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You Are the Beacon of Hope

Updated: May 9, 2022

Permission to Rise #02

Have you ever wondered what your Spirit Guides would say if they were sitting across from you right now? Permission to Rise is a series of transmissions inspired by conversations I’ve had with spiritual beings in the higher realms, such as our Ancestors, Spiritual Allies and Angels. Their messages are words of inspiration, encouragement, empowerment, and Divine wisdom. Their memos encourage your personal choice to elevate and become all that you are and all that you are meant to be in this lifetime. These conversations are your permission to rise. Learn more.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Immerse yourself in this little love letter for your Soul...

Do you remember why you came here to Earth? Do you remember why you chose to incarnate to this very moment? You were chosen to be here, right now. Specifically at this very cricitcal time in human history. Do you remember why?

You are here because you are the beacon of Light.

You are the beacon of hope.

You are the beacon of all that is kind, beautiful, and loving in this World.

Your medicine, your unique and sacred gifts, are that you have the rare ability to speak of unusual stories about hope, faith, joy, and love. Your gift is that your very presence and voice are like a healing balm for the scared and broken Souls of this World.

Your Light is needed now more than ever. Anchor it. Bring down the Light of the Universe, of the Divine, of God. Bring it down into your body and ground yourself into this Earth. Let your heart expand and fill up with the brightest, most holiest of Light. Let yourself fill up with as much brightness as possible. Be filled up with truth, love, kindness, compassion, openness, acceptance. Allow yourself to become whole, full, complete, unbroken. Become 100% authentically You.

You are the medicine. You are the Light. You are the Love.

You are exactly what humanity needs at this very moment.

You are what your friends need. Your family needs. Your coworkers, your neighbors, the clerk at the grocery store. They need you. They need your Light.

The more you realize this, remember this, the stronger and brighter your Light becomes. Your very essence acts like a lamppost – a guide – for anyone in need. When you step out of your Light or let it dim, the entire World around you goes darker. And, therefore, the brighter you shine, the brighter the world around you glows.

You are that impactful. Your existence, it matters. More than you will ever fully know or understand. You matter.

When you connect to your inner most Light in this way and shine it brightly for all to see, you become a walking temple, a sacred space with legs, a place where everyone feels at home.

You have the ability to shine so brightly for others, that when they’re around you, they know. They awaken. They know deep within them, that everything is going to be okay. That there are still good people who truly care walking this Earth. Just by existing, you show others that hope is not lost.

Your voice, your story, your message of hope and love and kindness is needed now more than ever, dear one. Your compassion is like a tiny seed that is planted into the minds and hearts of everyone you meet and touch throughout your day.

Even if you plant just one, tiny seed today, know that it has the potential to grow. To become like a strong and powerful tree. And, even if one seed of Light is planted today, then your mission has been accomplished. This lifetime has been worth every single second.

So, do not be afraid. When you aren't sure of who you are or what to be doing next. Simply hold the Light. Be the beacon of hope that we all so desperately need.

With Love,



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