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2023: A Nature Year

According to Dagara cosmology, this year is a Nature year and one that promises big change and transformation.

Nature is always reminding us that nothing is ever stagnant. When you look at the natural world, you will always find that everything in nature is continuously cycling through the stages of death, rebirth, and growth. Whether you're witnessing the plants and tress continuously blooming and shedding their leaves each year or the animals moving through their cycles of hibernation and breeding - nature never sits still. And, neither should you!

As I write this, the energy currently feels like we're all in a collective slingshot. We've been pulled back, or held back, rather, for so long. Waiting. Preparing. Resting. The last few years have been a monumental moment of pause and reset for so many. And, now, seems like the perfect moment to be released forward with immense momentum and forward movement.

Below I'm sharing three themes that I've already been tapped into for the next year based off of the Dagara cosmology and my own personal guidance. This year promises to be a busy one. I can't wait to see what the next year brings for each of you.


Every five years we step into a Nature year. What nature asks of us is to take off our masks and step into a more authentic, truer version of ourselves. Nature cannot stand phoniness or fake-ness. It asks us to stop pretending and step fully into the wholeness of who you are.

Being in a nature year requires a level of vulnerability and openness. Because, you see, nature sees and knows everything. It cannot hide, and neither can you. A big theme this year for many will be learning this lesson:

You can only be yourself. You can only be authentic. That's the only way to show up in the world.

What you will face in this coming year will be many challenges and opportunities to live more freely and authentically. You'll find that any activity, habit, relationship, or belief, that prevents you from living your most genuine self will become almost unbearable to hold onto. Therefore, this is also a year of letting go and releasing anything in your life that is not serving your highest self.

Which brings me to my second theme...

Letting Go

What you can expect to see this year is major changes - both in your personal life and on the world stage. The key to evolution may involve saying goodbye to relationships, jobs, homes, places, things, old habits, belief systems, etc. This is never easy, but necessary for real evolution and growth to take shape.

What we will experience this year is a massive clearing of old energies and density that weighs us down, so that new and more life-affirming opportunities can begin to take root.

We will also discover many new changes to our outer world as the old systems continue to dismantle and fade away. Again, this is necessary so that new, evolving systems can take on a new reality and step into the limelight. Every system that was built on greed, corruption, division, and other denser energies will continue to collapse. We must be willing to see these major world changes as a step in the right direction for humanity and not something to fear or discourage.

Nature years often feel like we've been catapulted into the direction of major change and life lessons. The ride can feel sudden and unfamiliar. It will be important to have strong grounding practices throughout this year to help manage the massive growth and transformations that are about to occur. Daily calming and centering practices will be crucial as you navigate the changes going on within and around you.

And while the outer world will continue to be fascinating to watch, the real change will happen on the inside. So, try not to get so caught up in what's happening "out there" that you neglect the sparks of change that are wanting to ignite within. Your commitment this year should lie in doing things differently and seeing life through a different lens. Your willingness to embrace change and growth will determine how comfortable you are able to move through this coming year.

Embracing Joy

The final theme in our Nature year is one of play, joyfulness and lightheartedness. Nature people use laughter and a sense of humor to move through life - especially during difficult moments and challenges.

When I connect to the Nature Spirits, they're always reminding me of their soft-hearted and innocent approach to life. They never take themselves too seriously, even when discussing challenges. They remind us that life is meant to be experienced with an inner buoyancy that inspires creativity, fun, and playfulness.

2023 will be a year where we are called to embrace our inner child. We will be asked in multiple ways to rediscover our joy, our childlike innocence, and our sense of pure wonder and awe.

I was reminded by Spirit at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 that "joy is the antidote for troubling times." When we face life changes and adversities, we often cling to the pain and suffering it is causing us. Spirit has always encouraged me to smile through even the most painful of moments. They tell me that no matter how dark things appear, there is always a reason to be happy, and hope is never lost.

Just like we always have done, we must be steadfast in our commitment to countering the sorrow and loss we feel with feelings of happiness and humor. As multidimensional beings we must learn to hold multiple emotions at once. And, to move through them with grace.

For example, I am still angry and full of grief over the last few years. And, yet, many times a week, I join my husband around the kitchen table to laugh at the absurdity and ridiculousness of our current world. Then, I go out into the community and float through my day with as much lightheartedness and joy as possible. Smiling and touching the hearts of every person I meet. Do you see? I can hold it all... the pain, the grief, the loss, the sorrow, the anger. And, I can balance it with my love for life, my joy, my inner peace, my happiness. I do not shy away or avoid the very thing that makes me hurt. I go into it, I acknowledge it. Then I counteract it with my powerful medicine: joy, love, healing.

Our challenge in this year will be to shine as much light as possible to those who have forgotten their joy, and to be an anchor of this frequency so that others may catch the wave of bliss and ride it into another year.

I am sending you many blessings as you step into this nature year.

Stay true to yourself, embrace change, and remember to play often.

With Love,



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