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The Complete Guide to Your Energy Body & Chakra System


  • Learn energy healing techniques to heal and balance your chakras, energetic channels, and auric field.

  • Prioritize your energetic health and wellbeing.

  • Create more balance and transformation in your life.

  • Remember your unique and special creation.

  • Transform every layer of your existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Discover how to create more vital life force energy and flow in your life.

  • Create spiritual awareness to enhance your awakening.

  • Discover how to walk your spiritual path with precision and confidence.

  • Awaken to the energetic healer that you were made to be.


"Our chakra system serves as a roadmap for the kind of inner work and self-transformation that is necessary to overcome the adversities in our life."

Included In This Online Course:

  • 32 unique lessons taught by Kelsey with over 8.5 hours of video content and recorded lectures.

  • Guided meditations and healing visualizations to help balance your aura, chakras, and energy channels throughout the body.

  • Simple exercises and practices to determine where your own energy field may be out of balance.

  • 45-page downloadable workbook filled with stunning graphics and illustrations.

  • Supplemental resource and shopping guide containing 120+ links to articles, meditations, and products that are relevant to the course content.

  • Suggested journal prompts to enhance your healing journey.

  • Unlimited access to course content, as well as future additions.

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When you've completed this course, you'll be able to accurately identify areas of your energy body and life that need healing. You’ll receive daily tools and techniques to help you to heal and balance these areas of your life. You'll be given exercises and resources to grow and evolve into the most complete, and whole version of yourself.

This class will inspire you to heal every layer of your life naturally and effectively – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

FIVE main learning categories:

1. The Aura

An introduction to your energetic field, how to detect auric imbalances, and techniques to strengthen and repair your aura.

2. The Chakra system

An overview of the seven main chakras. Learn how to identify your balanced, blocked, and overactive chakras and how that translates to imbalances in your life.

3. Individual Chakras

Become an expert on the chakra system. Learn how to heal individual chakras with yoga, crystals, essential oils, sound therapy, and other healing techniques!

4. Advanced Teachings

A discovery of the 114 chakra system, human energy channels, the torus field, and the five transpersonal chakras.

5. Energy Healing Techniques

Learn advanced tools and teachings to cleanse and heal your aura, ground your energy, and protect yourself from harmful energies.

Upon completion of each section, you'll be equipped with practical tools, healing techniques, and knowledge to live a more balanced and harmonious life.

Energy & You

digital download

This is the same workbook that learners receive when they enroll in the Energy & You online course. Now you can purchase the workbook without enrolling in the course.

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