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Three unique crystals to raise your vibration and cleanse your energy!


Selenite clears energy blockages so that you can clearly see your next action steps to take. It helps to remove mental fog, density, and unwanted energies. You can also use Selenite to clear and charge other crystals and healing tools.


Rose quartz encourages compassion and unconditional love. It is an excellent heart and emotion healer. This stone will help to attune you to the frequencies of Divne love, non-judgement, and acceptance. Rose quartz assists in cleansing denser emotions, such as anger, jealousy, resentment, and fear.


Fluorite is an exceptional energy cleanser that helps to transmute negativity from yourself, your home, and your environment. Its high vibration will help to connect you to the higher frequencies of nature, trees, and plants. Fluorite assists in opening the heart and third eye.

Crystal Trio - Selenite, Rose Quartz & Fluorite

  • Each trio contains:

    • 4" Selenite Wand
    • Fluorite Crystal (unpolished; approx. .8 - 1.6 inches)
    • Rose Quartz Crystal (polished; .8 x .8 inches)
    • Canvas Storage Bag with Vinyl Decal
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