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Salt of the Earth: Incorporating this Mineral into Your Spiritual Healing

One of my all-time favorite energy healing and clearing tools is sea salt.  Salt is one of the quickest and easiest techniques that you can use to cleanse your energy field of negative or unwanted energy.


When using salt in this way, you want to make sure you use real sea salt (not Epsom salt) as this is the best kind to use for energetic purposes. Personally, I buy Himalayan pink sea salt in bulk and use it weekly in my baths and showers. But you can also use table salt, kosher salt, or whatever you have on hand.


Salt absorbs negative and harmful energies and draws them out of whatever it comes in contact with. So be sure that whenever you use salt for energetic clearing that you dispose of the salt and don’t reuse it or consume it.


Below I’m going to share a few of my favorite recipes and techniques for incorporating this incredible cleansing tool into your practices.


Salt Baths

A daily or weekly salt bath is an especially important practice for empaths, highly sensitive people, healers, Reiki practitioners, psychics, and mediums who spend their days sensing or absorbing other people's energies. Salt baths are also great for those days when you've been around a lot of people and are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.


When doing a salt bath simply mix a cup or two of real salt with a warm bath and soak. It always helps to bless your bath water before getting inside by praying over it or setting an intention for healing.


Here are a few of my favorite salt bath recipes:


Salt Scrub

If you don't have time for a long bath soak, then a good homemade salt scrub can have the same effect as long as your intention is to clear, heal, or protect your energy field. Remember, if you don't have an intention to energetically clear or cleanse yourself, then you're simply going to be rubbing salt all over your body, and it's not going to do much good. Therefore, you want to practice setting an intention or praying over your salt scrub or salt bath for maximum efficiency.


I encourage people to use a salt scrub or take a salt bath at least once a week, although you can use it every day if you wish.


A really simple way to do a salt scrub in your shower is to gather a spoonful or two of salt in a small bowl. Then take that salt, add it to a palm full of body oil or body wash, and gently and consciously scrub your whole body with the salty mixture. Be sure to rinse it off before you step out of your shower. You may even wish to visualize the salt and water carrying the unwanted energies you've gathered throughout your day away into the drain.


I've included a few salt scrub recipes here:


Clear Your Crystals

When working with a new crystal, you want to make sure that your stone is cleansed from all unnecessary and unwanted energies before you use it. Just like you, there are many ways to clear your crystals. You can smudge them. You can rinse them in running water. Or you can bury them for 12 to 24 hours in the earth’s soil.


A rather unknown method for cleansing crystals is to store them with a pinch of salt or rinse them with lightly salted water. Most crystals respond well to a touch of salt. However, keep in mind that softer crystals, that are more prone to damage, might be scratched or dulled by salt. If you’re hesitant to add salt directly to your crystals then this post by Helen Tierney  explains how you can use an indirect method to cleanse your crystals with salt water. This indirect method is also similar to the one I wrote about here.


Black Salt for Protection

Sacred ash is a very powerful spiritual tool. You can incorporate ash in your ceremonies and rituals to amplify your prayers and intentions. You can also sprinkle or lay down sacred ash on anything that you wish to clear, protect, or transform.


Ash comes from the element of fire, which is a symbol of purification. So, working with ash can help to ensure only that which is pure or holy may be allowed into your field or into your sacred spaces.


As a protection tool ash can be anointed on your head, over your heart, or on the bottoms of your feet before leaving home each day. Ash can be sprinkled on your crystals, in your bath, and on your protection amulets to amplify their protective powers. Ash may also be placed all around the perimeter of your home or on the doors and windows to create a protective barrier around your home.


When you put ash down on the ground, it shows up as a fire wall for the Other World. It signifies a sacred container around you that only benevolent, compassionate, and loving spirits may enter.


Sacred ash by itself is a very powerful protection tool. But some people like to make what's called black salt. Black salt is simply a combination of ashes mixed with a little bit of salt. When you mix the protective fire aspect of ashes with the clearing energy of salt, you create what's called black salt, and that can be used as a clearing and protection tool.

Black salt can be spread just about anywhere that you want to use it. You can not only place it around your home, but you can put it in your office, around your prayer circles, your sacred spaces, your meditation altars, and wherever else you feel like you want to sprinkle it. The main purpose of ash is to help drive away any energies or spirits that could cause you harm, whether it be physical or spiritual or energetic.


Salt Bowl

Another very simple energy clearing technique involves a large bowl filled with salt water. Simply fill up a bowl with warm water and dissolve a healthy dose of salt into it. Next, place the bowl in any room that needs a boost of energy cleansing and leave it out for 24-48 hours. The salt water will help to absorb negative energies from the room. Be sure to pour the water outside or discard it down the drain when you're done with it.

This technique would also work well with my Worry Water Ritual.

Cleansing Sprays

Finally, you can add a small pinch of salt to any cleaning recipe or homemade spray bottle for added cleansing benefits. Smokeless smudge sprays can be created to clear the energy in your homes, offices, and other personal spaces as well as your own auric field. I wrote in depth about Aura Cleansing Sprays here.

Here’s two of my favorite spray recipes that include salt:

Learn More

If you enjoyed this simple healing technique, then I'd love to invite you to my online mastery course: Become the Healer of Your Home. In this unique workshop you will learn many other energy healing techniques to clear, ground, and protect yourself and your home and exercises to prioritize your spiritual health and wellbeing.

With Love,




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