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Kelsey Kuehl

Energy Healer

Shamanic Practitioner

Cowry Shell Diviner

Akashic Record Reader

products & Services

Private healing

Heal your mind, body, heart and soul with a one-on-one spiritual healing session. Sessions are available in-person or remotely.

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Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Records are a magnificent source of knowledge concerning the nature of the Soul. 


Cowry Shell Divinations

Divination sheds light on the obstacles and adversities that prevent us from fully utilizing our unique, personal medicine and realizing our highest potential.

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Essential Oils and natural wellness

Recipes and protocols to inspire your healing journey. Shop the purest, highest quality essential oils and wellness products.

Become the Healer of Your Home

Learn healing techniques to clear, ground, and protect your energy, yourself, and your home. This online mastery course teaches you to become the energy healer you were made to be.

Marble Selection

"There's a lot of healing that Kelsey can contribute to a lot of people who have lost threads of joy for so long that they don't think it could ever become part of their life. And, the thing is, is that for Kelsey, she delivers it without a speech." 

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