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Are The Plants Talking to Us?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The first time I knew I could talk to plants was many years ago. It was around Christmastime, and I was mindlessly walking into the grocery store. Thrown up against the walls were a bunch of fresh cut fir trees. I wasn't even thinking about those trees until an image flashed through my mind.

The image I was shown was a rundown puppy mill. I saw a bunch of sad, little puppies whose lives were not being properly honored - who were being bread purely for monetary and selfish purposes. As soon as I understood what was being shown to me, all the puppies turned into little Christmas trees. That's when I realized the trees were communicating to me.

An intense wave of grief rushed over me. I couldn't explain why I was so sad, but I knew it had something to do with the trees and how their lives were not being respected. I knew that, for whatever reason, they were reaching out to me. That experience was so intense, that I still get emotional thinking about it to this day.

Nectar of Life

In 2019 I attended a workshop called Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature taught by Ellen Winner from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. One of the exercises we were asked to do was to get to know a plant. In this exercise we were asked to sit with a plant being in the wild, to notice it carefully, and try to identify the experience of the plant.

For some reason, I was drawn to a not-so-attractive looking prickly weed. I sat down on a large rock and immediately felt that I should scan the plant with my inner eyes. As I did, I could see a bright, golden liquid coursing throughout the plant's veins. I could see the plant taking energy into itself, turning it into gold, and then pushing it back out into the world.

I was surprised that the first time I consciously attempted to talk to a plant, he had quite a bit to say about his existence:

"This nectar flowing through me is essentially the ultimate life force from God. The cosmic blood. This life-giving fluid connects all things. It is, essentially, that which sustains all physical beings on this planet."

I watched the golden nectar flow from the Earth and up into the stem of the plant. It spread like water throughout the leaves. I could see this gold fluid flow through the plant's veins. I watched as tiny ants took their own serving of nectar by eating the leaves. When the leaves fell, they returned their essence to the Earth as they decomposed. This essence that is returned to the Earth gives life to new and living plants. The same nectar works in us in a similar way.

I realized that it is true, we are like plants in many ways. We thrive off the same life force energy. I began to realize that not only do we need their nutrition and nourishment for our physical bodies, but that they are continuously giving us life-force even when we are unaware. They are giving us our daily portion of vitality, or as the plants call it, "nectar." This is the spiritual component that the plants offer us. And, just like them, we can receive this life-force by simply connecting to the Earth. We can draw the nectar up through the Earth and up through our feet and legs. We can also draw it down from the Sun. We rely on water to help this nectar flow freely and unobstructed throughout our bodies. That day, the plant was showing me all of this and communicating it to me.

The Plant Dance

Later in the workshop, we were asked to merge with our plant ally and allow it to dance through our bodies. To do this, you invite the Spirit of the plant to move into your body. I remember how merging with the plant was so simple and sweet. It put me in a very calm, serene state. It is one of the calmest times I've ever felt in my life.

Merging with the plant, I was able to connect so deeply to this nectar of the Earth and of the Sun. I could feel how easy it was to draw energy both up and down from both sources of energy with each deep breath in. And, with each breath out, I could feel myself empty and push my energy outwards through my leafy hands.

I remember being so completely in tune with my breath. Breathing was so important. It was like the only thing that mattered to me in that moment, was to breathe. I felt so deeply in love with the Sun and with the Earth. It was a kind of connection I have longed for my whole life.

Mostly, I remember my eyes being closed, because, well, plants don't have eyes. They must "see" with their other senses. But, at one point, I did open my eyes and looked out at the other trees and plants surrounding me and smiled as they all felt like my family. I noticed that the plants all share a sacred communication with each other. They also share a single, common purpose, which is to collect as much life force as they can, transmute it to the highest, purest vibrational energy possible, and then to release it back out into the Earth and all her inhabitants.

Oh, how I loved feeling that life force rise and fall within me with each breath. It was so electrifying. It was my only thought, my only purpose. Nothing else in that moment mattered. I had no other thoughts than to bring the bright, golden nectar in and let it back out.

One thing I observed while merging with this plant was that there was no sense of holding, grasping, or hoarding this life force. There was no worrying about when or if it will ever run out. I had such a deep level of trust in this life-giving process. I knew that as long as I could breathe, all my needs would be taken care of. What an incredible lesson it was to experience a new level of Divine trust and surrender.

Tuning In to Nature

In many of my visions and journeys to the Other Worlds I often see beings that look like walking trees and plants with faces, legs, and arms. Many times, I've received messages from my Guides to "go outside and sit with the trees" for guidance, grounding, and healing. When I go for walks in nature, I can feel the trees pushing their energy out towards me, like they are trying to extend a gentle, helping hand my way. I can feel when my houseplants need water, fertilizer, sunlight, or a change of scenery. When my plants sprout a new seedling, we celebrate, together, like happy new parents who just witnessed the miracle of birth.

In my own backyard, I can sense when the trees are happy, or sad, or sick. I can feel their pure joy as my children run around barefoot and carefree under their shade. I feel them go into hibernation in the winter and come back alive again in the spring. I sense their pain when we must trim back their branches from growing into our home. And I even felt their grief when we had to cut down one of their brothers a few years ago because he became too severely damaged from an ice storm.

In many indigenous cultures, it is believed that there is a hierarchy in consciousness. The highest consciousness, it is taught, is the natural world, that is the plants and trees. The second is the animal kingdom, and the third one is us humans. The more I interact and listen to nature, the more I tend to agree with that. Nature is an incredible classroom, and one I highly encourage you to humbly take a few classes with now and then!

It's imperative that we each establish a stronger connection to the Natural world. We live in a time where we've become so disconnected from what is organic and pure that many could argue humanity has lost its way. We find ourselves worshipping at the altar of artificial technologies, screens and devices, and a plethora of man-made substances, while disregarding that which is truly alive and real.

When is the last time you spent a day surrounded only by natural sunlight? When is the last time you had a complete meal that wasn't genetically modified or highly processed? When you open your medicine cabinet, is it filled with natural supplements and plant medicines, or loaded with lab-designed pharmaceuticals and OTC's?

It is time that we begin to come back into a sacred balance with Nature.

The plants and trees are constantly feeding us with an intelligent, potent, healing frequency that has the power to restore us and return us to balance. Go outside for a walk, sit with your back against a tree, plant a garden, and surround your home and workspace with as many houseplants as possible. Learn to heal your body with essential oils, herbs and other natural remedies. If you can, meditate on using your breath to draw in the energy from the Earth and the Sun into your body, just like a plant does. And, then practice emptying and expanding your energy back outward to touch others.

Nature is an incredible classroom, and the plants are some of our most wise and ancient teachers. It is time that we start listening to what they have to say.

With Love,




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