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Receive a Past Life Akashic Record Reading from Kelsey delivered directly to your email inbox.


A full Akashic Record reading will briefly identify significant periods in history in which your Soul has incarnated. This information is often just enough to satisfy a person’s curiosity and interest into their noteworthy past lives. Most people are content with a summary of their past lives and don’t need or want further information.


However, this Past Life reading is for those people who want more in-depth details on one particular past life. This reading is for the client who feels that there is a particular past life that they need to heal or gain clarity from. If you believe that you have some kind of energetic blockage or spiritual imbalance from a previous lifetime that is negatively affecting you, then this reading is perfect for you.


In this reading, I will use the Akashic Record of your Soul to identify one past life that had a damaging or traumatic effect on your Soul that has been carried over into this lifetime and is negatively affecting you now. You will also learn:

  • Who you were and your role in this previous lifetime
  • When and where the past life took place
  • Defining situations, experiences, or events during this prior life
  • The significance of how this previous life is still affecting you
  • Insights into life lessons that have carried over from a past life
  • Insights into soul contract or vows that have carried over from previous lifetimes


In summary, a Past Life Reading will give you a good idea of what occurred in your past life and why/how it’s still impacting you today.


In addition, your Past Life Reading will include tips and insights into healing, overcoming, and releasing energetic ties from this past life so that it no longer affects you.


Your Past Life Akashic Record Reading will be delivered to your email within 2-3 weeks. This reading is delivered as a Portable Document File (PDF) that is approximately 12-15 pages long (size 12 font). 


Once you have placed an order you will immediately receive a PDF document with further instructions. Pleaes download this document immeidately and complete the instructions on providing Kelsey with a few basic pieces of information about you so that she can complete the reading. 

Past Life Akashic Record Reading

  • Portable Document Format (PDF)

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