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Raise Your Vibration

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56 Printable Oracle Cards

Feeling stuck in your spiritual journey?

My free eBook will teach you self-healing techniques to transform your life and raise your consciousness.
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Minimize disease, illness, and pain in the body while improving sleep and overall physical health.

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Relax your mind and ease anxious feelings for a more balanced and harmonious life.

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Energize and uplift your emotions while experiencing a calmer, more joyful state of being.

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Deepen your spiritual connection to Source and manifest more of your life's purpose.

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Your Exclusive Guide Includes


To help you understand your spiritual energy.

Benefits of ascension

When you raise your vibration your mind, body and Spirit heals.

Measure your frequency

Learn how to measure your energy in every moment.

thoughts and emotions

Transmute the energy behind every feeling and belief.

healing techniques

Elevate your vibration with new healing methods.

ascension symptoms

Recognize the signs that your frequency is rising.

Divine Guidance

Strengthen your intuition and follow your inner guidance.

Printable oracle cards

Download 56 'Raise Your Vibration' oracle cards for healing.

tips and


Each card has unique tips to transform your energy.



Utilize crystals, nature, essential oils, and more!

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Hi, I'm Kelsey Kuehl
Spiritual healer
shamanic practitioner
Cowry Shell Diviner

Akashic Record Reader
reiki master teacher

I'm an energy healer and light worker who has studied with various Shamans, healers, and teachers from around the world. I utilize both ancient and modern techniques of healing that addresses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life. I offer both in-person and distance energy healing and divination sessions.


Energy healing and divination sessions available in-person and virtually.

online courses

Learn energy healing techniques to revitalize your mind, body and Soul

Akashic Readings

Discover the nature of your Soul, who you are, and why you're here.

Essential Oils

Revolutionize the way you care for you and your family's health.

"There's a lot of healing that Kelsey can contribute to a lot of people who have lost threads of joy for so long that they don't think it could ever become part of their life. And, the thing is, is that for Kelsey, she delivers it without a speech." 

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Your exclusive guide to raising your personal vibration. Includes:

  • 72 pages of content to help you understand your spiritual energy

  • Benefits of raising your vibration - mind, body and spirit

  • How to measure your vibrational frequency

  • Understanding thoughts and emotions as energy

  • Signs and symptoms that your frequency is rising

  • Guidance for following your intuition

  • 56 printable 'Raise Your Vibration' oracle cards

  • Each card has 2-3 unique tips and tricks to transform your energy

  • 8 blank card templates to create your own oracle cards

Enter your email and receive your free guide delivered to your inbox.

enter your email and receive your free guide delivered straight to your inbox.

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