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Become The
of Your Home


  • Learn energy healing techniques to clear, ground, and protect yourself and your home.

  • Prioritize your spiritual health and wellbeing.

  • Bring more joy and alchemy to your life.

  • Remember how powerful and capable you are.

  • Revitalize your mind, body, heart and Soul.

  • Naturally transmute heavy energies into Light.

  • Create spiritual awareness to enhance your awakening.

  • Discover how to walk your spiritual path with precision and confidence.

  • Awaken to the energetic healer that you were made to be.


Included In This Online Course:

  • 32 unique lessons taught by Kelsey with 10 hours of video content and recorded lectures

  • Suggested rituals, practices, ceremonies and exercises to enhance your healing journey

  • 77-page downloadable workbook filled with 50+ recipes and DIY's to assist you

  • Energetic healing via dozens of guided visualizations, meditations, and sound frequencies

  • Unlimited access to course content, as well as future additions

"I believe that the best way to heal the world is to start by first learning to heal yourself."

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When you've completed this course, you'll have daily tools and healing techniques to help you to clear, ground, and protect your energy, yourself and your home. You'll be given tools and resources to become the energetic healer that you were made to be.

This course will empower you to master the way you care for your spiritual health and wellbeing. You'll learn to naturally transmute heavy energies into Light and walk your Spiritual path with precision and confidence.

Four main learning categories:

1. Energy Healing

2. Energy Clearing

An introduction to your energetic field, your chakra system and how to set proper intentions for effective healing.​

How to cleanse unwanted and unhelpful energies from you and your home.

3. Ground and Center

4. Sacred Protection

How to calm your mind, settle your heart, and bring more presence into your body.

How to protect yourself, your energy, and your loved ones from negative or toxic energies and entities.

Upon completion of each section, you'll be equipped with dozens of rituals, practices and recipes to heal yourself and your home.

Healer of Your
Home Workbook

digital download

This is the same workbook that learners recieve when they enroll in the Healer of Your Home online course. Now you can receive the workbook without enrolling in the course.

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