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My Story: Part 2

Updated: Feb 26

This is the final video of a two-part introduction of who I am and a little bit about me. I feel that the stories we share with one another, especially when they’re done in a vulnerable and authentic way… they have the power to heal people. They have the power to inspire, encourage, and empower people.

It’s important for me to share my story to those of you who are curious or are wondering how this small-town girl from Kansas got to be an International Healer. So, whether you’re wanting to learn more about me, or you’re curious, this story is for each of you. I hope you enjoy it!


0:00 A Recap of Part One

4:07 Healing Can Be So Basic

11:22 Healing Can Also Be Really Complex

15:25 What Happens When You Start Feeling Whole?

19:19 Spiritual Discernment

23:25 Slow and Steady Wins the Race

27:57 When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Appears

35:30 My Work With Malidoma

43:02 Where Does Jesus Fit Into All of This?

45:47 The Healed Becomes the Healer

52:59 Let Me Be in Service

56:34 Early Days as a Healer

59:31 Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my stories as much as I enjoyed creating this video for you. If you haven't already watched the first part, you can watch it here.

With love,



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