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A Message About The Great Awakening

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

For many years, nearly every spiritual leader in every corner of the World has been quietly preparing their hearts and minds for the current massive wakeup call we are collectively witnessing. Light workers and wayshowers have been anticipating this global awakening for quite some time with excitement and curiosity. Many great mystics, healers and astrologers that I know or have followed have pointed to 2020-2024 as the years many of our outdated structures and old paradigms would begin to drastically collapse to make way for the New Earth.

Essentially all sacred texts and ancient teachings have taught us time and time again that the Golden Age for political, social and economic balance was within our reach. The Bible points to clues as to our spiritual revolution whereas Jesus taught about the ways in which we could stir up our power and arouse from our state of veiled amnesia.

The Mahabharata describes the transition from the Kali Yuga, the "age of darkness" to the Satya Yuga, the "era of Truth" and many teach that we are in the very midst of this great transition.

The Mayans predicted the Apocalypse would occur in 2012, which interestingly was the same year I felt myself begin my own intense journey of personal awakening as I deep dived into the ancient teachings of the mystical yogis. I have connected with hundreds of individuals all over the world who, like me, have felt the energy increasingly intensify since this December 2012 gateway.

Apocalypse is a Greek word meaning "revelation." It is described as "an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling". It has taken us nearly 8 years to build the apocalyptic energy to reach this point, but I believe that we have now finally arrived. The revelation is here!

I, like so many others, have been forewarned about the current dismantling of old systems, beliefs and structures. I've spent much of the last eight years doing deep inner work and self healing. Little did I know that I was preparing myself for the emergence of the new that is now upon us. Like many of those reading this, I have always known deep in my Soul that my work in this lifetime never had anything to do with the "old systems, structures and ways of living" and everything to do with assisting others to transition into this new era.

I didn't know it would look like this. As far as I can tell, nobody did. But I am not disheartened by what is happening in our world. In fact, the last year has given me so much hope and inspiration for what's to come!

We are immensely supported by Spirit Allies, the Angelic and Heavenly Realms, and other highly intelligent and compassionate beings right now who understand what is taking place on our planet. It seems as if "all hands are on deck" as our Earth is constantly surrounded and inundated with higher Cosmic and Divine frequencies and light codes. These benevolent beings are aware of the challenging forces that we are up against and they are assisting us in every way possible.

If there's one thing that you might take away from this message I hope it is this: Your prayers strengthen the Otherworld. Your offerings and intentions strengthen our Spiritual allies and guides. And, yes, even your tears and heartbreak give them strength, as your grief is a reminder that there are so many people who truly love and care about humanity and the Earth. When we collectively grieve and mourn the pain and suffering that has been inflicted on every human, we become more unified in our hearts and minds.

If you're struggling with anything in your life, talk to God, your Angels, your ancient Ancestors, and your Guides. Speak to the Earth and her allies, the Nature Spirits and the Elemental beings. Tell them what you need. Give them permission to step in and assist you and the Earth during our monumental transition. They're here, they're ready, and they're waiting for you to give them the green light. They are more powerful and effective in our lives when we give them continuous permission to assist.

Try not to worry so much about the outcome of their assistance. Meaning we don't want to limit their capacity with our expectations and demands. Simply ask for the highest will to be done for all beings. Pray for the freedom and ascension of humanity. Intend for each of us to step into our purest, most organic, Divine timeline with as much ease and grace as possible. Then, surrender, trust and let go of all beliefs or ideas about how this "should look".

There are many people who have left their Earthly bodies in the last twelve months, and more who will continue to leave us. As difficult as this is for each of us, please know that it was not in vain, as we are often times more helpful and powerful on the other side where we are no longer weighed down from the density of a human body.

Everyone who has left us has chosen to do so for a very specific purpose in fighting this cause. Each Soul has agreed to this journey. The way I see it is massive armies of Light Warriors coming together in both the Earthly and Heavenly realms to assist in ending our human entrapment. With each passing day, I can feel the power build. Perhaps, you can feel it as well!

Everything that is occurring for us is happening with absolute perfect and Divine timing. I have learned that God does not make mistakes. I hope you can find faith and comfort in this knowing.

We are, in many ways, in the midst of a spiritual war. There are many attacks being made on our consciousness from human and non-human forces alike. There are those who wish to prevent Truth and awareness from rising on our Earth.

However, our weapons against these powers are of the greatest kind -- love, light and Truth. We will not fail because we have already won. This I'm absolutely sure of.

There is a brilliant, Divine plan unfolding right before our very eyes. I believe we each chose to be here on the planet at this very specific moment in time to witness and create a new and better World. I know you feel it, too.

I wanted to pop in today and offer three important actions that you can do each day to support this immense transition:

  1. Pray consistently. Pray for what you need and ask for assistance. The more we pray, the stronger our intentions become.

  2. Keep your vibration as high as possible. This can include clearing your energy every day, meditating and utilizing the 'Raise Your Vibration' oracle cards for further assistance.

  3. Finally, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Self-care and rest are becoming increasingly important right now. Human interaction, hugging, smiling, acts of kindness and compassion are powerful healers.

Do not allow the current actions from the outer world dim your inner light. You've got this!

With Love,



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