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This 35-page eBook will teach you how to aromatically dress your entire body with essential oils while holding specific intentions, affirmations, and blessings that you want to embody throughout your day.


Included in this workbook:

  • 35 pages of content to help you discover the ancient sacrament of full body oiling
  • 40 brand new printable 'Aromatic Anchor' essential oil cards

  • Benefits of consistent aromatic anchoring

  • How to heal yourself on the deepest layers - spiritually or energetically

  • Learning to start each day with a powerful intention or affirmation

  • The usage of essential oils to support mental health and physical wellness

  • Guidance for using essential oils safely and effectively

  • Each card has 3-5 suggested essential oils and a daily affirmation to anchor into your body

  • Don't have an oil listed? No problem! A thorough substitution list is also included in the workbook.

  • Step-by-step guide to incorporating aromatic dressings into your daily routines

  • Clickable shopping guide takes you to links and additional resources

  • 30-day aromatic anchoring challenge and printable daily intentions journal


It is recomended to start with Aromatic Anchoring Volume 1. In Volume 1, twenty essential oils were selected to create the first 24 blends in the first workbook. I designed it this way to make aromatic anchoring cost effective and easy to use, even for beginners.


Volume 2 adds 40 unique blends and affirmations to your collection. It also uses an additional 20 essential oils to create even deeper and more sophisticated blends. Volume 3 adds 40 additional all-new and exclusive daily blends to your deck and incorporates even more essential oils than the previous two volumes for a heightened experience. You can collect the volumes one at a time, or purchase them in a bundle. See the shop for more details.


The workbook can be printed at home or viewed as a .pdf file on your screen.

Aromatic Anchoring Volume 3

  • Portable Document Format (PDF)

  • Formated to print on 8.5 x 11 inches (letter) size paper. 35 total pages.

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