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Receive a Life Lesson Akashic Record Reading from Kelsey delivered directly to your email inbox.


This is an Akashic Record reading for someone who is currently going through a difficult experience in their life and would like to gain better clarity or insight into a specific situation.


We often attract challenging experiences, situations, events, and relationships in our life to help us learn valuable life lessons. This specialized Akashic Record reading can help you answer the questions, “What am I supposed to be learning from this?” and/or “Why is this happening to me?”


If you’re struggling to make sense of a particular event, relationship, or experience, then the Life Lesson reading can assist you. If you know the life lesson behind your current challenges, then you can see the bigger picture, which will help you understand the purpose behind your current adversities. Clients who choose this reading will realize that certain things happen to us to help our Soul evolve, grow, and learn on its path which is the primary reason we chose to incarnate in the first place.


Upon completion of purchasing the Life Lesson reading, you will be asked to give a short description of your current challenges and adversities. Please sum up your current experience/situation/event in 2-3 sentences. Here are a few examples:

  • I keep having arguments with my partner over our finances. My partner is always spending, and I’m always trying to save. It has created a major divide in our relationship and I’m not sure we can see our way out of this.
  • I just lost my stable, long-term job quite unexpectedly. It wasn’t my fault; our company was down-sizing. But now I’m struggling to find work and I’m scared of what the future will bring.
  • I’m longing to move halfway across the country for new opportunities, but my family and friends really don’t want me to and think it’s a bad idea. I feel completely unsupported. I’m also worried that I won’t like it or that I will make a mistake if I go. I feel stuck and torn.
  • My husband of 13 years just left me and I’m devasted. I didn’t see it coming. And now I’m so depressed and feel like I just wasted so many years of my life.


Your Life Lesson Akashic Record Reading will be delivered to your email within 2-3 weeks. This reading is delivered as a Portable Document File (PDF) that is approximately 8-10 pages long (size 12 font). 


Once you have placed an order you will immediately receive a PDF document with further instructions. Please download this document immediately and complete the instructions on providing Kelsey with a few basic pieces of information about you so that she can complete the reading. 

Life Lesson Akashic Record Reading

  • Portable Document Format (PDF)

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