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Interesting Things I've Learned From My Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are our individual protectors, helpers, healers and teachers that reside in the etheric or Spiritual realms. They are incredibly compassionate beings who have committed to assist us in multiple ways throughout our lifetime. Some of them have even been with us throughout multiple lifetimes!

Not everyone can see their Spirit Guides, and that's okay. Many people have sensed or felt them, especially during times of need. Whether you talk to your Spiritual Team daily, or whether you've never even thought about it, don't worry. Your Guides are always with you, they're always listening to your prayers, they're always teaching you lessons, and they're always assisting you.

Our Guides have each gone through extensive training and have agreed to help us in our life's journey. Spirit Guides have all lived at least one incarnation on Earth before, so they understand the challenges that we face as humans. They know our Soul's deepest purpose and longing, and they help to guide us in the right direction. They love us very deeply and they want nothing more for us to have an abundant and beautiful life.

How many Spirit Guides do each of us have?

I've learned that this number varies from person to person. But, on average, most people have around 4 to 8 primary Guides who will be with them from their incarnation until death.

We also have a handful of temporary or "guest" Guides who come and go throughout our life. These are Guides who will come in and assist us for a particular lesson or life event and then leave once their work is done. For example, we may have a Guide who's purpose is to help us during our adolescent years and while we are in school. Once we grow up, we may have another Guide step in and take over to assist us in whatever career path we choose. Once the lesson or period is over, then the Guide leaves to assist others.

Some Guides will also come to specifically help us through a difficult moment or time in our life. When I lost my baby in 2014, I had all kinds of spiritual assistance helping me with my grief. Even when I was buried in deep sadness and grief, I could sense a strong blanket of love and support with me that lasted for many months. So, if you're going through a particularly difficult moment in your life right now, consider asking for more assistance. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the amount of support that is available to you.

It's important to remember that not one of our guides is more important than the other. There's no such thing as a "hierarchy" when it comes to our Spiritual Team. They're all equally important.

What are the Spirit Guide's role and purpose?

They have many purposes. Some of them are talented protectors and can intervene, if necessary, in order to keep us safe and healthy. You may have read incredible stories before where a person who was in a horrific accident had walked away with barely a scratch. This is Divine Intervention at it's finest, and can most likely be chalked up to a Spirit Guide stepping in and saving the day.

A Gatekeeper is another type of Spirit Guide whose primary purpose is to protect us energetically. My Gatekeeper guide makes sure that only compassionate and loving Spirits enter my field. I've made it clear to my Gatekeeper that I don't want to interact with lower-vibration Spirits such as ghosts or demons unless I'm meant to help them on their way to transformation. So, he helps ensure that I connect with only helpful Spirits. I also ask my Gatekeeper to protect my home from unwanted energies. Sometimes, when I'm driving a long distance, I'll see or sense that my Gatekeeper is a few feet in front of my vehicle. He's protecting me and my family around the clock and I always call on him when I feel unsafe or scared.

Our Spirit Team also helps and assists us throughout our life. They didn't get the name "Guides" for nothing. They're always sending us signs, messages, and synchronicities that are showing us the way. They're assisting us in making big decisions. They're also making sure that the right person walks into our lives at the right moment. Yes, sometimes, they're even match makers! They'll bring people and opportunities into our lives that can teach us powerful lessons. And, they even can orchestrate difficult situations and relationships into our lives to help us learn powerful lessons.

Spirit Guides are also powerful healers. They can help bring balance to our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. They can help to raise our vibration when it's low. They can assist us in releasing, clearing or letting go of toxic energies, patterns or behaviors. They are also incredibly wise and can access all sorts of information and answer questions for us.

Finally, we have Spirit Guides who's job is to help teach us. We have specific Guides who are assisting us in our spiritual growth, personal development, enlightenment and self-actualization. They help open us up to our highest potential. When we grow and develop our abilities, the Spirit Guides grow with us, so they're always asking us to learn and better ourselves.

What's the most important thing you've learned about working with Spirit Guides?

You have to ASK for help if you want help! Spirit Guides have to honor our free will. And, rarely, will they intervene unless you ask them to. Our Guides can only interact when permission is given, so it's important that you develop regular communication with them.

So, my best advice is to learn to check-in with your team on a regular basis. I usually check-in with them right before I fall asleep and often before or after my meditation practice. I let them know what went great during my day (more of that, please!) and what didn't go so well. I try to speak clearly, openly and honestly about my challenges and things I want to work on. I always ask for help and am constantly giving my team permission to assist me in all areas of my life. The more clear that I am with them about what I want and need, the easier it is for them to deliver.