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Messages for the Autumn Equinox

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

In the northern hemisphere we are celebrating the first official day of Fall. I have a seasonal ritual of pulling tarot cards for my own personal growth and development every quarter as the seasons change. Today, I felt an inner nudge to draw a few cards for you and share their messages with you here.

The Equinox theme is Totality

To start, the card I drew for our collective theme for the next three months is totality. We will be asked to stand fully present and in our hearts in each and every moment, regardless of what arises.

It seems that the next couple of months will be full of interesting surprises, twists and turns. For some, this can be really entertaining to observe all the vast differences of opinions and beliefs playing out. For others, they may feel anxious and confused because so much in our world seems uncertain and chaotic.

There is a lot going on in the collective right now that is pulling our attention this way and that way. Everywhere you look, there are belief systems being shouted from the mountaintops, and people trying to sway your opinion in their favor. There is this magnetic pull trying to entice each of us to take on more than we can handle, to stoke the fires of divisiveness and to remain at war with each other.

When we are giving in to all of these pushes and pulls from the outer world we lose connection with that place of complete and total calmness that resides only within our inner world. Therefore, the message is to not lose sight of your heart. Do not lose sight of your presence. Be kind and compassionate to all beings, especially the ones that are challenging you. Send love to everyone and every situation right now and hold a steady, stable presence within your heart.

There are many distractions that will attempt to pull you away from your midline. We must learn to stand in stillness even when there is a storm swirling all around us.

What arises in the next couple of months will challenge many, many humans. Many people are fighting. Many people are struggling. Many people are suffering. Many are resisting the inevitable changes taking place. You don't have to be one of those people. You have a choice to choose a different narrative for these times by choosing to stand in the calm, eye of the storm rather than becoming swept up in chaos and fear.

In the coming months, you will be asked over and over again to pick a side and to make judgements about others beliefs or opinions. The moment we judge something as good/bad or right/wrong, is the moment we step out of our hearts and into our heads. Judgement is an old habit that is begging for us to alchemize once and for all. Every moment we are given the possibility to stay in our hearts, to remain centered and to feel completely whole. Remember that!

Open your heart and receive

The second card that I drew encourages each of us to let go of our busy and aggressive minds. To make it through the next three months with ease, we will be asked to empty out assumptions and receive God's plan for each of us.

For many individuals, they have very strong expectations and demands on how the U.S. Elections should play out. Many have strong beliefs around vaccinations, mask mandates, education and schooling, protests and more. Whatever you believe and wherever you stand on the plethora of world issues right now, know that no matter what happens in the coming months is in complete Divine alignment.

We must be able to flow with whatever life brings us. And, with this, we must realize that what our ego/mind wants and what is actually in our highest Divine timeline may not always match up. Do you have enough trust that the Universe is always flowing in our favor? Can you see that everything that is currently happening in the world is for humanity's highest good?

This card from my Osho Zen Tarot deck says that, "You cannot reach God as aggressive invaders, conquerors. You can reach God only... or it will be better to say; God can reach you only when you are receptive."

We often like to think that we know what is best for ourselves and for our neighbors, but true receptivity comes from an awareness that we may not always be right, and that's okay. If we are open, flowing and receptive to whatever comes our way, then it won't destroy us when we find out that what we thought we needed might have been wrong all along.

The Veil is Lifting

The greatest challenge that the collective will face in the coming months is that the veil of amnesia will continue to lift. Truths about our world that have remained in the shadows for decades are coming to the surface for everyone who is ready to observe them. People are waking up by the millions and will continue to wake up as they begin to question their reality even more.

This is the year that the Earth will reveal everything to those who are paying attention. The powers that had once controlled and manipulated us are losing their grip on humanity, and losing it quickly! In the physical, this looks like many systems and structures collapsing. And, as each outdated system crumbles, we become a bit more clear on why it had to fall apart in the first place.

Once again, we're being asked to be detached from the outcome and release expectations on how our reality should look right now. Do not cling to what was or try and grasp at the "old" ways. Instead, just allow whatever is dissolving to dissolve and know that the our energy is best utilized when we focus it on rebuilding the new as opposed to clinging to the old.

Going With The Flow

The greatest blessing that will come to many during this season is that we will learn a deeper capacity to go with the flow. The Universe will support us no matter what happens and will always make sure that we don't stray too far off of our path.

We will need to surrender into a deep knowing that everything that is happening and will continue to happen is happening in Divine Alignment. This will be challenging for some of us to accept as we have been programmed with such strong preferences, likes, and beliefs. This will also be extremely challenging for those who do not trust or believe in God. But for those of us that can be fluid and ride the waves of change will be able to rest in the knowing that God is always holding us and guiding us and that we are always free.

Everything is moving. Everything is changing. And, so are we. Embrace the growing pains that we are being handed right now and see them as opportunities to step stronger into our Highest Self.

I feel that the next couple of months will be very intense and chaotic for many. Some parts of the world will see greater lockdowns. Vaccinations will be rolling out very soon. Personal freedoms and liberties will continue to be challenged. Voices will be silenced as censorship increases. Some schools and businesses may close or remain closed. More protests are sure to arise. And, of course, there will be tons of political divisiveness and unrest as the election nears.

Violence, anger, and self-righteousness all appear to be major themes swirling in the collective as so much is unfolding. These energies feel as if they've been bubbling for far too long and are about to reach a boiling point. I'm here to say that we should not fear this tipping point, as there will be so much healing that will take place in the aftermath. My advice to each of you is to remember that just because the pot is boiling over, doesn't mean you have to engage in it.

The magical Equinox energies will assist in bringing all of these imbalances into equilibrium, but we might not see it manifest in our physical world until later this year.

In the meantime, remember that what is happening in the World is completely out of our control. We cannot control any of this, nor do we want to, because everything that is happening serves a much bigger purpose than what we are able to see at the moment. However, we can respond to these experiences with an open heart, with kindness, with compassion and a willingness to hold light and love for every single person on this planet. I believe this is our job and our inner mission right now.

Make Your Own Fall Equinox Tarot Spread

You can also draw cards for yourself by asking the following questions. Pull a tarot or oracle card to reveal insights about what is in store for you during the following season:

  1. What is going to be my theme during this next season?

  2. What should I let go of in order to best integrate this theme fully into my life?

  3. What will be my greatest challenge at this time?

  4. What will be my greatest blessing at this time?

If you're looking for a more in-depth spread for the Autumn Equinox, I'm pretty fond of this one but a simple Google search will bring up many spreads for you to choose from.

Holding you each in light.



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