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Why Is Everyone Talking About Torus Fields?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

There is a common misconception that newly awake individuals have, in which they believe that in order to raise their consciousness they must send all of their energy upward.

I often work with clients who are so focused on connecting their energy upwards to the heavenly realms and their Higher Self, that they become ungrounded or even disconnected from their Earthly body and realities.

In order for your energy field to function properly, it must connect in all directions, this includes downwards to the Earth as well as upwards to Spirit and higher consciousness. Both energies are needed. And, it is here where we acknowledge that we are made of both matter and Spirit.

Therefore, it's important to note that these higher realms of consciousness are not necessarily "up there". In fact, they are all around us.

The Torus Field

The torus field is a an electromagnetic field that makes up our aura or energy body. The torus teaches us that energy flows both up, down and all around. The torus flows in infinite directions and sends an equal amount of energy both upwards and downwards, simultaneously.

The center of our torus field is the heart. The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field around the body. Therefore, the heart is the focal point for all that is. The heart center has its own torus energy field flowing around it in addition to a larger torus field flowing around you whole body.

This should be no surprise to anyone who has studied the chakra system. We are taught that our bottom three chakras govern much of our physical body and Earthly experiences, while the top three chakras connect us to God, our Higher Self and our Spiritual aspects. The heart chakra acts as the bridge that connects us to both the physical and spiritual dimensions, making it possible to exist in both planes at the same time.

When your torus field is healthy and spinning in all directions without obstruction, it generates an infinite amount of energy, vitality and life force. This self-healing energy creates inner balance and well being while raising our vibration.

The torus field can also act as a form of energetic protection. It operates as a force field of spiraling energy that can shield and dispel any negative or unwanted energies. Think of it like a salad spinner that is able to spin so quickly that it can separate water from the lettuce! Except, in this example, you are the lettuce and the torus field is the energy that is able to cast aside anything that isn't in your highest alignment.

The torus field also helps to clear stuck or stagnant energy. When a client comes to me with a great deal of energetic debris and dust in their aura, I will run their torus field for them for several minutes until all of the unwanted energy has been cleared or transmuted. This also works to help distribute the energy more evenly throughout a person's field - front, back, left, right, top and bottom.

The Central Column

The torus field creates a tube or central column that goes right through the center of you and your heart. It is through this tube that you are able to send and receive Earth frequencies of protection, grounding, balance and stability. It is also through this tube that you are able to connect and communicate to your Higher Self and God.

When energy is flowing freely through this central column, it heals and activates the seven main chakras and begins to awaken the higher, transpersonal chakras. When the central channel becomes blocked, the chakras begin to malfunction and a person's energy becomes out of balance.

The central channel is responsible for helping us to ground, center, open and receive. I teach my Reiki students to work with their central column and perform all four of these actions before they conduct a healing session. This action brings them into their heart and helps them to become a clear conduit of healing frequencies. This is also a great practice to do daily, before meditation or when you're feeling uncentered or disconnected.

Visualization Exercise

You can become more aware of your torus energy field and the central column by visualizing it. First, you want to imagine drawing energy upward from the Earth and through your feet. I usually see the energy as gold or white light. Imagine this light going up your entire central channel and out through the crown of your head.

Next, like a water fountain, imagine the energy pouring out of the crown of the head and all around you. See, sense or feel the energy going all the way back down to the Earth and up again through the feet. Run this upward energy for a couple of minutes or until you feel comfortable.

Next, you'll do the same thing by opening your crown chakra and bringing the same gold or white light down your central column. Bring it all the way down through your feet and into the Earth. Then, see it cycling back up again, in all directions. Again, repeat this downward energy for a couple of minutes.

You'll aim to visualize the vortex running one direction for a few minutes and then reverse it to run the other direction for a few more minutes. If you're more advanced, you might even be able to see the vortex running in both directions at the same time!

I also recorded a free guided meditation for you titled 'Toroidal Energy Healing'. You can download it and listen for free on the meditation section of my website.

With Love,



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Feb 09

Great info thanks, I could not find that meditation


Jan 28

Nice. I wonder why you show a ball or sphere under the feets.


Jul 21, 2023

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