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From Fear to Calm: How Worry Water Can Help You Overcome Stress

Worry water is an elemental healing technique that uses a bowl of water to help transform and transmute heavy energies and dense emotions from your body and mind. This is a simple water ritual that can assist you in reducing fears, worries, stresses, and anxieties. It's also a powerful tool for healing grief, sadness, or loss.

Water Properties

The element of water represents compassion, empathy, deep feelings and emotions, forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation. Water's smooth and peaceful presence can help to alleviate stress and overcome feelings of anxiety. Water also has cleansing and purifying properties that can be used to release negativity from your body.

Water is often an important frequency that is required for energetic clearing. For this reason, water rituals are often utilized to heal our burning psyches and to assist us in living a more peaceful life. Water is often called on for those who are feeling stuck or stagnant in their thoughts and emotions.

Water has also been scientifically proven to hold memory. Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist who researched the molecular structure of water. Through decades of scientific studies, he concluded that water can be altered with human intentions and emotions.

In his research, Dr. Emoto would repeat a word or phrase to water droplets, such as "thank you" or "you fool". He'd then freeze the water droplets and study their crystalized structures. The droplets that were spoken words of love or affection to, for example, would make beautiful, star-like structures. The droplets that were spoken negative or hateful words to would form very different images. Through his work, he was also able to prove that the water changed structure after being prayed over or blessed.

Worry Water Ritual

This simple healing ritual can be used as often as you like to help transmute feelings of overwhelm, anxiousness, and despair:

  1. To start, you will fill a large bowl with water. I think it helps to invoke the Spirit of Water to join you before beginning this ritual. You may wish to simply say a prayer, set an intention for healing, or bless the water before you begin.

  2. Next, begin to speak to the water like a friend. You can share your worries and fears with the water or anything that is weighing you down. Take as much time as you need and allow yourself to empty out completely before moving on.

  3. Once you've finished, you want to release the water back to the Earth to be transformed by pouring it out on the ground. Keep in mind, that the water now contains heavy energy, so do not consume it. You may also want to avoid pouring it directly on your favorite plants.

Physically, the water will absorb your words and emotions, just like the water droplets did in Dr. Emoto's work. Emotionally, the water is acting as a calming agent for your feelings and emotions. Spiritually, the water is able to cleanse and purify the energetic attachments that are keeping the heavy emotions stuck in your body. Therefore, this simple water ritual works to heal many layers of your being.

Grief and Loss

This ritual is also a powerful tool for those who are suffering from heavy grief and loss. Most people carry around enormous amounts of hurt and sadness. I learned from my teacher, Malidoma Somé, that grief must be fully purged and never suppressed. In his book, Of Water and the Spirit, he wrote:

"Only by passionate expression can loss be tamed and assimilated into a form one can live with."

Having a simple grief ritual, such as crying or speaking into "worry water", can help you to safely and effectively learn to express your emotions towards grief. When working with grief and water, be sure to allow your hidden miseries and pains to come to the surface. We must find ways to release the heavy grief from our hearts every day, so that they don't burden us or weigh us down.

If we allow unexpressed emotions, such as grief, anger, and pain, to go unhealed, they will begin to take on a life of their own. They can cause all kinds of imbalances in our energetic field, which will also lead to physical, mental, and emotional problems. Grief needs space to flow through us without obstruction so we can release and heal it. When we do not let go of our grief our life becomes heavy and painful.

Most people only associate grief with death. But we accumulate millions of unhealed griefs throughout our life. Most of us do not know how to properly mourn all the losses we have endured. These can include everyday losses such as a relationship ending, a move, a change of job, or a change in financial wealth.

We also neglect to mourn the older version of ourselves as we grow, change, and evolve. I can think of specific changes in my own life that threw me major curveballs. For example, transitioning to the "real world" after college, becoming a mother for the first time, and walking away from my corporate job to become a full-time healer. All these passages were turning points in my life that brought heavy emotions and a loss of my old identity.

Prompts for Healing

You can make the worry water ritual your own, unique method for healing, releasing, and letting go. Use it however you feel comfortable. Here are some prompts to help you if you need them:

  • What thoughts do I have right now that feel heavy and are weighing me down?

  • What emotions have I been experiencing lately that I'd like to address or work through?

  • What are my biggest fears and worries right now?

  • What areas of my life do I feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by?

  • In what ways do I need more forgiveness or reconciliation?

  • What kinds of negative or dense energy am I releasing today?

  • What parts of myself feel like they're "on fire"? Where could I use the cooling, calming presence of water to settle my burning psyche?

  • Where am I feeling stuck or stagnant in my life, my feelings, or my emotions?

  • What areas of healing or personal growth am I working on?

  • Where do I need more love and attention in my life?

  • What am I grieving today?

  • What has made me feel sad or hurt lately?

  • What am I wanting to release or let go of?

You can either journal your thoughts before doing the ritual, and then speak them into the water. Or you can use the prompts above to help you find the right words to speak out loud to the water if you get stuck.

With Love,




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