. That is, until I learned how to dry the mint leaves and make teas out of them.

Mint is the perfect summertime bath ingredient because of its skin cooling properties. A mint bath can feel so good after a long day out in the sun. Minty herbs are energizing to the senses and help to open your airways. Energetically speaking, mint helps to heal deep-seated pains, relieve heavy burdens, and promotes a sense of joy and lightness.


Out of all the flowers and plants on the Earth, Rose holds the highest vibration of Divine love and compassion. And, lucky for us, rose bushes are easy to come by this time of the year. You can add rose buds or petals to your self-care baths to heal your heart and restore wholeness. Physically, rose tea will help to nourish and calm your skin while also helping to reduce stress.

Of course, roses aren't the only flowers that you can use to adorn your baths. Some of my favorite floral tub teas include yarrow, chamomile, carnations, jasmine, and geranium.


Lavender is my go-to herb for calming and relaxing. Dried lavender buds are one of the easiest ingredients to add to baths for relieving tension and reducing anxious feelings. Spiritually, lavender helps to connect you to your heart and soul and helps you to get in touch with your highest, most authentic Self.

Lavender baths can promote better sleep and relaxation. This popular herb is also great at supporting summer skin issues such as sunburns, bug bites, stings, rashes and hives.


I'm a bit obsessed with basil. It happens to be one of my favorite garden herbs and I put it in everything... pasta sauce, salads, pizzas. And, oh yea, I put it in my bath too! Basil is known to renew and restore your body's energy. It's also an energy protector and can help to rid you and your home of negative energies. Ancient Greeks believed that Basil opened the gateways to heaven.