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Energy Healing


"Spiritual healing addresses all levels of a person - body, mind, heart and soul. Spirit Guides help to determine the best form of energetic healing that is most needed for each individual. Whatever is in your highest good is what will be done."

Kelsey Kuehl

I serve people who...

  • Need help healing at the core level of their being; the level of Spirit

  • Are yearning for a more harmonious life

  • Wish they could awaken to the memory of who they truly are

  • Are looking for renewed and increased energy, vitality, joy and enthusiasm for life

  • Want to better understand who they are

  • Desire to live a more Sacred and connected life

  • Are committed to personal empowerment, growth and development

  • Want to grow into a deeper state of love and peace

  • Desire to reduce personal pain, suffering, stress or anxiety

  • Need assistance in cleansing and purifying toxicity in their life

healing modalities

I utilize ancient as well as modern techniques of healing that address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life.


Private sessions can be performed in-person or remotely.

Please visit the FAQ Page for more information or contact me with questions.


When booking your session, you will be able to notify Kelsey if you have any special requests for healing or areas of concern. Each session is unique and will include one or more of the following healing modalities.


Energetic Healing

Aligning spiritual energy for the purpose of overall wellness

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Receive Divine messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels


Soul Retrieval

Returning the vital essence to a person that has been lost


Reiki Energy

Japanese holistic technique used for stress and relaxation



Removing intrusive, stuck, unwanted or unhelpful energy

garden yoga sage smudge.jpg

Entity Removal

Releasing of energetic cords and negative attachments


Aura Repair

Techniques to balance and clear an individual's chakra system


Elemental Healing

Utilizing healing properties of nature, crystals and the Elements


Power Restoration

Restoring intelligent, healing energy back into the body

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Spirit Messages

Listen to guidance and wisdom from benevolent Spirit Helpers


Sound Healing

Drums, rattles, and sound bowls are used to alter and raise energy



The use of essential oils to assist emotional and mental balance

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