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Energetic Support For Empaths

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

There is no doubt that these are very challenging times for everyone on Earth right now. But for sensitive Souls and empaths it seems to be extra intense as so many of us are aware that much of the collective is experiencing deep fear, separation and chaos as our old structures continue to dismantle. And, just when we thought collective energies might be easing up, the month of August brought us a huge new wave of intensity!

For the last six years I've prided myself on my strong grounding, clearing and self-care practices. And yet, with our family being in the middle of moving homes, building a new office and healing space, and navigating new education decisions for our children, I've felt myself coming ungrounded and anxious.

If you feel like the ground underneath your feet is unsteady or crumbling, please know, that you're not alone! We are all entering into an energetic space that has NEVER been experienced before in our human history. This space is new for absolutely everyone. And, just like any new space, it can take some time to integrate these newer energetics and find our balance again.

I visited with my guides last week to seek assistance in navigating these uncertain times. Their advice was both practical and mystical, and although it was specifically intended for me, I think it's worth sharing here as it is my hope you will find a nugget or two of insight that can assist you on your own personal journey.

Raise Your Vibration

It's important that we each become masters of our own personal energetic vibration. If you find yourself making decisions or acting out of feelings of fear, powerlessness, guilt, jealously, anger or other lower level feelings then your vibration is in serious need of a change.

A constant state of low vibration does not serve you or the collective, and we're each being asked this year to transform and transcend the ways in which we move through these denser energetics. In addition, a low vibration keeps the immune system weakened and will further contribute to a declining nervous system as well as other bodily systems.

One of the simplest ways to raise your vibration is to ask your Spirit Team for assistance. Spirit must honor our individual free will, so unless we ask, they can't usually intervene or help us.

When I'm feeling weighed down, I simply close my eyes and pray, "God, Angels, Ancestors, and Guides, please help to release anything from my form that is not in my highest Divine alignment. Please help to raise my vibration as high as possible in this moment."

Instantly, I feel a surge of energy as my vibration raises higher and higher. You can also intuitively draw a card or two from my Raise Your Vibration oracle deck. Access your free eBook and set of cards here.

Keep Your Field Clear

The guides couldn't stress this point enough to me. They said we have to be extra diligent in keeping our energetic field clear and clean.

You know when something intrusive is invading your energy field. You know when something you're reading or listening to isn't meant for you. You know, because if you are paying attention you will automatically feel your heart close and your vibration drop. You will notice the mental chatter in your head start to get louder and take a destructive turn.

You must have the courage to walk away from anything that lowers your vibration. This includes knowing when to unplug from social media, turn off the news, or walk away from conversations that are sucking you under.

I have found walking away from conversations especially challenging as I don't want to appear rude or disrespectful to others. But, I'm learning that it's absolutely okay and even necessary, to politely walk away from conversations that aren't in my highest alignment.

For example, I found myself in a circle of moms last week where they were stressing about the new mandates and regulations for opening schools back up. At first, I tried to just smile and nod my head as I attempted to not get sucked into the conversation. But, within a few minutes of listening, I realized I was feeling very anxious and annoyed and downright low-vibe. I felt my Self wanting to escape the body, and knew that I had to remove myself from the circle in order to protect my energy.

So, I just politely and nonchalantly stepped a few feet outside of the circle and focused my attention back on my children. Before I knew it, another mom had followed my lead. The two of us were standing together with all eyes on our children, completely present and happy in the moment, rather than fearing about a future outcome that is completely outside of our control. It was really empowering and blissful to not engage in the drama!

Please know that I'm not encouraging you to escape every difficult conversation. Some difficult conversations can be really pivotal in encouraging growth. However, allowing others to dump their toxicity on you, gossip, or stir up anxiety is never okay.

A big part of keeping your field clear is not only setting strong energetic boundaries, but having the courage to acknowledge when your boundaries are being violated.

Of course, there are other ways to keep your field clear, too, such as smudging, showering with salt, and being in nature. If you're like me, you may feel the need to do extra clearing practices right now, so please take extra care of yourself.

Observing the Addictions

The guides explained to me that engaging in lower vibrations can feel like a drug sometimes. It can feel like you need to engage in negative and toxic behaviors or thought patterns just to survive. For many of us, we have deep programming and conditioning around this. The guides explained to me that there's a strong collective pull to keep everyone's energy low, and we need to beware of not falling into old patterns.

It can actually feel quite uncomfortable right now to be vibrating so high when much of the collective around you is being coerced into fear and devision. I remember as a child, certain adults in my life would reprimand me for smiling, singing or being "too happy." I remember adults that I loved shaming me for being a beacon of light, and I'd feel like I needed to dim my light just to "fit in".

There seems to be a lot of this energy floating around as some individuals wish to blame or shame light warriors for remaining joyful and grateful despite the challenges we are each facing.

Shame and blame isn't the only toxic energy floating around. I've observed many people falling back into old "victim" patterns where they feel completely helpless or hopeless leaving them to deny their true Sovereignty. I've also seen a lot of the "savior" behaviors going on, where so many people feel like it is their job to wake up or save the rest of the world.

I'd encourage you to take a good hard look at the patterns that are showing up in your life. While shamers, blamers, victims and saviors usually are well-disguised as having good intentions, these behaviors are easy to get trapped into their never-ending cycles of self-destructing patterns.

I'm certain that if you are reading this, then you are not here on this planet to dim your light in order to make others feel comfortable. In fact, when the world feels dark and gloomy, your exact purpose is to shine even brighter so that you can be like a beacon for others by showing them that there's another, more life-affirming way to live. Essentially, your job is to be like a lighthouse, simply showing others the way back to their own hearts.

I was shown that darkness or dense energies can be like a drug, pulling people deeper into relying on and needing it. Just like any addiction, we must remain determined, committed and courageous in order to break the cycles and habits of destruction.

Practice Divine Neutrality

The duality in the world is getting louder by the day. Mask or no mask? Democrat or republican? Black lives or children's lives? In-person school or remote learning? Pro- or anti-vaccine? You get the point...

Every week it seems that there's some new issue to divide and conquer the collective. And, although you may have a strong opinion or belief about most of these hot topics in the world, the truth is that choosing a side is only further contributing to duality which is an old paradigm.

My guides told me that when you choose a side, you're only further giving into the concept of duality. They reminded me to honor all sides and all beliefs, and that every person's experience is unique and important right now.

This is what they had to say about neutrality: "When you stand in the middle your vibration is high. When you choose a side, your vibration dips. Even if you choose a side that feels like hope or freedom, it's still pulling you away from your center. Come back to the center. Come back to Divine Neutrality. Come back to the Central Sun within your heart. Come back to this frequency."

Essentially, we can get so caught up in who is right or wrong and whether or not we're standing on the right side of history. When in reality, the best place to be is sitting in the middle where you can observe both sides with equanimity. It is from this place where peace and freedom truly lies.

Don't let all of the chaos and confusion of the outer world pull you from your centered state. You can simply observe and witness what is happening outside of you without taking on all of the feelings of righteousness and divisiveness.

The guides went on to say to me that, "Everything 'out there' is simply like a movie being played out. The outcome of the end of the movie has already been determined, so just sit back, enjoy and watch how it all unfolds."

I understand that this may not be advice for everyone, as each of us has an important role to play. Some of you reading this are activists, warriors, freedom fighters and truth tellers. Some of you are stepping into these roles more and more. And, if you're being called to play a more active role in the collective right now, then please honor that calling.

Others are simply being asked to watch and observe. It will be up to each of us to discover what our roles are and understand that they are changing every day. But, please understand that not everything deserves your attention or energy.

The one thing that you can be certain of is that duality is crumbling. And, the more you get invested in who's right or wrong the more your life will also feel like it is crumbling. The old reality as we know it will continue to dismantle, and it will shake and disrupt anyone who's not willing to stay open and flexible in their beliefs.

In essence, the more devisive you become, the more uncomfortable the next couple of years will be for you. So, if you want the next couple of years to transition smoothly and gracefully for you, than I'd recommend pulling yourself back into the midline. Notice what pulls you away from your center, and then redirect yourself back to neutrality.

The Solar Heart

I asked the guides to give me a practical tip for when I feel like my hope and faith in a better future is slipping or for when I feel a bit unstable. Here is what they shared with me:

"The Sun is a powerful Source of Light. Use its strength. Call it in when you don't feel strong. Just, call it in and say, 'I call in the Power of the Sun to fill my entire Being, my entire Spirit. I call in the Power of the Sun to illuminate any darkness, any corruption, any fear, any (fill in the blank) that is not in my highest Divine Alignment.'"

Then they said to allow the Sun to do its job and illuminate my whole Spirit and raise my vibration. The light of the Sun has the power to push out everything that is not Truth. And, it is from this place of Power where we can be filled back up.

The guides also reminded me that Truth has nothing to do with politics, government, structures, systems, oppression or anything in this 3rd dimension reality. They also noted that the Truth has nothing to do with a virus, sickness, illness, or disease. In reference to these things they said, "None of this is Truth. So, don't even worry about these things. Don't let them distract you from what truly matters."

A Final Note

The next year or two appears to remain uncertain and unstable as the light quotient on Earth is increasing at a rapid rate. In all of the chaos and confusion, there is really only one thing that I'm certain of and it is that we are here to spread truth, light and love. We are here to make the World a better place and usher in the new. We don't need an invitation to do that. We don't need to wait for the intensity to lessen, for duality to end, for a leader to step up and take the reins, or for a worldwide cure for pain, suffering or disease.

We can anchor light and spread it right here, right now, in each moment. Don't wait until tomorrow or the next day or the next year. Rather, NOW is the time to shine.

Stay in your heart, hold a high frequency and remain Divinely neutral. It is from this place that Ascension is happening and has already happened! These aren't decisions that you choose one in a while, rather, they are choices that you make in each and every moment until they eventually become like second nature.

With Love,




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