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This 72-page eBook will teach you self-healing techniques to transform your life and raise your consciousness. Included in this workbook:


  • 72 pages of content to help you understand your spiritual energy

  • Benefits of raising your vibration - mind, body and spirit

  • How to measure your vibrational frequency

  • Understanding thoughts and emotions as energy

  • Signs and symptoms that your frequency is rising

  • Guidance for following your intuition

  • 56 printable 'Raise Your Vibration' oracle cards

  • Each card has 2-3 suggested rituals, practices, cermonies, recipes, or exercises to enhance your healing journey

  • 8 blank card templates to create and add your own oracle cards to the deck

  • Clickable links to video tutorials, guided meditaitons, supplemental resources, articles, and more!


This is the same workbook that subscribers recieve when they subscribe to my newsletter. Now you can receive the workbook without subscribing.


The workbook can be printed at home or viewed as a .pdf file on your screen.

Raise Your Vibration eBook + Oracle Cards

  • Portable Document Format (PDF)

  • Formated to print on 8.5 x 11 inches (letter) size paper. 77 total pages.

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