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Remembering Our capacity to love

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

I had a really beautiful conversation with an Ancestral Spirit this week and he had asked me to share the message with the community. I hope this message assists you on your journey.

On Thursday afternoon, I closed my eyes and went into a deep meditative state. As I arrived at one of my usual meeting places with Spirit, I was greeted by my Power Animal. She took me to a cave.

There was a fire outside of the cave and I took a seat around it. I saw a Spirit Being coming out from the cave. He approached me with a big, smiling, toothless grin. He asked me to call him Grandfather.

Grandfather started by saying:

I want to talk to you about the history of the people on this planet. They once lived in peace. For centuries, they lived in harmony with nature and with each other.

As he spoke, it felt like he was speaking about a really long time. Like thousands of years ago; maybe even tens of thousands of years ago.

In my spiritual vision, I saw people gardening and tending to the land, living in communities and villages and tribes together. They were working together in harmony. There was no fighting. There was no war.

It occurred to me that this was a time when there was no war within and there was no war without. Meaning the people of the Earth did not possess the ability to harm themselves or each other. Essentially, there was a deep reverence and gratitude for life. It was a time of beauty and abundance.

But, there's something else here that Grandfather showed me. This time period felt a bit "small-minded". It felt simple and easy, but also a little bit mundane. It's as if there was very little conflict in the world, which created an environment where people actually felt a bit stuck and stagnant. This environment, as special as it was, didn't fully support human growth and evolution. How can people grow and evolve without challenges to propel them to change?

Grandfather explained:

The creative human potential was not being fully utilized during this time on Earth. What influences people to create something new when the old is working just fine? There's not a lot to motivate people or propel them to move forward and evolve as a population when they're perfectly content with the status quo.

And, so, Grandfather explained to me that these Human Spirits wanted to experience this planet differently and in a way that would challenge them to evolve. Essentially, they wanted to start moving the needle into a higher state of consciousness.

My understanding is that the Human Beings began creating life experiences to participate in things like greed, power, money, duality, and separation. Humans created all of these experiences in the beginning as a way to motivate themselves to move the needle of evolution and to learn from their missteps.

However, it backfired on the people. Because, when we started experiencing these challenging times, we began to lose our connection to the Earth and to our unity and oneness that the we were accustomed to feeling and experiencing.

Collectively, humanity chose to go down the path of creation and, by contrast, the path of destruction. The path of destruction contributed to us forgetting our connection with each other and with our hearts.

Grandfather explained that the disconnection wasn't entirely a bad thing. He continued:

The overall theme and goal was for humanity to evolve. For us to experience a higher level of intelligence, a higher level of consciousness. And, with that comes new technologies, science, medicines, governments, hierarchies and structures.
The problem is that our people weren't alone. Human race has had many allies and also has had many enemies. Spiritual beings outside of this World came here. Many have helped, but some have also hurt us.

Grandfather then showed me that the balance on the Earth shifted from light to dark. There was a long period of darkness. A dark age swept across the planet as Humans invited Otherworldly Beings into the planet to teach us about duality.

I saw this scale of light and dark. And, I was shown how the darkness has far outweighed the light for a long time. Grandfather also showed me that the scale is quickly returning back into balance, which gave me a great deal of hope for humanity's future, especially in the next decade.

At this point, Grandfather exclaimed:

Humans have forgotten what it means to live in service to the light. Collectively, we've been so heavily persuaded to live in service to the dark. The time is upon us to restore the balance.
This is happening right now, in this very moment of our planet. We are remembering our roots. We are remembering our origins. We are remembering what it means to be human again. Truly human. Not of another race or otherworldly species. But human.

He reminded me that what we're witnessing on the Earth right now is people remembering their original Ancestors, the original inhabitants of this Earth before they were influenced by outside forces. We're remembering what it's like to reclaim our sovereignty as a species.

Once again, he showed me another vision of a kind of dark force that has infiltrated our Earth and has been manipulating and controlling the masses for generations.

As he showed me these entities my skin began to crawl and I felt nauseous. They felt incredibly dark and dense. I sensed that they've had a lot of influence on creating darkness, fear and chaos on the Earth.

As he read my mind, Grandfather agreed with me:

Yes. Yes. A lot of influence.
It's important to remember that we've always agreed to experience the density because we knew that on the other side of that darkness would eventually be an expansion... an evolutionary movement that would propel us into light once again. The time has come for these denser energies to release their hold on the human population.

He reminded me that life is cyclical. The very nature of our existence is seasonal. We go through cycles, which entail periods of darkness followed by periods of lightness. And, now, it seems clear that we're currently in a massive, global transition from dark to light.

In this moment with Grandfather, the vision of hope for humanity that he shared with me was so palpable that I began to cry. Tears streamed down my face as he told me:

We will remember what it is to be truly human again, which is to experience love. Which is to remember love as our primary reason for existing. To remember love for nature, love for Earth, love for each other, love for Self, love for family, love for home.

He went on to emphasize that the primary experience for each of us is to experience love on all levels. He began to show me how the current state of the world is encouraging each of us to return to this state of love.

For example, he added:

The virus reminded people to remember their love of family, home, and Self. It reminded them where love really is, where it resides. It is in the family. It is in the home. And, it is within each of us.

He showed me how the global Coronavirus lockdowns forced millions of humans to slow down and refocus their priorities and attentions back on their families and homes. The focus on health and wellness encouraged many people to reevaluate the ways in which they cared for their bodies, minds, and hearts.

He went onto talk about the recent Civil Rights protests in the country:

The current movement is encouraging us to seek a greater capacity to love each other despite our differences.

Grandfather challenged me to remember the vision of our ancestors living in complete peace, harmony and unity. He questioned me:

Do you think the original humans didn't have quarrels or differences? Of course they had quarrels. Of course they were different. They were radically different. They each had gifts that were all incredibly unique and diverse. They each possessed different personalities, beliefs, abilities and talents.
The original humans were not homogenous. They didn't conform to be similar to one another. Each human was uncompromising and freethinking; unable and unwilling to be anything other than authentic. They lived more radically then anything we can imagine. Yet, each human was completely and wholeheartedly embraced for their differences.

Grandfather went on to illustrate to me that to be radically different is a gift. To stand out from the crowd is a true treasure to humanity. He explained that:

To embrace somebody who is so completely different then yourself is an act of love. To sit in a circle with somebody and love them no matter what, no matter how revolutionary they are is the highest form of compassion and care. This is what it means to be human.
We're remembering that part of us. We're remembering how big our capacity to love truly is.

At this final message, Grandfather kissed the top of my head and disappeared back into the cave.

It is my hope that this message encourages each of you to tap into the ancient wisdom that we all possess. This knowledge can help to awaken the parts of our humanness that we've forgotten and can help us to more deeply connect to our Ancestral roots.

There are a few key points that I think we can all take away from this conversation:

First, do not be disheartened by challenging times. Uncomfortable conversations and difficult situations are at the cornerstone of human growth and evolution.

Second, we've been living in a dark age for quite some time, but the scale is tipping. And, might I add, it's tipping quickly! We are, in fact, returning to a state of balance and harmony, so please do not lose hope.

Collectively, it is our purpose as humans to remember what it means to be in service to the light. What does it mean to be a radical warrior of light? For me, it doesn't mean ignoring that there are dark and evil forces in this world, but rather it is about being able to stand in our personal power as a way to combat and transmute these forces through love.

Fourth, we each must learn to restore our authenticity and the gifts and talents that make each of us truly unique. Our willingness to walk away from the herd, to re-write our mainstream narrative and to reclaim our individuality is greatly needed now more than ever. Our Ancestors did not conform to expectations, and neither should we.

Finally, do not forget that your capacity to love is bigger than you can imagine. Yes, it is possible to hold sacred space for everyone, especially those who are living in darkness, chaos, misinformation or fear. They are the ones who need our love the most.

I hope this message finds you well and assists you on your journey.

With Love,



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