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Q&A Discussion: Discover Your Healer Within

Join Susanne Kooijman and Kelsey Kuehl as they answer some of your frequently asked questions about energy healing, healing modalities, and other "spiritually related" topics.

Watch Part One of the "Discover Your Healer Within" free webinar: sign up here.


00:00  Introduction

02:26  Why do I feel a heaviness on top of my head whenever I am meditating?

05:58  Is it normal to feel hot when receiving Reiki?

13:38  How do crystals help you to heal?

19:29  Do you have any advice on finding a good healer or psychic?

23:33  Why does negative energy in my home come back even after I clear it?

36:04  Is it possible to attract dark energies from using an Ouija board?

44:40  How do you talk to family about your spiritual interests and beliefs?

52:39  How can I connect and communicate with Spirit to receive messages?

1:01:07  What advice do you have for someone who feels stuck in their job?

1:06:40  What is soul loss and how do you know if you have it?

1:12:30  How do I get started on my healing journey?

1:18:21  How do you know when a chakra is blocked?

1:22:54  How can I completely remove all demons from my life?

1:28:07  Do you think antidepressants can stunt your spiritual growth?

1:32:37  Can Reiki heal my stress and anxiety?

1:35:21  How can energy healing help someone who is always tired?

1:38:36  How can I release emotions that I feel are trapped in the body?

1:46:15  What can I do to release unwanted and negative thoughts?

Thanks for watching!



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