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The Cup of Coffee Reminds Us of Our Oneness

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

When we stop, for even a moment, to clear our mind of the endless to-do lists, worries, thoughts and judgements, we begin to tap into that space where we feel so connected, so alive, and so full of magic, wonder and awe.

I live for the moments when my ego softens and my heart opens so wide, that I can feel the beauty of oneness.

And, that moment, for me, happened one early morning while sipping my seemingly mundane cup of coffee.

In 2018 I took a class with one of my mentors, Jenny Schiltz, on learning how to connect with the Elements and the Elemental Kingdom. It was mind opening, to say the least. One of the things I started to realize throughout this class was how I take so much for granted and how even our most mundane moments are filled with magic and Spirit. I was so disconnected from all of this!

A couple of years ago, I woke early one morning to make my routine cup of coffee with a splash of my favorite coconut milk creamer. In those early morning hours, I had this great epiphany that brought me to tears. Like a flash of incredible insight, I was witness to the many Spirits who had helped to bring me this simple cup of coffee.

As I gently stirred my coffee, I started to think of all of the Spirits who made this coffee an everyday staple in my life...

First, and in no particular order, there were the Spirits who tended to the plants that produced the coffee beans and coconuts and sugarcane. There were the Spirits of the plants themselves that gave their lives for my glorious cup of coffee. I witnessed the Spirits of the Elements and the Elemental forces - nature, Earth, soil, minerals, water and sun (fire) - that helped the plants to grow and provided home and shelter for them. Then, we can't forget the Spirits, Deities, and Ancestors of the land where these plants grew who help to maintain growth and sustenance. I could also sense the Spirits of the Elemental Kingdom. I suspected all kinds of little people, or ancient beings, were unnoticeably going about their business to ensure that the plants were getting what they needed to thrive.

And, there were all kinds of human Spirits involved in the process, too. From those who were apart of the planting, growing, and harvesting of these crops to those who helped to produce, distribute and deliver the goods to our local grocer and all of the people in between.

Then I examined my ceramic cup. Again, I observed so many Spirits who had made this mug possible. There were the Spirits of metals, clay and other minerals who made up the matter of my cup. The Element of heat and fire was alive and well when the cup was fired. There were, I'm sure, many human Spirits as well, from the creator and the designer, to again, the distributors, the store keeper, and even my bestie who gifted this cup to me. My brain was beginning to get lost in how many hands, how many hearts, how many Spirit beings had touched and been a part of this process.

Then, I began to look within my own kitchen where I had the Spirit of Water freely flowing from my faucet whenever I needed it. She was clean and happy to provide, to cleanse, to quench, to cook, and ultimately to help me every single day with all kinds of chores and routine habits that I usually took for granted. She provided me this perfect little cup of water, every single morning, so that I may enjoy my cup of coffee. And, she did it without asking for anything in return.

And, next, I observed, that the Spirit of Fire was always alive and present each morning as I needed heat and warmth to brew my drink. It was through Fire's powerful and transformative energy, that the coffee beans and the water were able to magically change into something completely different. Without the heat, there was no coffee. Without the Fire and power of the Sun, there was no energy to turn on my coffee brewer. Without Fire, there wasn't even a physical "me" to press the on/off switch each morning. The Spirit of Fire and Sun is an absolute necessity in our everyday life, and I wondered about the millions of people who go about their lives completely unaware of its presence.

I knew the Spirits of Earth and Nature were also alive and well in my day-to-day life. They had so carefully tended to each plant that found it's way into my pantry, cupboards and refrigerator. They had also provided home, shelter and comfort to all of the human Spirits who also made this drink possible.

And, even the wind and air had their presence in the whole process. For, without them, there would be no breathe of life, no plants, no coffee.

With this kind of awareness the cup of coffee, that I had been making for at least 10 years of my life, was suddenly transformed into a magical gift and an expression of millions, and perhaps, an infinite number of Spirits coming together to provide me a simple pleasure. How many cups of coffee do these Spirits provide each day to people around the world? How many hands get to enjoy the blessings of these Spirits? And, how many of these humans are completely unaware of all of the magic that had to happen in order for this one cup of coffee to show up in their reality?

This awareness slowly began to transform my mind and my heart. It was with this simple realization, that I came to know how deeply interwoven the World is, how deeply connected we all are. How can a person ever feel alone when they know without a doubt that millions of Spirits are working with and for them every single day? How can a person ever feel disconnected when they have the awareness that Spirit is alive and well in every single thing that they do, from taking a shower to driving a car and even to, yes, sipping a cup of their favorite drink?

This kind of awareness will transform your life.

We must learn to honor Spirit. And by doing so, we begin to embrace that every thing we see, touch, sense, smell, taste and feel is alive and vital.

Each morning, this is a perfect routine to become connected and aware of Spirit. And, also, it's a simple act of gratitude that goes a long way. Believe me, the Spirits take notice when you take notice!

With Love,




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