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Claiming Our Sovereignty

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

One of the biggest lessons that humanity is trying to learn this year is how to be truly sovereign. We are learning to take our power back from outside influences.

When I tap into the collective energy right now, I sense a lot of people not standing in their personal power or giving it away to others. This can look like a lot of different things. For example, it can look like people believing that somebody else is responsible for their own personal health and wellbeing. Such as, someone thinking that a medical professional or scientist has authority over their own body and personal choices. Or, believing that a medical intervention, restriction or mandate is the answer to their safety.

We can also see these disempowering beliefs play out in the political arena. Whereas, people have deep-seated beliefs that one political party or one candidate is going to save humanity. Many believe that the fate of the world rests on whose hand is on the Bible come Inauguration Day. Again, this is only another example of a disempowering belief, one in which we give all of our power away to someone outside of ourselves.

A sovereign being doesn't need anything or any person outside of themselves to feel safe and secure. They don't need a savior. And, they certainly don't believe someone should sacrifice or suffer for them in order to make themselves feel free from harm.

And, yet, here we are in 2020, suddenly handing all of our power and sacred energy away to the very systems and people that have oppressed and disempowered us for generations.

This is a real problem for society. Because when we hold these illegitimate beliefs we're not standing in our authenticity. We're giving all of our spiritual energy away. When we create believes around this disempowerment we allow ourselves to be limited, weighed down and held back from realizing our highest potential and claiming our sovereignty. The moment we believe that we have no control over our current situation or circumstance is the moment we forget who we truly are and why we're here.

What happens to a society that doesn't take responsibility for their own health, safety, security and wellbeing? Why do people insist on giving their power away? These are questions I've been pondering for quite some time.

For starters, it's part of our programming. Many of us have been conditioned with deep seated victim mentalities and savior mechanisms. Many of us believe that we are not sovereign beings and that we don't have the power and freedom to be happy, well, safe, prosperous, and abundant on our own. Many of us believe that we need outside influences telling us how to live and what is best for us rather than trusting the sacred wisdom within.

Secondly, it's much easier to allow others to make decisions on our behalf. It's less painful for us to place the blame and responsibility on someone else than to accept accountability for our own actions, especially when something goes wrong.

And, finally, we've been conditioned to follow the status quo despite what our core values and intuition are telling us. Most people will avoid challenging societal norms because it's uncomfortable. Many of us have been indoctrinated at a very young age to sit down, shut up and obey, no matter what. We've been taught to not question authority and that our intuition is wrong.

Which brings me back to the theme of this post. One of humanity's greatest lessons for the year: To learn how to take our power back from external authorities.

Who Will Save Us?

I learned this lesson the hard way around five years ago. It was a time in my life when I was in a really deep, dark place. I was very depressed and overcome with darkness, grief, anger and anxiety. There were days when I fantasized about leaving my home, marriage and kids and simply escaping the reality I was living.

Everyday, I would sit around feeling sorry for myself, playing the victim. I blamed everything outside of me for the way I felt. I was waiting for someone to come and save me and pull me out of the density that I was under.

It was at this time in my life that my physical health, as well as my mental health, was completely deteriorating. I believe this is what happens when you've given all of your energy away; you become physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually unwell.

For over a year, I waited for someone to come in and shine light on my darkness. I was holding this belief that it was someone else's responsibility to save me, fix me or make me well again.

I had a disempowering belief that someone would eventually pull me out of my problems. But nobody ever came, not even my closest friends, my parents or my husband. There was no teacher, spiritual leader, guru, mentor or healer that could fix me. There was no professional, doctor or remedy that could give me the relief that I needed.

The lesson that I had to learn was that I was the one who ultimately would save myself. I was the one who would end up healing myself.

The day I realized that I was my own savior was the day I stood up and unshackled myself from the chains of disempowering beliefs. I called my power back into me and remembered that, "It is nobody's responsibility but my own to heal and save myself." From that day forward, I stopped playing the victim and took responsibility for my own healing.

Furthermore, I learned that it wasn't my responsibility to fix or save anybody outside of me. As I worked towards healing my body, mind and Soul, I wanted others to experience the same kind of healing as I did. I soon realized that it is not other peoples job to save me and therefore, it is not my job to heal anyone but myself.

My greatest lesson was to remember that when I'm standing in my own power, saving myself is the real and only thing that I have any control over. I learned that when I'm practicing sovereignty, other people's choices have absolutely no affect on me.

It Is Not Our Job to Save Anyone but Ourselves