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10 Methods of Energy Protection

Updated: May 2, 2022

Energetic or psychic protection is the ability to defend yourself against unwanted or harmful energies that may penetrate your aura, your physical body, your loved ones, or your home. When unhelpful energies come into our space, they can cause imbalances in our physical, emotional, and mental layers. If not cleared or appropriately healed in a timely manner, these intrusive energies can lead to a plethora of issues. Just like our physical body can get an infection, a virus or a splinter, our energy body can also unknowingly attract things that can cause us harm.

Protection against yourself and your home also assists to keep negative entities and other unhelpful spirits away. Not all entities are necessarily bad or evil. Some of them simply are bored, lost, or just looking for comfort. But, if they aren't highly evolved and don't have your best interest, then you simply don't want them lurking around.

It is also possible for negative entities and humans to install energetic hooks, etheric tentacles or artificial implants into our spiritual bodies. I see these kinds of spiritual and psychic attacks routinely when working with clients and have also seen them in my own home. These kinds of installments can make people act and think inauthentically or can make you ill. Abusive, needy, or unhealthy relationships can also create cords of attachment that create an imbalance of negative energy flow.

As you can see, there are many reasons why energetic protection isn't just important, but a necessary practice. I recommend that every conscious person should at least know the three basics when it comes to their energetic hygiene: energy clearing, grounding and spiritual protection. You should try to obtain a few tools and techniques in each of these three categories to be a successful healer in your home!

Should I Shield My Energy?

Before we get too far in this discussion, I want to caution you that sometimes energetic protection can be counterproductive. Especially when the purpose is to shield oneself of experiencing specific emotions or experiences. Many empaths and sensitives are taught to shield their energy by "pushing away" certain energies to reject or avoid unwanted realities. However, I find this detrimental because most of our major moments of growth and human evolution comes from challenges and adversities.

A healthier recommendation is to engage ourselves in denser frequencies when they present themselves, such as pain and suffering, so that we may transmute those feelings. After all, we are unable to heal that which we avoid. By acknowledging that darkness, does in fact, exist, it allows us to confront and heal it. We can only flourish in the moments we allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable and present in the face of uncomfortable conditions.

Therefore, I do not find it beneficial to place protection intentions around oneself that only encourage "love and light" to enter. Rather, I teach to set an intention that, "only that which is in my highest Divine alignment may enter." From this perspective, we understand that the challenges and adversities we face are in our highest, best interest because they are meant to teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and our World. We also ensure that we don't miss out on important opportunities or get overlooked by others.

Intention and Prayer

When working with protection I always set an intention for, "impermeable protection." I will also invoke my Spirit Guides and Angles with a prayer:

"Beloved and compassionate Spirits, please assist in protecting me and my family from any unwanted or harmful energies that are not in my highest alignment. Please place and strengthen a protective barrier of Divine light around my body, my aura, my family, and my home. I ask for impermeable protection. I now command that whatever is not for my highest good to not be permitted to enter this forcefield. I love you. I thank you. So it is."

Protection is a conscious practice we must engage in regularly. Simply put, we must set the intention to strengthen the protective barriers around us while creating forcefields that will only allow energies that are for our highest good. Remember that energy flows wherever our intention goes. So, please remember to hold a strong intention of protection whenever you utilize these practices.

When working with healing tools such as crystals, ash, herbs, or talismans you should hold these items in your hands or next to your heart while setting your intention. Ask for your Spirit Guides and Angels to assist in raising the frequency of the object. You can also infuse these items with Reiki healing energy or your own love/light energy through visualization, prayer and intention.

The following exercises are all tried and true methods of energetic protection that I have experimented with both personally and with my clients. Some of these are simple, everyday tools that you can work with to strengthen your aura and protect your space. While others are more ceremonial and can be performed as needed.

Bubble of Light

In this protection strategy, you learn to surround your home and yourself with a bubble of radiant light. Essentially, you visualize a protective bubble all around your aura and your property. It may help to visualize this bubble being filled up with God's love, your inner Divine light, Universal Truth, or whatever terminology most resonates with you. I will often call in my Angels and Spirit Guides to assist with the creation of this bubble.

I will program this bubble to act like a forcefield by setting the intention that only that which is in my highest Divine alignment be allowed to enter, while everything else be rejected. Some teachers will refer to this technique as "shielding", but I do not like to use that terminology for reasons I discussed above. Shielding can often insinuate that we are protecting ourselves from all negative emotions and energies when some of these opportunities are being sent our way to help us grow and heal.

If you are new to this technique, start by focusing your attention on your heart center. Imagine a bubble of light surrounding your heart. Then, with each breath, see if you can grow it. Bump out your light to fill your entire aura. With a little practice, you will eventually be able to push this forcefield out past your home, your community, and even the World!

Solar Plexus Healing

When dealing with a toxic or negative person, place your awareness on your solar plexus chakra. Oftentimes, people who wish to disempower, shame or guilt you will energetically try to enter through this part of your body. I am often working with clients to remove tentacles and hooks that have been energetically implanted by others through this chakra.

By putting your attention or focus on your solar plexus, you can prevent these chords from attaching to you. If it's helpful, you can visualize your solar plexus spinning open and in a clockwise direction. When it's open and healthy, it will create a vortex-like motion that repels anything that isn't safe for you.

You will even notice that people will unconsciously cover up their solar plexus by crossing their arms, slouching, or turning away to defend against attacks when dealing with toxic people. You may wish to do this as well! You can read more ways to help heal and balance your chakras.

Call Upon the Archangels

Working with the Archangels when we feel unsafe is something that has always worked well for both me and my children. I simply call on four Archangels to stand around the four directions of my home and protect me and my family. I usually do this at nighttime before I fall asleep. I specifically call on Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel, however you can use whichever ones resonate with you or simply just ask for "Archangels to assist".