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Dreaming A Better Future

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

During our current quest for answers and knowledge, let us not forget that this is not about who's right or wrong. It's not about whose side you're on.

What this is really about is shining our light of awareness into the darkest corners of our lives. We do this in an effort to grow, transform and inspire positive change in the World and within ourselves.

As we watch the old structures dismantle and crumble right before our very eyes, let us each embrace our hope for a brighter future. Let us strengthen our faith in humanity and in each other. Let us imagine the possibilities that can and will emerge from the current ashes.

I believe that 99% of humanity is good with pure intentions and beautiful hearts. Throughout all of last year and in the coming months, we will each continue to find our own, unique way to unhook and unprogram ourselves from the clenches of the other 1%. Collectively, we each need to support one another as we reclaim our power and begin to dream a better future.

During this critical moment in our history, we should encourage ourselves to dream bigger than we've ever dreamed. Imagine the possibilities and opportunities that will emerge within our quest for truth, equality, and freedom. Let your creativity and imagination open the doors for new and unique creations to come forth. Encourage and embrace the helpers, the light workers and the peace seekers. See your community members coming together to support one another. See us sharing our resources. See us taking care of each other in a way that we've never done before.

In this rare moment of destruction, let us choose to create something new and beautiful from the ashes.

With Love,




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