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16 Simple Methods To Clear Your Energy

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Clearing is the process of releasing and cleansing our energetic field. It's necessary hygiene practice that should be done routinely to help keep our Spirit clean. The practice of letting go of unwanted or unnecessary energies from our spiritual body is a practice that can and should be implemented by everyone.

I was working with a school-aged child the other day who had come to me for a healing session. He was incredibly empathic and was often feeling very overwhelmed by his surroundings. How do you talk to a sensitive, nine-year-old about the challenges many empaths face?

As I was working with this child, the image of a sponge came to mind, and I began to explain that we are each like these little sponges walking about our day. Every time we come in contact with someone, we soak in a little bit of their energy, their emotions, their feelings and even their thoughts. Every time we visit a different place, touch an object, eat or drink something, talk to someone, etc. we soak up more and more energies, just like a sponge soaking up water. I taught this child some easy ways to "wring his sponge" out and how it's important for us, as humans, to lighten our load.

The practice of clearing is our individual way of wringing out our sponges. When we cleanse our energy field, we are releasing all of the unnecessary energies and spiritual toxins that we picked up throughout the day that aren't in our highest interest. I usually do some kind of clearing practice daily, and many times, multiple times throughout the day.

It can be really uncomfortable, stressful and even painful to walk around with energy that isn't yours. And, toxic energies that aren't transformed properly, could eventually lead to physical problems and mental or emotional imbalances.

The following are some of my favorite techniques and practices that I've learned to help clear my own personal energy field and the energy in my home. Clearing is a conscious practice and we must always have the intention to release any energies and intrusions that aren't for our highest good. Remember that energy flows where your intention goes. So, please hold a strong intention to clear and cleanse your Spirit for the most powerful effect to take place.

1) Shower

This one is so simple and one that I do almost every day. While I'm showering, I ask the Spirit of the Water to help cleanse my auric field from all of the toxic and unnecessary energy that I've come in contact with throughout the day. And, then, I visualize the toxins releasing from my body and going down into the drain. Then, I thank the Water for it's assistance. Not only do I step out of the shower with a clean body, but a clean Spirit as well, and it feels so refreshing.

2) Earth

Another one of my favorite practices is to sit on the ground and release my problems and worries to the great Mother Earth. I always loved listening to Malidoma Somé, describes the Earth as the Mother on whose lap we can find nourishment, support, comfort and love. And, I find that the more raw and real you can get to the Earth, the more she is able to absorb and transform your burdens. If you can, place your bare feet and bare hands on the Earth or even better, lay down on her belly-to-belly and heart-to-heart. Take as much time as you can to truly feel her and connect to her. However you connect to the Earth, be sure to thank her for her love and support.

3) Visualize

Some people like to visualize their chakras or their auric field as clean and full of pure light. There are really wonderful guided meditations available to help visualize a clean Spirit. When I see my etheric field I often see it as a bright, golden light and when it's not clear, I'll notice that the light is faded in certain spots. So, I've learned how to ask my light to "bump out" to fill my whole field and I visualize the light filling every little corner, nook and cranny of my field, pushing out anything that isn't mine.

4) Auric Sweep

When I was in yoga teacher training back in 2012, an energy healer taught us how to do an Auric Sweep. I believe she called it "Aura Fluffing" and as funny as it sounds, it really works. You can do this to yourself or have a friend do it for you. You simply put your hands close to your body and "fluff" the air surrounding you with the intention of loosening and releasing any unwanted energies from your aura. It's the same gestures you'd make when shooing away flies. You can do this up and down your body until you feel more clear. If you're doing this to another person, make sure you get their back side, too. I'm always surprised at how easy this is. And, I notice it gives me a burst of energy, too, which is an added bonus!

5) Crystals

There are many crystals that you can carry or use to help absorb and clear negative energy. I love to use tiny pyramids of Apophyllite to grid around my home and meditation spaces. Apophyllite can help to transmute negative energy into positive. Amethyst is a great helper when it comes to cleansing the Aura. Fluorite and Jasper also help to absorb negative energy. My personal favorite rocks to carry in my pocket are the black ones, like Tourmaline and Obsidian. They can really help to cleanse, purify and transform dense energy. I also use a Selenite Wand in my healing practice to help loosen up extractions and clear a person's energy.

6) Smudge

Smudging is an indigenous practice used to clear "out of place" energy. Typically, smudging is done by using the smoke from a bundle of dried herbs, such as sage, lavender, or rosemary. Palo Santo, tree resins, and tabacco can also be used for this practice. Using a large feather or your hand, you waft the smoke around your body, your sacred space, and your home to help purify and cleanse negative energies. If smoke bothers you, you can use a smokeless smudge spray instead.

Click here for four of my favorite Aura Cleansing Spray recipes.

7) Salt Bath

This is an especially important practice for healers, Reiki practitioners, psychics and mediums who spend their days reading other people's energies. Salt baths are also great for those days when you've been around a lot of people and are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. When doing a salt bath, make sure you use real, sea salt (not Epsom salt) as this is the best kind to use for energetic clearing. A cup or two of salt mixed with a warm bath can be very transforming. If you don't have time for a bath, then a good salt scrub can do the same job as long as your intention is to clear.

8) Essential Oils

Using essential oils is a daily necessity for me! They help to raise my vibration and keep my whole body - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - in balance and harmony. Some essential oils are also known to help protect your energetic space. A few of my favorite protectors and cleansers are Lavender, Clary Sage, Lemongrass and Cedarwood. And, if you're a dōTERRA lover, like I am, you can use the On Guard, Protective Blend, or the Purify, Cleansing Blend, to use as energetic protection. You can diffuse any combination of these oils to protect your home and office. You can also make a DIY Aura Cleansing Spray or apply essential oils directly on your body with a carrier oil or lotion. To learn more about essential oils, visit here.

9) Spirit Guides

Ask your Spirit Guides for help in cleansing your soul. It's simple and it works! Just say something like, "Spirit Guides, I need your assistance in helping to clear any unwanted energy from my body. Please help me to release anything that isn't in my highest good." And, then, close your eyes and consciously take deep breaths or meditate for a few minutes while they do their job. Be sure to thank them when they're finished. You can also work with your Spirit Guides to move through old patterns, behaviors and habits that are no longer serving you. If you're looking to strengthen your relationship with your Guides, check out this article I wrote.

10) Drinking Water

Many people don't know this, but water is extremely programmable. You can program your drinking water with intentions to help cleanse and clear you, physically and spiritually. When pouring a glass of water, hold your hands over the water and bless it. Make a prayer or intention to the water and then slowly and consciously sip the water, visualizing the water transforming the energy throughout your body. You can make your healing water even more powerful by utilizing crystals and by charging your drinking water in the full moon. If you're making crystal elixirs with your water, just make sure that they're safe, as some crystals aren't meant to be put in water.

11) Water Body

If you're someone who has access to a natural water body, such as an ocean or a lake, then you can ask the Water Spirits to assist you in clearing your aura. This can also work in a swimming pool or bathtub, especially if your intention to cleanse is strong. Set your intention, and then immerse yourself fully into the Water while visualizing any impurities moving out and being transformed. Our ancient Ancestors always relied on the powerful healing and cleansing powers of the Water, and so can you.

12) The Sun

The Sun is also a powerful healer. When the weather is nice, I make it a point to get at least 10 minutes of "sun time" a day. Lie, sit, or walk outdoors on a sunny day and ask that the intrusions melt away. Feel the warmth and healing vibes from the Sun fill you back up. This one works best when you are fully present in nature, which means, no phones, no headphones, and no distractions.

13) Fire

People have called on the Fire to cleanse and purify since the beginning of humanity. A simple Fire Ceremony that you can do is to write down any unwanted burdens, fears or thoughts in your life that you're ready to transform and then burn the letter in the Fire while asking for the Fire's assistance. You can also stand at a safe, but close, distance to a burning fire, hold your hands over the fire, and visualize the Fire Spirits burning off any toxic energies. As always, it's super important that you thank the Fire for it's assistance since gratitude is a super-charged energy that enhances every intention and prayer.

14) Shake It Off

Dance, sing, play music, shake, rattle and roll! Any kind of conscious movement can get stagnant energy flowing. Although gentle movement, like yoga, can assist in moving stuck energy, quick and vigorous movement can work when you're in need of a quick fix. Think about a dog who's shaking excess water off of them after a bath! This is the kind of intense movement that can be sure to loosen and remove unwanted energy.

15) Drum or Rattle

The Drum and the Rattle are two powerful Spirits that I use in every healing session with my clients. I shake my Rattle up and down a person's auric field to help bring intrusions to the service so that I can sense them easier and remove them. The Drum works the same way for me, loosening energy that is heavily lodged in a person's field. The rhythm and vibration from these Shamanic tools work really well in helping to cleanse the body.

16) Breath of Fire

Kapalbhati, or Breath of Fire, is a cleansing breathing technique that is rooted in the yoga traditions. There are many benefits for incorporating the Breath of Fire into your daily practices. Here's one of my favorite tutorials on learning Kapalbhati.

I hope you've enjoyed my favorite energy clearing practices. Remember, these are simple practices that you can do every day as a part of your spiritual maintenance routine. If you've tried many of these practices and are still feeling out-of-balance, may I suggest booking a Spiritual Healing Session with me to help clear your hard-to-release energies.

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Sending many blessings to you.


With Love,




Jacinta Lashley
Jacinta Lashley
Jun 13, 2023

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