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Lessons From the Crystals and Stones

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Last month, as I was completing my Cowry Shell Divination training in Colorado, I participated in a radical mineral ritual. In the Dagara tradition, the purpose of a mineral ritual is an invitation to remember who you are and why you are here. A mineral ritual is designed to unlock the mysteries that we carry deep within our bones so that we can witness our genius and our greatness in this lifetime.

There are ways to work with the element of mineral that doesn't require radical, intensive rituals. For example, connecting with the mountains, taking salt baths, or sleeping with your crystals are all ways to begin to remember how to reclaim your wholeness.

The purpose of the radical ritual that I partook in was to allow the frequencies of the stones to access and awaken my unique, Divine blueprint. I believe that everyone comes into this life with a purpose; a unique blueprint or Soul plan that is embedded deep within them. Those who have access to their blueprint understand "why" they came here and "how" they're meant to journey through this life.⠀

This is important because many of us have forgotten our purpose and why we're here. Many people are aimlessly wondering without a sense of direction. What happens when we don't remember this? We begin to search outside of the Self. Looking for some so-called expert, guru or authority figure to lead us.⠀

What I've learned through my experiences is that discovering our purpose is a matter of remembering the ancient inheritance that has always been within. Understanding our purpose, our plan and our Soul's desire requires a deep commitment and dedication to personal healing and remembering. ⠀

At the beginning of my mineral ritual, I lied down between two partners. They asked me to tap into my body and feel where I needed the stones and crystals placed. They began to place both large and small rocks all over my torso, my face, and my limbs until I felt complete. Then, when I was comfortable, the rest of the group participants began tapping rocks together to create a drumming sound, while I went into a deep meditative state.

Soon after, I was guided to journey deep into my bones. When I got there, I saw my bones like a sacred chamber where the walls, ceiling and floor were all made of bone. Written on the walls of my bones was a bunch of 0's and 1's, like computer programming. I instantly realized that our bones are inscribed with a code or special language. I realized it was being confirmed to me that our Divine blueprint is inscribed here within our bones.

As I stared at the codes written within my bones and my DNA I saw that these sacred codes went on infinitely. I couldn't see an ending or a beginning. I realized that our bones are very special, and they carry intelligent information within them. Perhaps you have heard people say something like, "I know this to be true because I can feel it in my bones." This saying is much more than just an idiom, but a truth that we inherently know.

Then, while seated within the cave of my bones, I was shown many visions of past and future lives. They flashed in front of me like a movie. I saw ancient lifetimes that I lived where I was often surrounded by massive stone circles, limestone pyramids, granite chambers or sacred caves. In every lifetime, rocks, crystals, minerals, and mountains had played an important role in my Soul's history.

I could see that every stone and crystal I had ever interacted with contained words and stories embedded within them. Our ancient Ancestors installed codes into the rocks and mountains so that we could access them in future lifetimes! Our Ancestors knew that there would come a time in the history of this planet where the people would forget their genius, their purpose, and their magic! Our Ancestors knew we'd eventually be in the times we currently find ourselves upon. And so, they worked with the stones to hold their memories and wisdom within them so that we could access them later.

Next, I began to see all the stones and crystals that I have collected over this lifetime come alive. I saw visions of my Spirit Guides and Ancestors gifting me gems and jewels. They've been doing this in the Otherworld ever since I have been able to see and speak with them! In one vision many years ago, my Guides placed a crystal-jeweled crown on my head. I began to see and remember all the times that crystals and stones were a part of my work, both in this world and in the Spirit World.

I saw the crystal-filled lay lines underneath the Earth begin to open and awaken. There are energetic grids underneath of us that are spread out all over the Earth like a big web. It is the crystals and minerals underground that help to hold these lay lines in place. I could sense the lay lines awakening beneath each of us, feeding every living being on Earth energetic codes of remembering and awakening. It was brilliant to witness!

It seemed to me as if every lifetime and every sacred meeting that I have had with the Otherworld all had come together in this one moment. Many of us have worked many lifetimes to build and secure the foundation for a global, mass awakening. It was as if all these dots were beginning to connect in my mind as I now had access to lifetimes of memories. I felt my whole body begin to quake and shake at the immensity of what was happening - not just to me, but to the entire planet.

Then, I began to feel as if my muscles, skin, tissues and organs began to melt away. My identity of "me" disappeared, including my personality, beliefs, and experiences. All that was left was my skeleton. It was as if the ritual had somehow stripped me bare to the bones. All that was left lying there on the ground was my roots, my core, my truth.

Next, I watched as my skeletal structure was split in half. My Ancestors and Spirit Guides surrounded me. As I began to crack open, light began to burst out of me and shine in every direction. The light began to pulse with each tap-tap-tap of the rocks.

Bit, by bit, I pulsed open as my light became bigger and brighter. I felt like I was somehow in a chrysalis. I felt like a butterfly breaking free from her cocoon. "This must be what she feels like," I thought. As this happened for several minutes, I could feel so much intense energy beginning to flow through my body. It was like one breakthrough after another.

After a few minutes, I was called back to my body by the ritual facilitator. But before I awoke, I saw two elder Ancestors celebrating over me. They were so happy. They reminded me that I was one of the Ancient Ones who came back to finish what they couldn't. And, with that, I was back, in my body, tears streaming down my face.

What does this all mean? And why am I sharing it with you?

There was once a time throughout history when our Ancestors walked this planet completely connected to God and to their Higher Selves. They were constantly in communion with the Earth, the elements and all of nature. They had access to higher realms of consciousness and could easily walk back and forth between both worlds. They were so talented, so gifted, and so deeply connected to themselves and to one another. It is a kind of life that I have always deeply longed for.

I have found myself wondering many times throughout my life... What happened to us? How did humanity become so divided and disconnected? How did we find ourselves so far away from all that is natural, organic, and sacred?

And, while these questions are intriguing to ponder, a better question is, "How can we access and remember that inherent wisdom that is already inside of us?"

You see, this experience that I had with the mineral ritual confirms what I've always believed to be true. Everything that we need is already deep inside of us. The wisdom of our Ancestors has been passed down from generation to generation through our bones and through our DNA. It has also been embedded within the bones of the Earth which is the rocks, stones, and crystals all around us. An agreement has been made between our Higher Selves and the bones and stones of the Earth, that when the time comes, we will each awaken and remember once again the immensity of who we are.

We have become disconnected from ourselves because we have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for answers and direction, when in fact, we come into this world possessing all the knowledge and wisdom that we need. Before we can even walk, most of us are shoved in front of talking figures on the television and in schools that are designed to tell us who we are and why we're here and how we're supposed to behave. This leads to a culture where people wander without a purpose as they only look to teachers, public figures, and celebrities to show them the way.

In the Dagara village, a child is given their name before they are even born. The Shamans speak to the child's Soul while the mother is still pregnant and ask the child to tell them their purpose and why they are here. Then, the child is given a name that will always remind them of their genius and their intention for incarnating.

Sometimes, I long for a life like that. In my earlier years, I had found myself begging to know my purpose and God's plan for me. I had spent three decades wondering who I was. I often have thought life would have been so much easier for me if I had just known my purpose from the very beginning. It would have saved me a lot of pain and suffering.

But then, I also think of all the experiences and opportunities I would have missed out on. Remembering and learning about myself has been one of the most exciting and thrilling adventures I could have ever undertook in this lifetime. I have since felt that our forgetting is a blessing instead of a burden. It gives us the opportunity to choose a lifetime as a seeker - a wanderer for Truth amidst a world of lies.

There was a time in my younger years where I scoffed at people who stashed crystals in their bras or placed them on their body for healing. But, as I continue to awaken and expand, I become increasingly more aware of the immense power in nature, but particularly the rocks, crystals, and minerals.

My advice to you today is to deepen your relationship with the mineral world. The mineral Spirits are very much alive and are here to help us to awaken and remember our Divine blueprint and purpose. Spend time learning about the healing properties of crystals. Infuse your baths and drinking water with them. Sleep with them under your pillow or next to your bed. Place them all around your home and workspaces. Go out in nature and gently hold a rock up to your heart or cheek and feel it's love for you.

To get started, you may wish to check out all the articles I've written that contain information on working with crystals.

As always, I hope this message finds you well.

With Love,




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