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A Journey of wellness

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"I believe that the best way to heal the world is to start by first learning to heal yourself. Let's create this world together!"

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Meet Kelsey

Hey there, I'm Kelsey! I am an energy healing practitioner, essential oil educator, Akashic reader, and diviner who is committed to teaching and empowering others to be their best, whole self.


I like to describe myself as a faith-based healer who has strong roots in Christianity. I began studying both modern and ancient healing techniques in 2012 with various Shamans, healers, and teachers from around the world.


You can usually find me taxying around my two amazing (and active!) kiddos, moving my body, or cooking homemade meals in the kitchen. The things I'm most passionate about are my family, gardening, aromatherapy, alternative wellness, energy healing, and the study of religious, biblical, and shamanic teachings.


After earning my bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Fort Hays State University, I entered the restaurant industry with my husband. Together, we own and operate six franchise restaurants.


My husband and I were full-time biz partners together until about seven years ago, when I began to transition into the role of the healer. I am still active in the operations of our family business, but my time is now mostly dedicated towards being “mom” or working with clients from all over the world!

People are always fascinated by my story and often wonder how I went from a small-town Kansas girl to a restaurant owner, to eventually a healer and diviner. It’s a long and winding story with lots of twists and turns.


If you'd like to learn more about me and listen to my story, you can watch this two-part video series here: part one and part two.


You can also learn more about my studies, influences, and training here.


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