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Do Not Be Disheartened

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I recently was asked, “How are you not disheartened by what is happening in the world? How can you remain so positive and sure that we’re moving in the right direction?”

My answer…

Because when I silence my mind and tap into my heart, I know. There's a deep knowing inside me that tells me we’re on the precipice of a new and better Earth. One that is free. One that is not controlled by greed, hate, fear, division or manipulation.

I can feel it deep in my bones. I feel and know with all of my sacred being that I came to this Earth to usher in this new, beautiful World.

I know this because it has been the prayer that I have carried since the moment of my birth. Like a sacred inscription that has always been mine. The prayer often goes something like this:

Dear God, please let me leave the World a better place than when I arrived.

Dear God, please help me to be the very best human I can possibly be each and every day.

Dear God, please assist me in creating a world where my children and all of your children know peace, love, kindness, abundance and freedom.

Dear God, please remind your people what it means to truly live a life full of purpose. Please awaken them of their God-given gifts and sacred medicines to heal humanity and our planet. Please help us to remember why we have come here.

I am not disheartened because I can see this prayer being answered each and every day. I can see that the person I am today is slightly more evolved, kinder and more compassionate than the person I was yesterday. I can see how much I’ve grown and how the people around me reflect that deep transformational change.

I see the unhindered Spirits of my children and have a deep knowing that their light will never be tainted or dimmed like mine once was. I witness more and more people, each and every day step deeper into their purpose, their personal power and their God-given rights and abilities. I see more and more people helping each other, offering kindness and love with more open, care-free hearts. I see it all unfolding and I know my prayers are being answered.

If you feel disheartened, look to the people who are helping others. Find the people who love and care about humanity. Watch the ones who are serving others more than they are serving themselves. (Hint: It's often the ones silently doing the work without the need to blast it all over the news and/or social media.) Once you find them, these people will restore your hope and faith.

There is an unwavering knowing that I’ve carried for years that says, “Be patient. The moment is coming where everything will make sense. Where every struggle, every heartache and every obstacle will each suddenly seem like a brilliant gift that has helped to awaken you, crack your heart open and let more light in."

I have seen, and, most importantly, felt the energy of the future. I sense that the energy of this planet in three years will be unrecognizable to that of which we are experiencing now. I see and feel my children creating so much magic, so much beauty and so much art. Their creative Spirit runs wild and free in this future moment. It is as if anything and everything is possible. Dreams are realized. They’re Spirits are unchained as they are now free to create the bridges that will lead humanity through ascension.

Most of my life I felt unclear, confused and lost as to why I was here and what my mission was in this lifetime. Then, like a volcano erupting, I remembered all that I was and all that I am becoming. I remembered that I never agreed to incarnate on this Earth to relive out the old scenarios of greed, power and manipulation.

No. I came here, rather, to show the world what is possible when we transcend the beliefs and limitations that have held us prisoner to a crumbling matrix. I came here to anchor light into the planet so that the New Earth could manifest. I came here to hold the hands and hearts of those who’ve felt lost and had forgotten all hope, and to show them another way. I came here to see, witness and experience the creation of this new way of living and being; to design a better future for humanity and generations to come.

This was my mission. It was always my mission. Never in my life have I ever felt more clear about my role and purpose. Never in my life has it felt like the most important part of my life is only just beginning. When I tap into this, all I can do is smile and say to myself, “Thank you, God. I have finally arrived. WE have finally arrived.”

I am not disheartened because I understand this concept of the dark night of the Soul. I understand that we must break and collapse all of the old, limiting structures within our deepest layers of society in order to build something better and new from the ashes. I understand that we must unlearn all that we’ve known and believed in order to courageously move forward. I understand that we must shed the layers of our existence that no longer fit all that we are becoming. I understand that everything that is dense and heavy must be dissolved or dismantled - both within ourselves and in our outer realities.

We must rewrite the ways that we understand finances, science, healthcare, business, government, nutrition, leadership, education and more! We must rewrite each and every story that we’ve ever told ourselves. And, if we’re unable to do this consciously, the Universe has graciously agreed to shake and quake our old reality – to break it down, piece by piece so that we can fully realize and manifest new, more life-affirming stories.

This is undoubtedly what is happening. Do you see it? Do you feel it?

We are being shaken awake from our sleepy, centuries-long slumber. We are realizing what it means to be awake, fully alive and in our bodies. We are vibrating ourselves free from all distortions and systems that have oppressed us.

Does this shaking look and feel messy? Absolutely. Yes! Is it uncomfortable and confusing? Of course. Does it sometimes feel like the very ground upon which we walk is collapsing underneath of us and like we are free-falling into a world of chaos and despair? Also, yes.

But, these, my darling friends, are simply birthing pains. And, anyone who has every done this kind of inner work, knows that adversities are often quite necessary for radical change to occur. Those who are not strangers to the darkness understand that it is this very thing that catapults us into deeper levels of awareness, strength, resiliency and new innovations.