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The 114 Chakra System

A chakra is simply a wheel of energy or an energy generator that is located within your energy field. In previous posts, I have written extensively about the seven major chakras and the five transpersonal chakras that are located along the central column of the human body. But today, I want to talk about the dozens of lesser-known chakras as they often don’t receive the credit that they deserve.

It should seem like no surprise that our bodies have more than just the seven main energy centers that we’re used to discussing. Those interested in energy healing spend a lot of time talking about and balancing the seven main chakras, and that's because they are arguably the most important ones. They are the foundation for human life and our entire energetic blueprint.

But what about the other energy centers? If you’ve found yourself wondering if there are more than seven energy centers in the body, then you are on the right track!

In fact, it is believed that the human body has over 100 minor chakra points in the body. These are typically located within every organ, joint, junction point, gland, nerve plexus and acupoint throughout the body. These micro chakras work together with each of the body’s seven main chakras.

An Example

I want you to imagine for a minute somebody with a long history of knee issues. This person might suffer from knee pain, inflammation, and maybe even repetitive injuries. It's easy to imagine this, right? Maybe you even know somebody like this. Well, in this instance, if somebody like that were to come to me, as an energy healer, I would want to know where the chakras around the knee are located, because most likely these chakras will be blocked or out of balance.

A thorough energy healer would want to spend quite a bit of time healing these specific minor chakras to increase cell regeneration, help reduce pain, and even control inflammation. In addition, a good healer would check for imbalances in all minor chakras surrounding the knees, ankles, and hips as well as healing the root chakra, which governs the lower extremities and provides energy to the legs and feet.

If even one chakra (minor or major) is heavily out of balance, then chances are that there's going to be more unbalanced chakras nearby that are also needing a little love and attention. Because, what we know about the chakra system is that each energy center is affected by the other. Therefore, if there’s a blockage or imbalance in one energy center, then the others close to it will also be affected.

The 114-Chakra System

Knowledge about these minor chakras is actually very limited. We're still learning a lot about any chakra that's not included in the seven main ones. But I'm going to do the best that I can to share with you what I know about the entire chakra system, not just the “big seven.”

Doctor Sri Amit Ray was a spiritual teacher and author who is credited with discovering the 114-chakra system in the human body. In the early 2000s, he began to identify the names, locations, and functions of all 114 chakras for the very first time.

One of the things I find fascinating about Ray's work is that he classified all 114 chakras into one of five primary groups. He said that the chakras were either nourishing chakras, power chakras, healing chakras, motivational chakras, or spiritual chakras.

Through Ray's work, we can begin to see just how vast and complex the human energy field is. Doctor Ray further broke up the 114 chakras into seven major chakras, which I’ve already wrote about here, 21 minor chakras, and what he called 86 micro chakras.

The 21 minor chakras, he says, supports the seven major ones, and these minor chakras can be found in both ears, above each breast, at the intersection of the clavicle (collarbone), on each palm of your hand, on each sole of your feet, above each eye, in your reproductive organs, in your liver, in your stomach, in your spleen, behind each knee, in your thymus gland, and finally, there's one near your solar plexus chakra. The minor chakras are smaller in size than the seven main chakras, and the 86 micro chakras are even smaller than the minor ones.

The Nadi System

Doctor Ray wasn't only able to teach us about the 114 chakras in the body, but he was able to prove, scientifically, that the body also contains over 72,000 nadis. A nadi is a pathway or channel for energy to flow. They make up a very sophisticated network of subtle energy flow in our body, and the chakras are the energy centers that help to distribute energy via this channel system. Throughout these channels, the nadis and the chakras collaborate and interact together to distribute valuable life force energy evenly and uninterrupted throughout your body.

The 114 chakras are known as junction points or intersections because they're like a meeting point for the nadis. Through his work, Ray taught us that when both the nadis and chakras are balanced and working properly, we can realize our highest, most Divine self. When our spiritual body is as clear and healed as it possibly can be, we are physically healthy, mentally stable, and emotionally balanced. However, if blockages or intrusions appear in these nadis or chakras, then we begin to step further and further away from our true, Divine self.

From this belief we can realize that most disturbances and adversities in our life are not actually a physical, mental, or emotional problem, but are a result of something much deeper.

Rhythms and Cycles

The Nadi system moves energy up, down and all around the body. This energy flow is linked to our sleep cycles, our menstrual cycles, our circadian rhythms, hormonal secretion, brain waves, and our ultradian rhythms in the body. The Nadi system is responsible for keeping all these rhythms and cycles in our body in proper harmony.

Ultradian rhythms are responsible for basic rhythmic functions in the body such as your heartbeat, blinking, and digestion. Even when you're unconscious or sleeping, for example, your body still knows how to circulate blood, how to regulate your body temperature, and how to breathe on its own without you having to constantly remind your body to do these things. Have you ever wondered how your body is able to do all of this without very little thought or effort from your conscious mind? It's because of this very sophisticated, Nadi system that your body is always functioning with exceptional rhythm and absolute perfection.

The Nadis are the life force or sustaining energy behind our body's systems. The human body has 11 main systems including the skeletal, digestive, nervous, muscular, circulatory, and respiratory systems. The network created by the Nadis helps to facilitate each of these systems. The Nadis help these systems work together. And really, they are the reason that you can move, and the reason that you can think.

Additional Resources

If you want to learn more about this incredible chakra system, I'd love to recommend my online course, Energy & You: The Complete Guide to Your Energy Body and Chakra System. In this unique workshop, you will learn all about your chakras, your Aura, and your energy channels, as well as ways to heal and balance these areas in your life.​

Here, I've linked a few additional resources on this topic:

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