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You Are a Mountain

Permission to Rise #07

Have you ever wondered what your Spirit Guides would say if they were sitting across from you right now? Permission to Rise is a series of transmissions inspired by conversations I’ve had with spiritual beings in the higher realms, such as our Ancestors, Spiritual Allies and Angels. Their messages are words of inspiration, encouragement, empowerment, and Divine wisdom. Their memos encourage your personal choice to elevate and become all that you are and all that you are meant to be in this lifetime. These conversations are your permission to rise. Learn more.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Immerse yourself in this little love letter for your Soul...

You are a mountain.

You are not here to play life small or safe. Not you, dear one. For, you… you’re a mountain. A tall, giant, strong, and beautiful mountain.

You must know that your time for pretending to be insignificant is up. That time, it’s over. It is now time to claim your destiny.

Because what the world needs now, is every single person, including you, to own your greatness. That is, you must now become visible in a society that wishes to keep your magic hidden. You must not be afraid to be seen and heard, in a world that wishes to diminish your voice. You must discover the mountain of strength and courage within you to take on the world as only a mountain can – tall, strong, and brave.

You see, a mountain does not get to hide. It doesn’t get to crawl under the covers on a bad day and go back to sleep. Because even on a bad day, a mountain does not cave or crumble from the pressures of the Earth. Rather, a mountain stands, no matter what. It stands.

This is your time to take a stand. To allow yourself to take up space in this world. To allow yourself to expand and grow in every possible way.

Only the brave in this world, will make a difference.

A person in service to humanity, is not afraid of being seen. A person in service to humanity, is not afraid of exposure or vulnerability. They are not afraid of failure. They are not afraid of what others might say or think about them if they stand too tall.

And you. You are, in fact, one of the brave ones I’m talking about. You came here to fulfill a specific mission and purpose to assist the world in a big way.

You are here to help. You are here to heal. And you are here to serve others. This is your purpose, your mission. Own it! And I know you know it.

So, what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?

A person who is in service of bettering humanity cannot achieve their goals unless they are visible. Unless they are willing to stand up.

You are being called to rise. Rise up. Rise up! Rise up…

Do you hear the calling? Do you feel it? That unmistakable feeling that it is your time to step forward into new territories, to grow into new heights, and to become the mountain with unshakeable strength. That is your birthright.

You have a unique, once-in-a-lifetime kind of medicine that only you can offer the world. Only you.

You can’t hide anymore. Because it’s time to get to work and start delivering that special medicine that only you can deliver.

You are the mountain.

And you will not fail.

You cannot fail.

With Love,



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