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Common Aura Dilemmas and How To Fix Them

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

The human Soul is a complex energy field consisting of strands, threads and currents of intelligent and vital energy. This energy is the life force behind everything that keeps us alive and well. It is the power behind our thoughts and emotions, as well as the force that tells our heart to keep beating even when we're asleep.

Negativity, such as toxic thoughts, heavy emotions, and traumatic events in our life, can often create so-called bumps and bruises in our energy field. When we experience intense or painful events they can often leave an impression on us that goes beyond what the physical eye can see.

What is the auric field?

The Auric field is the etheric or energetic body that exists in all of us. Each culture has their own way to describe this energetic body such as the Soul, Spirit, vital essence or the personal aura. This energetic body exists simultaneously with our physical body as well as our mental and emotional layers.

The aura around each of us is an electromagnetic field that expands approximately 12-18 inches around our entire body. You can think of your aura as a container of energy from which all things flow. Our aura supplies energy to our body, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. It is also deeply connected to our physical health and wellbeing.

Because our energy field contains all of our experiences and memories, it can fluctuate and change over time. For example, someone suffering from intense trauma or depression could have an aura that looks dull, dark or diminished. Similarly, a person's energy field who is vibrant, healthy and full of vitality would most likely appear bright, big and vibrant.

We often forget that we are, first and foremost, energetic beings. Our Souls have existed long before we arrived in this physical body and we will remain spiritual beings well after this lifetime is over. Our light body is the most essential layer of our being and it has a direct effect on all of our other human layers. Therefore, if our energy becomes out of alignment, it can eventually lead to physical, mental and/or emotional imbalances. This is why energy healing is just as important as other forms of traditional healing.

Common Aura Issues

The following is a brief description of common aura issues that I see in my private energy healing sessions:

Spiritual Intrusions - Intrusions are stuck, unwanted or unhelpful energies that can get trapped in the energy field. Just like our physical body can get an infection, a virus or a splinter, our energy body can also unknowingly attract things that can cause us harm.

Weak Outer Aura - There is a layer around the outermost part of our aura that acts like a protective shell or barrier to outside forces. This wall helps to keep our vital essence contained within our energy field while helping to keep intrusive energy from entering. However, it is possible for the outer auric wall to appear weak or diminished, which can cause many issues such as spiritual and psychic attacks or the inability to communicate clear boundaries with others.

Cloudy or Muddy Aura - Many times I will see sections of the aura that appear to contain a thick, sludge like energy. This kind of energy is usually very heavy or dense and can prevent our life force from flowing freely. These kinds of issues are often associated with people feeling stuck or stagnant in certain areas of their life or like they can't "move on" from certain experiences.

Holes, Rips and Tears - Just like our physical body can get damaged, so, too, can our energy body. When this happens clients often report of feeling like their energy is being depleted or drained out of them. When we have cracks in our aura, it creates the perfect environment for our vital essence or life force energy to leak out of us. People with holes also tend to "give too much" of themselves to others. In addition, aura punctures make it easier for negative energies and attachments to find their way in.

Darkened Aura - For me, a healthy aura usually looks very bright and vibrant. I will often times see a full range of colors or vibrant light flowing throughout a strong aura. People who are depressed, angry, scared or anxious will often show an energy field that lacks brightness and/or colors.

Unbalanced or Stagnant Energy - Often, when working with clients I will see where only part of the aura looks healthy whereas other sections look dull, dark or weak. A healthy aura has an even spread of light all throughout. However, it is common for energy to get stuck in certain areas causing blockages that prevents an even flow of energy.

Cords and Unhealthy Attachments - It is possible for the aura to contain energetic hooks, etheric tentacles or artificial implants. Sometimes these are placed there by negative entities or even humans who wish to control or manipulate us. We can also consent to these kinds of hooks by engaging in addictive or obsessive behaviors over a period of time. Abusive, needy, or unhealthy relationships can also create cords of attachment that create an imbalance of negative energy flow.

Energetic Debris and Dust - I often describe this one like a fish tank filled with water and sand. The sand will lie dormant on the bottom of the tank until something or someone comes in and disrupts the tank by stirring up the water. The sand will get mixed around and cause the clean water to appear dirty or dusty. The same thing can happen to parts or all of our energy field, especially when an event triggers an unhealed wound. Daily energy clearing practices are important to keep your energy field as clean as possible and to remove any unnecessary debris.

Entanglement or Theft - This happens when someone tries to take the vital energy from another person. We can think of these kinds of people as "energy vampires" who often hold feelings of jealousy, envy or judgement towards us. This also can happen when we worship or idolize someone else or become too dependent on another person to fulfill us. Whether we are the victim or the perpetrator of energy theft, it can often manifest as a feeling of lack, incompleteness or entrapment.

Soul Loss - Soul loss happens when a small piece of our energy field breaks off completely from itself. Essentially, a part of the Soul will dissociate from the body to protect itself from experiencing an intense trauma or harm. It is possible for the Soul fragment to return back to itself on its own or with proper self-healing. However, a trained Shamanic practitioner, such as myself, can also quickly retrieve Soul pieces and restore them back to the body.

Weakening Your Aura

The Aura can be weakened or damaged by many things, including:

  • Neglecting daily mindfulness practices such as prayer or meditation

  • Not showing yourself enough self-care or self-love

  • Overworking your body to the point of mental or physical exhaustion

  • Overthinking, obsessing or worrying too much

  • Inactive or sluggish lifestyle, which includes having desk-bound jobs or avoiding routine exercise

  • Verbal and physical energy attacks such as yelling, name calling, profanity or abusive behavior

  • Interacting with negative people

  • Taking part in gossip and drama

  • Living in a constant state of fear or anxiety

  • Not being able to live in the present moment; always worrying about the future

  • Spending too much time watching the news and/or violent or drama-filled television shows and movies

  • Self-limiting beliefs, habits and thought patterns such as guilt, unworthiness or shame

  • Over exposure of computers, TVs, tablets and phones; includes too much time on social media platforms

  • Being around large crowds of people and/or loud noises

  • Not speaking your truth

  • Giving too much of yourself or sacrificing yourself for others

  • Not trusting your intuition

  • Neglecting to communicate safe and healthy boundaries; allowing others to treat you poorly

  • Taking on other people's problems as your own

  • Addictions to substances (drugs, alcohol, food) or to processes (sex, gambling, shopping, internet)

  • Bouts of rage or intense anger

  • An overexposure of chemicals and toxic ingredients such as those found in processed foods, cleaning supplies, beauty products and pharmaceuticals

  • Accidents, injuries and illnesses

Strengthening Your Aura

We must balance out the effects of our daily activities that may diminish our aura by engaging in behaviors that will not only enhance our aura, but will ultimately heal and strengthen it. These actions can include:

  • Learning to center, ground and clear your energy daily

  • Daily mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation or prayer

  • A clean, organized and loving home

  • Self-care practices and compassionate affirmations

  • Regularly exercising, dancing or moving your body

  • Spending time in nature

  • Surrounding yourself with healthy, high-vibe people and animals

  • Prioritizing your health and your body's needs

  • A clean, nutritious diet supplemented with high quality vitamins and minerals

  • Striving for a positive outlook on life

  • Visualizing a healthy, vibrant aura filled with light

  • Conscious pranayama and deep breathing techniques

  • Practicing kindness and compassion for all beings

  • Forgiveness

  • Keeping a gratitude journal

  • Singing, laughing, playing and smiling

  • Speaking your truth

  • Establishing healthy boundaries with others

  • Respecting yourself and others

  • Admiring art and beauty

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Being fully present and in the moment

  • Living in a state of flow and grace

  • Working with crystals, essential oils and other healing tools

  • Utilizing the modalities in the Raise Your Vibration eBook and Oracle Cards

Personally, I work with energy healers on a routine basis to ensure my energy field is as healthy as possible. When I first started my healing journey, I needed frequent healing sessions to restore my light body back into balance. Now, I go simply for spiritual maintenance and upkeep in the same way that I have my teeth cleaned twice a year!

If you'd like assistance on healing your aura, I'd love to work together. Visit my website to learn more about my work and to schedule an appointment.

With Love,



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