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Portals, Entities and Other Energetic Anomalies

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

I want to share a story today about something that happened to my daughter back in January and February of this year. Similar things are happening to other children that I know and work with as well as in other spiritual communities in which I'm a part of online.

I'm not sharing this to spread fear, worry or chaos. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I think it's important for parents and healers to understand what we're up against right now and how to better protect themselves, their homes and their families. The more that we know, the more we can feel empowered and equipped to face these adversities without fear.

This story is about my happy, bubbly and energetic four-year-old who usually sleeps ten to eleven straight hours through the night without any issues. In January, she started having these really terrifying dreams. She would wake me up every couple of hours and say, "Mommy, these bad guys are trying to get me," and "There's monsters in my room!" She was describing images of beings with guns and weapons that were trying to hurt her.

These kinds of dreams or visions for my daughter are extremely out of character for her. And, what is even more strange is that this didn't just happen once. It was happening every night, multiple times per night. Sometimes she was waking up 10-12 times per night or every half hour until morning time.

She was terrified to go to bed. She was terrified to be in her room. And, she was talking about these "monsters" in a way that was really concerning to me.

Within a week of this going on I began to notice behavioral changes happening to her throughout the day as well. She wasn't eating like she normally was. She was very, very irritable, cranky and emotional. Again, all of this was very unusual and out of character for her.

It became very apparent to me that something wasn't right.

Just because I'm an energy healer and a Shamanic practitioner doesn't mean that I'm constantly reading my family's energy. Because to me, it often feels like an invasion of their privacy to be intruding into their energy fields without permission. So, initially, I didn't look too deeply into what was going on because I'm always trying to teach my kids about good energy hygiene and personal boundaries. I believe we should teach our children the importance of not always allowing everyone into their energetic space unless they are invited and given explicit permission to do so.

It's for this reason that I don't energetically read or conduct healings for my children or my husband unless I feel that it is absolutely necessary or they ask me to. So, rather than going into her room and seeing what was going on for myself, I decided to call in someone that was a bit more neutral. I scheduled an appointment with my personal healer and asked her to go into my daughters room and see what she could find.

What she saw was a portal in the middle of the ceiling in my daughter's bedroom. Negative entities and dark energies were coming in through the portal at night when my daughter was most vulnerable and asleep. They were creating these hooks, or etheric chords, and they were attaching them to my daughter.

Essentially, these beings were sipping on my daughter's life force. You can imagine an energetic straw that they would stick into her field. And, it was through this straw where they would drain her life force, creativity, innocence and purity and use it for themselves.

When I really tap into this, I understand that they'd use these energy-sucking techniques as a way to survive. It seems to me that these entities aren't intentionally trying to be evil. They're more like a predator in the wild, like a Lion who doesn't kill or harm simply for fun or because they want to do harm to another living being. Lions kill because it's essential for them to live. It's instinctual in many ways. These entities are the same, in that they're simply trying to survive the only way that they know how.

The unwelcome entities were coming into my daughter's room every night. For my daughter, they were specifically attaching to her Well of Dreams chakra, which is an energy center found right at the base of the skull. It's responsible for connecting us to our dreams as well as higher dimensions. You can read more about this chakra here.

The Well of Dreams chakra is often susceptible to this kind of spiritual hijacking. And, it made perfect sense to me as an explanation for why my daughter was having such intense visions and dreams at night and why she was so scared. Essentially, her dreams were being hijacked by these intruders.

After we saw what was happening, we were able to close the portal. This is the most important step in this process and I can't stress this enough. You can do all of the clearing and protection in the World, but if you don't close the portal then they'll just find a way to come right back in.

You can think of these portals like etheric doorways. They can't be seen with the naked eye. You have to use your inner vision, your intuitions and your psychic senses to sense these portals. But, the easiest way to think of them is as spiritual entryways that Spirits can use to travel from one dimension into another. Not all portals are bad or used for immoral reasons, but this particular one was definitely not welcome in my home.

So, my first step was to close the portal. After that, the second step was to do some energy work on my daughter. My healer helped to restore her energy and fill her back up with her vital life force. We also gave her an extra layer of protection and made sure to seal up her energy field.

My daughter came home from daycare a couple of hours later and was immediately back to her happy, loving and peaceful self. She had completely transformed right before my eyes and I couldn't believe it. It was the most incredible thing in the world to have my daughter back after her healing session! And, she hasn't had any reports of bad dreams or sleep issues ever since.

From here, I took over by going into my daughter's room. I sat in the middle of the room, closed my eyes and told my Spirit Guides, "I need to see this portal for myself. Show me what my healer saw."

Once I was shown the portal I asked my Guides to teach me how to close them, which they happily did. Then they took me to a different room in our home. They showed me a second portal that was above my husband's side of the bed, and I realized that these lower energies had also attempted to do the same thing to him.

I asked my Spirit Guides why this would happen, why these entities are doing this and why my daughter and my husband were specifically targeted. I was told that what these entities do is they like to specifically target children and unawakened empaths because they're easy targets.

They explained that children don't usually have the spiritual tools and resources to protect themselves, energetically speaking. And, it is the children who possess this vital energy that is pure, innocent and potent which makes it super attractive to energy vampires. It's easy to understand when you think about the water that you like to drink. We all want clean, clear and pure water, right? So, it's as if the entities are searching for the most clean and clear life force which can only be obtained from the young and innocent.

The second thing that they explained was that these entities like to latch on to unawakened empaths. An empath is somebody who is usually very open in their heart and in their energy field, which makes it easy to attract all kinds of outside forces. This extreme openness is like a magnet for all types of energy, both good and bad. This is why empaths often draw in all types of outside energies like a sponge absorbing everything and everyone around them.

Because empaths are usually so open, it makes it much easier for negative energies to attach to their energy field. The reason my guides said that these entities are attracted to the unawakened empaths is because an awakened empath is aware of their ability to be open and absorb energy. So, an empath who is aware usually has a lot of tools and knowledge on how to protect and clear themselves. Entities don't want to mess with someone who has a strong understanding about energetic hygiene, clearing and protection, so the entities will always seek out someone who is unaware and has yet to awaken to these abilities.

Therefore, it is the children and the unawakened empaths that are easily preyed upon for this kind of spiritual hijacking.

After this discussion, my Spirit Guides brought my attention back to the portals. After we closed the second portal, I had wondered that just because these particular portals were now closed what would stop these energies from creating another portal somewhere else in the house? It was then that my Guides showed me how to encase my entire home and property in a protective layer of Light. The way I saw it was a very thick, bright, Gold and Crystalline, gooey-substance that we spread out and stretched over the entire home.

It was explained to me that if an unwanted energy or entity tries to come into the home, they're going to simply bounce off of this protective shield and go another direction. More intelligent entities might see the bright layer of light and simply go look elsewhere because they are often repelled by this kind of frequency.

After all of this, I smudged the entire house with Sage to get rid of any leftover debris and bad vibes. Then, I gridded my daughter's room with four small Celestite crystals. I gridded the room by placing one in each corner of her bedroom. I also placed a larger Celestite geode next to her bed.

Celestite is a powerful, high-vibration stone that invites a strong connection between us and our Angels. These crystals also invite a very calming, soothing frequency into our space. Celestite is great for supporting positive dreams and helping us to get a peaceful night of rest. This high-vibe energy is an energy that the Angels are really attracted to and is quite repelling or repulsive to denser frequencies.

Before I put each stone in her room, I charged the crystals with Reiki and programmed them by asking them to assist my daughter and protect her room. By gridding her whole room with them, it felt like I was creating yet another barrier for her that would only allow calm, peaceful and beautiful energies to enter.

The last thing that I did was tapped into and connected to my daughter's Angels and Spirit Guides. Initially, I was confused and concerned as to how and why this had been allowed to happen to her.

First of all, I was told that they allowed it to happen because they knew that my daughter would be okay and no serious harm would be done to her. They assured me that they weren't going to let the spiritual hijacking go too far or get too extreme. But, they wanted me to be able to see for myself that these kinds of anomalies are real and truly do happen. If I had not seen and experienced this directly, I never would have believed it. Nor would I have been able to learn how to help, heal and fix these kinds of issues that have now become common in my work.

The second thing that they told me was that my daughter's Angels had felt somewhat powerless because we hadn't been regularly communicating to them. The Angels have to honor our free will. It was as if they felt like their hands were tied because they hadn't been explicitly asked to help or intervene.

It was then that I realized that I needed to teach my daughter to do a better job of praying at night. So, I've been working with her on calling in God, and her Angels and her Spirit Allies and asking them for protection, safety, good dreams and a good night of sleep. These nightly prayers have really helped her, too, because they give her a sense of empowerment.

In the months that followed this event, it became apparent to me that this wasn't just a unique situation that has only happened in my own home. It's happening in many of the spiritual, online communities that I'm a part of. And, I'm now having friends and clients coming to me in my work and saying the same things about their children seeing scary figures in their rooms and having terrible nightmares. Most of these children are left feeling sad, depressed, angry or depleted, while their caretakers and parents are left feeling helpless because they don't have the tools or understanding to deal with these kinds of things.

Those who are aware, understand that there are energies, entities and even people in this World who love nothing more than to feed off of the fear and life-force of innocent people, especially the younger generations.

We are each being called to understand right now that when we stand in our light we are very, very powerful. We are more powerful than these dark forces. We are more powerful than these entities. And, we are much more powerful than the fear mongering humans who would love nothing more than to keep us feeling powerless and weak. However, as long as we stand in our power and own it, these forces can't touch us.

Every day, more and more of us are being asked to stand in our power and light and to see ourselves as fierce, Priestess Warriors with gold armor, shields and swords that are able to cut through all of the darkness and density.

When I first went into my daughter's room and was trying to communicate with these entities, I noticed that they were desperate. They know that they've lost. They know that they've been caught, that they've been seen. And, they know that their time on Earth is about to be extinct because of the inevitable planetary ascension that is taking place. So, they're desperately trying to survive at this point because they know that the end is near.

When we show up in a way that is confident and powerful and full of Light, these darker forces have no choice but to run in the other direction with their tail tucked between their legs. They are absolutely terrified of our Light and our awareness. They are so frightened of each of us shining more and more light on them that they will do anything to remain hidden. Because it is once we see and acknowledge these forces that they no longer have power or control over us any longer.

This is why it is so important that we each take responsibility for our own awakening right now. We each have to see more deeply what we're up against in the World. We must continue to shed light and spread awareness about the darkness that still exists in the World as a way to transmute it.

If these anomalies are something that you sense is happening in your home or to a loved one, or you're a healer who is sensing this kind of thing is happening with your clients, you must understand that we cannot combat this kind of energy with fear. We must fearlessly step into the spirit of courageousness and stand our ground. We must be reminded that we always have a choice as to what we allow in our homes and in our energy fields.

We can slay any demon, any negativity, and any force that tries to take us out of our power. In fact, we are way more powerful than we've ever been taught. The moment we step into this knowing we become untouchable. We become unshakeable.

With Love,




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