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You Are a Walking Miracle

Updated: May 9, 2022

Permission to Rise #01

Have you ever wondered what your Spirit Guides would say if they were sitting across from you right now? Permission to Rise is a series of transmissions inspired by conversations I’ve had with spiritual beings in the higher realms, such as our Ancestors, Spiritual Allies and Angels. Their messages are words of inspiration, encouragement, empowerment, and Divine wisdom. Their memos encourage your personal choice to elevate and become all that you are and all that you are meant to be in this lifetime. These conversations are your permission to rise. Learn more.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Immerse yourself in this little love letter for your Soul...

You have enormous power standing behind you. You have a great and ancient wisdom within you.

You might not be able to see it, but, if you close your eyes and tune in, you can feel it. You can feel them. Do you feel them, standing behind you? The wise ones, the ancient ones, the powerful ones, the eternal ones… these are your Ancestors. From every lifetime you’ve lived and will ever live. Your Ancestors are here. With you. Right now.

Thousands upon thousands of bright, beautiful, shining Beings standing with you. Both from your lineage and from the very land that you call home. Your Ancestors are here, right now, with you. Can you feel them?

They stand with you at all times – protecting, guiding, lighting the way. They are your guardians who shelter you from harm. They are your guides who know the right moves and countermoves. They nudge you on which choices and decision will most serve you and your highest path.

Think of all the wisdom that has been obtained from generations and lifetimes of their existence. Imagine the times when they used to be so deeply connected to the Universe, to Source, to Nature, to God. How magical and brilliant their lives were. How much they had to persevere and survive to bring you into existence.

That same power, that inherent wisdom, lies within you. That strength, the magic, the brilliance, the insight, the connection – it is all within you. It has been passed down from generation to generation to get to you. You’ve inherited it all. The most vibrant and potent power that you carry is their gift to you, and nothing can take that away. That power. Their power! It is your birthright.

It is this ancient gift that allows you to have longings and dreams, ambitions and purpose. This gift is not outside of you, but is buried deep inside your bones, your Soul, your heart, the core of your Being.

You will not find this depth of wisdom in a school, in a church, on your screens and devices, in a book, or from the words of another human. No. You will only find it by going deep inside of yourself. By knowing yourself. By trusting yourself. By listening to your inner most voice. By following your heart and your Soul's deepest longing. That’s the way. It's always been the way.

You have the power of thousands of Ancestors. It is within you. You have the Soul Medicine of thousands of Ancestors within you. Can you feel it? This gift you carry? Their gift?

It won’t go to waste. No, it can’t go to waste. Not now, not in this lifetime, not ever. This blessing that you carry is not meant to go to unused. With this wisdom, you have the potential to literally move a mountain, because you ARE a mountain.

Do you realize this is how your Ancestors see you? As a mountain? In this moment, they see you as a tall and powerful mountain. And they want you to know your worth. You are a giant blessing walking the Earth. You are a strong and mighty Soul that cannot be shaken, cannot be torn down, cannot be broken.

You are a walking miracle. A prayer that has been composed over lifetimes and generations of your Ancestors prayers. You are the one that they've all been praying for. You are the one that they've all been waiting for.

Do not forget the wisdom of the thousands of Ancestors that are within you.

With Love,



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