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Understanding the Difference: Energy Sharing vs. Energy Attachment

Today I want to talk to you about two types of energetic infringements that I have seen with some of my clients in my healing work: Energy Attachment and Energy Sharing. I have found that not a lot is taught about these two phenomena. Both instances are easily misunderstood. It’s often believed that energy attachment and energy sharing are essentially the same thing. However, the truth is that they are two completely different kinds of energetic attacks.


Energy Sharing

Energy sharing happens when someone’s energy field houses another soul or astral entity within it. A more common name for energy sharing is "spirit possession". While this is a rare occurrence in humans, it does happen, probably more than I’d care to admit!


In a possession situation, a negative entity takes over a person’s consciousness. An entity is essentially any soul that resides in the lower-levels of the Spirit realms. They are often considered a ghost or demonic being. Unlike our Spirit Guides, Angels, and other Heavenly Beings, negative entities are malevolent, unkind, and insensitive, and have chosen to walk a path that is not in alignment with God.

When a negative entity shares a person's energy field they can manipulate their thoughts and emotions and override a person’s free will.  A person may appear to have what is considered split personalities or multiple identities. They can also have moments where they do or say something completely out of character. Emotional outbursts and sudden feelings of aggression or rage are also a common symptom. In a true energy sharing situation, there will be times when the human does not have any control over their own thoughts, actions, and/or emotions.


For most people who deal with energy sharing, the possession is only partial. This means that sometimes the entity takes over the physical human body and mind, and other times, the human is in charge. For those who’ve experienced this, it feels like the entity is entering in and out of a person’s consciousness. And this “popping in and out” can be frequent or not so frequent depending on both the strength and will of the human and of the other entity.


As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, energy sharing can be quite extreme and a very serious matter – but not always. The only effective solution to energy sharing is an exorcism. Resolution of an energy sharing situation is often not something that can be accomplished through novice energy healers or even Reiki masters. If you or someone you know is dealing with energy sharing then I would strongly recommend you go straight to an experienced professional who has dealt specifically with these matters.

An exorcism is not an ordinary healing technique that can be completed by your everyday energy healer. In fact, an exorcism requires a professional who cannot only extract or remove demonic presences from the body, but can challenge them. This is not a practice that should be taken lightly or attempted by somebody who has not been properly trained.


As terrifying as the terms “possession” and “exorcism” might sound, they’re typically not as merciless as most people fear. Rarely do these events look like something from a horror film. In fact, you’ve probably met several people throughout your life who were housing an entity inside of their aura and you most likely didn’t even know it. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say my best guess is that less than 2% of individuals I’ve worked with have had an energy sharing situation within them. So, it’s a rather rare occurrence, but still happens.


Energetic Cords

Before we get into the next type of energy attack, energetic attachment, I should first discuss the concept of energy cords. It’s easier if I start by explaining what energetic cords are as they pertain to human relationships:


Every time we meet or engage with someone, a small cord of energy is formed between you and the other person. If it was a short interaction, say a brief conversation with your local grocery store clerk, and you never saw that person again, then the thin, string-like cord that was created between the two of you will probably dissolve within a few moments or hours after meeting.

However, if over time, you and that grocery store clerk were to become friends and you were to establish a close or intimate bond, that etheric cord would grow. It would get thicker and stronger the more time that you spend with the other person. Regardless of whether this relationship is considered a positive one or a negative one, the cord between the two of you would continue to thicken and strengthen as time went on and it would become increasingly more difficult to remove or cut this cord down the road.


In a healthy relationship, our energetic cords between us and another person will usually be connected to our heart centers. There will be an even exchange of energy flowing back and forth between the two parties. Essentially, there will be an equal amount of giving and receiving energy and that exchange will be overall very positive. There will be loving, kind, compassionate energy flowing between the two heart centers.


But what if a relationship is unhealthy? Perhaps the relationship is built on control, or filled with unhappiness, jealousy, abuse, or negativity. Then this cord will often attach to other parts of the body, such as the mind, the spine, or other chakras. The energy is usually not flowing freely between an unhealthy relationship cord. For example, one person is often taking more of the energy from the other person, which creates an imbalance and an unhealthy flow.


An unhealthy cord or attachment is often unconsciously placed there by other humans who may wish to control or manipulate you in some way. Abusive, needy, or toxic relationships can also create cords of attachment that produce an imbalance of negative energy flow.

Energy Attachment

As an energy healer, I have often observed unhealthy energetic cords attached to a person’s energy field that was not created by a human relationship. In fact, sometimes the energy field can contain cords that have been placed there by an unwanted Spirit or negative entity.


In some cases, an astral or etheric entity will tether itself to another person’s auric field, making it hard for a human Soul to detach itself. Unlike energy sharing, this entity is not able to live inside of your aura. Let me make this clear… with energy attachment, the entity can NOT come inside of your energy field. It can only access you through a cord of attachment. It lives outside of your energy field and has very little access to your body, thoughts, and emotions.


When dealing with an attachment situation, these entities have very little power or influence over the human. The only thing they can do is essentially drain you of your vital life force and energy. Through a cord, they’re able to “feed” off your energetic strength and Divine Light to sustain themselves. It’s a lot like the unhealthy human relationship cord I was talking about earlier, where an unhealthy human in your life often steals your joy, energy, and vitality. An entity attached to your field will do the same!

Keep in mind that with an attachment situation, these entities have little to no control over your consciousness. However, they can and will play tricks on us to make us think that they have more power and control over us then they actually do. The most common situations that I have seen with these kinds of things is the negative entity will try to produce fear within us because fear is one of the quickest and easiest ways we lose our power. Fear energy also excites and energizes negative forces. So, they may play tricks and haunts throughout a person's home or attempt to affect someone's visions or dreams (i.e., nightmares) in order to create and feed off of fear responses.


Someone with an energy attachment will often report feeling drained or depleted. They could feel sad or depressed. They usually feel ungrounded and sometimes even show signs of physical weakness or frequent illness. A sensitive or empathic person may even feel like negative thoughts or emotions enter their energy field. But, because the human still has complete control over their consciousness, they can learn to recognize and discern that these thoughts and feelings they are experiencing “are not there’s.”


A good energy healer will be able to check the etheric body for any infringements, cords, or unhealthy attachments in the aura. Furthermore, a healer can help to remove and clear the energy body from these kinds of things as well as cut etheric cords for you. Most people are also able to clear and rid themselves of these things with some effort, dedication, and commitment to good energetic hygiene practices.


Personally, I started checking for energetic attachments and cords several years ago in my practice. I always ask whether a client has any energy attachments with every healing session that I perform. Out of all the clients I’ve worked with, I’d estimate about 1 in 5 clients has experienced some form of energy attachment at least once in their life. It is much more common than energy sharing.

What Is A Negative Entity?

Demonic or darker entities are parasitic in nature. They reside in a sub-natural or darker plane of existence. They do not have the ability to generate energy or life force on their own, so they must take it from things in the natural world (i.e., humans). These entities operate by feeding from another person’s light or energy because it is their only way of survival. Therefore, they must parasitically attach to people and things in the earthly plane and draw energy from them.


Although some of these entities appear evolved, the opposite is true. In fact, most of them have very little consciousness or intelligence. They often behave like a programmed robot and have very little free will.

When dealing with them, please understand that they are essentially like a predatory animal in nature. Humans are much smarter, stronger, and more evolved than these beings. So, it’s always important to not give your power over to these entities by fearing them, as the fear is only an illusion used to deceive you in to thinking you don’t have any authority over them. Which, of course, you do have ultimate authority over all entities in the sub-natural realms.


Why Do These Things Happen?

According to one of my teachers, Anna Sayce, “An energy sharing situation never constitutes a violation of the soul’s free will. Energy sharing can only occur with the soul’s agreement (usually unconscious). Souls may subconsciously agree to share their energy body with an astral entity when they think there is something to gain from it. Thus, the energy sharing situation will have served a purpose at some point for their soul.” I think this can also be said as true for energy attachment situations.


I have also concluded that those with weak energy fields are more likely to be infringed upon. I’ve discussed here how people’s aura’s can get all kinds of cuts, rips, tears, and openings, especially when they’re not cleansing their field and protecting it consistently. People who are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy and balanced, will be less likely to be attacked. A healthy energy field, when vibrating high, will naturally repel against lower-level entities and attachments and will self-heal itself with consistent practice.


Having strong energetic boundaries and good energy hygiene is essential for everyone to learn. If you’re new to this concept, I think a good place to start is my Healer of the Home online course. Here you’ll learn many amazing techniques and tools to clear, ground, and protect your energy.

There are literally hundreds of daily practices that can be utilized to strengthen and heal your aura so that energetic attacks don’t happen. You do not need to be a trained healer to protect and heal yourself. Everyone has these abilities already within them.

Additionally, a person can pick up an astral entity from visiting or living in a low vibe location. For example, a couple years ago I went on a business trip with my husband to Las Vegas. It doesn't take a genius to conclude that this Sin City is swarming with low-level frequencies. When I came home from my trip, I felt spiritually depleted, like all my power and energy had been taken from me. I even started feeling sad, emotional, and anxious. I instinctively knew that I had attracted some of that lower-level energy from Las Vegas and carried it home with me. Keep in mind that it wasn’t a result of anything I had done while in Vegas, because I had kept a very high vibration the whole time I was there. But, because I had surrounded myself in that location for a couple of days my energy field picked up some energies that weren’t in my highest good. I had to do a lot of cleansing practices for a couple of days until I felt clear and balanced again.

I have also worked with clients who picked up astral entities and attachments by engaging in spiritual practices that they were not spiritually ready or evolved enough for. The Spirit World is something that we cannot take lightly, especially if we are going to engage in any kind of spiritual practice or ritual. We have to approach Spirit with the understanding that their realms are just as real as our Earthly realm. If we're not careful, we can open ourselves up to Spirits that do not have our highest, Divine, and best interest at heart.

I’ve spoken with clients and friends who opened up certain portals when they were younger by playing with the Ouija board or Tarot cards. As a child, they experienced energy attachment through these practices because they were doing something that they shouldn’t have been doing because they didn’t have the knowledge and protection to engage with the Spirit World.

I’ve also worked with clients who have tried to bypass the process of their own spiritual evolution and opened themselves up to the supernatural before they were ready. There is a process of initiation and evolution that every Soul must go through. But, some humans try to take shortcuts or rush into certain spiritual initiations that they're not equipped to handle. I've seen many instances where a client partook in an Ayuascha ceremony, for example, that split their energy field open, fragmented parts of their Soul, and opened them up to realms that caused them more damage than good.

What Can I Do To Prevent Energetic Infringements and Attacks?

Besides raising your vibration and healing your own energy field, there are a few other ways to prevent and/or heal from energetic infringements and attacks. Here’s just a few:

  • Conscious and active participation in your healing is a must! Those who do not want to take any responsibility or accountability for their own healing, are going to struggle with ongoing attacks. Going to a healer every couple of months isn’t going to cut it either. Ultimately, the lesson for everyone is to learn how to become your own healer and to become empowered and sovereign enough to command complete control over your entire energy body.

  • Permission must be granted to carry out the removal of entities and/or cords of attachments. For any kind of spiritual healing to work, the human must give clear and deliberate consent that they are ready to release all negative attachments.

  • Both attachment and energy sharing can be resolved on their own, when you’re ready. I’m always in awe of how so many people seem to show up in my office at just the right time in their life. They always seem to find me and my work when they’re truly ready for soul growth or a new chapter. They’ve reached a place where they no longer want to be stuck in their life. They’re ready to move forward and release anything (and anyone!) that is holding them back. But, they usually have had to endure a certain level of struggle and lessons learned before they begin this deep healing work. And, all this is to say, that’s on purpose! Sometimes these things have a way of resolving themselves once a person decides to truly commit to their own inner healing journey. But, no teacher or healer can make that decision for you until you are truly ready!

  • I already mentioned this, but it’s worth repeating: You must keep your energy field as clear, balanced, and healthy as possible. Working with a trusted Energy Healer or Reiki practitioner on a regular basis can help to do this. You can also build a “toolbox” of helpful self-healing tools and techniques to raise your vibration and protect your aura. Good energy hygiene practices are something I will never stop talking about, because they’re that important!

I have debated sharing or writing about this topic for a while. It's a part of my work that is unpleasant and often difficult to talk about. But, my hope is to shed some light on this topic and empower people who may have similar experiences.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” - 2 Timothy 1:7

With Love,




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