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The Empowered Empath: A New Approach

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

For many years I was really confused about what it meant to be an empath. People who are like me, sensitive and very intuitive, often talk about being an empath like it is a burden. I often hear empaths say, "I feel everything and take on everyone else's thoughts and emotions as my own!" Empaths often feel overwhelmed, exhausted and confused because they haven't yet understood that their sensitivity to their surroundings is actually a superpower, not a heavy load.

Many of us were taught throughout our lifetime that it's downright tough to be an empath, because we can deeply feel and sense what others are thinking and experiencing. An empath could be having a perfectly great day, and then walk into a room full of anxious and depressed people, and within moments, feel equally anxious and depressed and have no idea why they're feeling this way. This was me for so many years, often feeling like a hermit crab because going out into the world was just too unbearable.

With a lot of help and practice, I began to see that my sensitivity was not a burden or something to shield, block or dim, like most empaths have been taught. Rather, I've learned that my intuitive abilities are a sacred gift that can be used like a superpower to navigate the New Earth that we're in the midst of creating.

I was at a doctor's office with two family members a few days ago. One of them was about to receive life-altering news about the status of their health. It was quiet and the three of us were sitting together, waiting for the doctor to come in and deliver the news. As I sat there, I began to notice an extreme rush of energy pounding on me. It was so intense, that I began to sweat and get dizzy and light-headed.

I sat there, calmed my breathing and grounded myself. Then, I asked the single-most important question in my mind, "Is this energy mine?" The answer was a very clear "no." Intuitively, I knew that I just needed to sit with this energy for a minute. I knew that rather than turning it away, putting up a shield or closing down my heart, that I needed to stay open. After all, I was here to support my family through a difficult moment. I knew I needed to stay open.

We can't support others properly when our heart is shut down.

Being able to clearly distinguish that the intense waves of energy that I was feeling wasn't mine, helped me to keep a calm, clear and steady mindset. I knew that just because I was feeling other people's extreme emotions didn't mean that I needed to take their fears on as my own. I told myself that the others in the room were responding to the situation with extreme emotions, but that I didn't have to.

I breathed deeply and wondered what to do next. Feeling other people's "stuff," especially during a challenging time is incredibly uncomfortable. It would have been so easy to simply shut down and close off. But, I knew in my heart that all of the deep inner work that I've done over the years was being put to the test.

My greatest challenge has always been to stay open in the midst of difficulties.

I drew my awareness out of my body and watched the energy in the room from a higher perspective. It was almost like I was sitting at the top of the room looking down on the situation.

Our minds like to label things as a way to better understand them. My mind was labeling this energy as extreme fear and anxiety from the other people in the room. But, because my heart was still open, I realized that I honestly didn't have any judgement about what the others were feeling or thinking. My mind was saying one thing, but my heart was simply witnessing, without judgement.

I came to the conclusion that I was just experiencing an intense wave of energy. I felt a deep knowing grow inside of me, "It is what it is. It's just dense energy, a lower vibration. Nothing more, nothing less -- just energy."

Then, I watched as my body, like a magnet, began to absorb the dense vibrations. Maybe it's because I'm an empath, but I watched as I began to soak up the energy of the room like a sponge. I wasn't consciously taking this energy in, it was just happening. I was simply witnessing this like an outsider. But, because my heart was open and I was fully present and aware, I was surprised to see what happened next.

My body began to transform the energy into something lighter, calmer and less dense. I was astounded that this was happening! It was like my wide-open heart was a filter through which I could convert the denser energy into something more pure. I was altering the frequency of the room, simply by holding my heart open. Had I chosen to shield or shut-down, like so many empaths are taught to do in these situations, I would have missed an incredible opportunity to create and witness a miracle.

I share this story with those of you who feel like your empathy is still a heavy burden that you must carry around. Empathy becomes a heavy load only when we close off to and deny our intrinsic abilities, therefore losing our present awareness. Awareness is being able to observe energy, thoughts, emotions, and feelings and not judge them.

Awareness is being able to say, "I feel a vibration in the room that isn't in my highest, divine alignment. I'm not going to give my power over to this denser energy. Rather, I'm going to stay in my own power by remaining open, present and aware."

The second we say, "Oh, everyone in this room is depressed or angry," is the moment we give our power away to them. When we judge what others are feeling as less than or more dense than what we are experiencing, then we automatically allow our own vibration to lessen. The second we judge the energy in the room, is the second that we no longer become sovereign beings. Read that again...

The second we judge the energy in the room, the people in the room, and the current situation we've found ourselves in, is the second that we no longer become sovereign beings.

I had many choices that day in the doctor's office. And, one of them was to close down and succumb to the overwhelming feelings of fear and doubt and negativity. Within moments, I could have easily became a nervous wreck just like so many others would revert to in a similar situation.

That afternoon, I chose a different path. I chose openness. I chose non-judgement. I chose love and compassion. And, I literally saw, felt and sensed a major transformation take place simply because I chose the path of the heart.

Stay open in your hearts, dear friends, especially in the difficult moments. This is what we are being tasked with right now on the planet. We are being asked to be beacons of love, light and hope for those around us who feel like they're still drowning.

Practice staying open the next time you read or watch the news. Practice staying open the next time you hear about a life-threatening illness or another tragedy. Practice staying open in the midst of global disasters. Practice staying open when someone has a very different opinion than yours. Practice staying open amidst difficulties and challenges and see what happens.

We must become masters of our own energy. We must choose to never give our power away to others. We are each Divine, sacred, magical beings who can shift the frequency in our homes, families, communities and more.

Keep anchoring hope and light!

With Love,




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