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You Are Held by God

Permission to Rise #04

Have you ever wondered what your Spirit Guides would say if they were sitting across from you right now? Permission to Rise is a series of transmissions inspired by conversations I’ve had with spiritual beings in the higher realms, such as our Ancestors, Spiritual Allies and Angels. Their messages are words of inspiration, encouragement, empowerment, and Divine wisdom. Their memos encourage your personal choice to elevate and become all that you are and all that you are meant to be in this lifetime. These conversations are your permission to rise. Learn more.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Immerse yourself in this little love letter for your Soul...

There is an unseen force in your world that is beyond words. Some try to explain it. Some try to name it. It has been called the Great Mother, the Holy Spirit, the Heavenly Father, God, Goddess, Divine Love, the Universe.

It doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters, is that you feel it. This force. This energy. This support. It’s always embracing you.

Close your eyes and feel into it. Do you feel that? Can you feel, in this moment, how loved you truly are? How supported you are? Can you feel the arms of God holding you tightly in a loving embrace?

Throughout our day we are each being held by a sacred or holy energy. A Divine frequency. We are each being held by God.

You belong, right here, in the arms of God.

With this kind of support, you are unstoppable. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

Be bold. Reclaim your holy birthright. And, remember why you are here. You are here to be of service. You are here to love, unconditionally. You are here… because you belong.

If you look around, you may notice that so many people in this world are trapped in a culture that makes them feel unsupported, unloved, lonely, afraid, isolated, less than. Like they don’t belong. It’s as if they are sedated. Trapped in a world that doesn’t honor or acknowledge the human Spirit.

And, we all feel this way at times. It’s easy to get sucked into these tricks and illusions so much that we don’t even notice the immense blessing that is walking side by side with us. This enormous power that is holding our hand as we journey through this thing we call life.

We can be on the edge of greatness, and not even know it. Because we get so wrapped up in our own darkness and the darkness of this planet that we forget to stop and notice the Light that is standing right there, beside us. Just waiting for us to accept it. Just waiting for us to say yes. Just waiting for us to acknowledge it, and walk with it — hand in hand, step by step.

This. This is an invitation for you to stand even stronger in your commitment to accepting your Divine connection. An invitation to fearlessly and proudly serve God. To make more of an effort to acknowledge and work with the Light. This is an invitation to always remember the immense blessing that is holding you right now.

A Light Worker. Yes, that is what you are. You are someone who consciously works with the Light. Who chooses to recognize, in every moment, the Light of God that is supporting and nourishing you.

With Love,



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