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Beyond the Veil: Four Reasons Soul's Choose to Incarnate Here

Each person who incarnates on Earth has a primary reason for choosing to come to Earth. As humans, we are each here for different reasons. Some of us are here to primarily learn and grow, while others are here to mainly enjoy themselves and have a good time. Still, other people come here to contribute something valuable to humanity, while others are here to play more of a supporting role for others.

When I perform Akashic Record Readings for others, I find that it’s helpful to know the focus of your Soul in this lifetime. I have discovered that most people only have one or two focuses in their lifetime. Understanding your Soul's primary focus can help you to better understand your life and navigate it with more ease. It can also help you to understand why some people grow and evolve at different paces than our own.

Let’s take a look at these four reasons for incarnating:


One reason for incarnating on Earth is for the primary focus of learning. Those who come here to learn will be very focused on pursuing multiple life lessons during their lifetime. If you are experiencing a learning lifetime, then mastery of Earth as a school will be your Soul’s top priority here. Therefore, these Soul's will experience many opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve.

A Soul will choose a learning lifetime to have experiences and relationships that will transform them on their deepest level -- the level of the Soul. This is a lifetime that will offer you the chance to evolve and expand into new potentials and abilities. It will be a lifetime filled with personal, spiritual, and/or professional growth.

You are probably having a learning lifetime if you feel like your whole life has been one valuable lesson after another. These people tend to be very focused on personal development, shadow work, and are self-described "learners of life." Lifetime learners usually have an abundance of incredible stories, interesting experiences, and unique situations throughout their life that challenged them to grow and evolve. These people also tend to attract challenging relationships and have overcome many adversities. All of these opportunities have served an important purpose of growth and evolution.


Another reason soul's choose to incarnate on Earth is for the sake of contribution. What this means is that some humans incarnate here to contribute something of importance to their family, community, or to the world at large.

Soul's with this life focus tend to feel a strong sense of purpose and mission. They are usually meant to work with a certain group of people, fight for a particular cause, invent something, or take on influential roles and positions, such as a leadership role or teacher. However, these are just a few possibilities.

I think it's important to point out that not all of us are here to live an epic lifetime filled with great and meaningful accomplishments. But those who are, usually have a deep, burning desire to find their calling. They're usually go-getters and problem solvers who want to leave the world better than when they arrived. And for them, finding their purpose usually comes easier than it does the rest of us.


Some Soul's choose to have what I like to call a holiday lifetime. When a Soul chooses this as a primary reason for coming to Earth it is because they want to enjoy themselves and have a good time. They're choosing to use this lifetime as a bit of a vacation. And, so, they're life will tend to look a bit easier than others because they're enjoying a well-deserved break.

Unlike a learning lifetime, very little learning is required when the Soul is here for a holiday. So, as a result, these people's pace of learning new lessons and evolving their Soul will be more leisurely than it is for some other Souls. I've observed that Soul's who are experiencing a holiday lifetime have often had very intense lifetimes prior to this incarnation. In previous lives, these Soul's learned a lot very quickly and often need a break from their previous challenging lifetimes to integrate and recharge.

I have read for some holiday souls who over-indulged in the pleasures of life. These souls have had a bit of a wild streak. In these cases a wild or rebellious side and/or addictive tendencies can be the downside of this lifetime. I have also read for "holiday souls" who simply are living their best life right now and are extremely joyful individuals. So, holiday lifetimes can manifest in different ways. But most of these souls tend to be a bit more care-free, easy-going, or wild-spirited.


The final life focus that Soul's participate in is to play a supporting role for others. In a support lifetime the human plays less of a leading role and is instead here to be a supportive role for others - such as a family member, a close friend, co-workers, etc. This means that there is at least one other person in your life that is choosing to learn and experience very important lessons here, but they need you to play an essential part in their life. Essentially, if you are here to support others than your main role is helping others learn and have experiences centered around certain life lessons.

As a result, these Soul's are not as focused on their own life lessons as they otherwise would be because they are more concerned with helping others learn their lessons. So, like a holiday lifetime, your pace of learning will be slower and more leisurely than someone whose main focus is learning or contributing.

One example of a support lifetime is someone playing the role as a narcissistic or abusive parent or partner. Anyone who has lived through a relationship like this will tell you it is extremely difficult. But, those who have overcome these relationships will tell you about all the lessons they learned with regards to having strong boundaries, self-empowerment, humility, compassion, self-love, forgiveness, and self-respect to name a few.

From this perspective, we can see how, on a soul-level, some people agree to be the villain in our own story to help us overcome and grow. But, keep in mind that not all support lifetimes are "bad guy" lifetimes. In fact, I know many supporter moms and teachers whose primary life purpose is to pave the way for the children who will soon grow up to contribute great things for society.

The Akashic Records are a magnificent source of knowledge concerning the nature of the Soul. The wisdom that can be accessed within the Akashic Records is profound and sacred. It can help to answer your most burning questions, such as, "Who am I?", "What am I here to do?", and "What am I learning in this lifetime?"​ If you would like to learn more about the history and origin or your Soul, then you may be intersted in treating yourself with an Akashic Reading.

With Love,




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