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What Is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is a concept that is often used in new age spirituality communities. It is a term that is spoken about quite frequently these days and I'm sure you've heard it numerous times. Here's the thing though... I've come to learn that most people don't fully understand or grasp what this concept actually means.

I've spent the last several weeks deeply thinking about this topic. And what was supposed to be a few paragraphs ended up turning into a massive journal entry. I'm passionate about this concept and I think that a deep dive into it is not only important, but can be a helpful tool in our spiritual evolution.

The Higher Self Defined

It is often assumed that the Higher Self is something that is outside of a person. I hear people talk about it as if it is like another Spirit, that lives externally from the body. And, while many believe we are connected to our Higher Self, I've heard far too many teachers teach about it as if it's something that's not actually a part of you.

This belief is dangerous because it assumes that the Higher Self is something that can't be accessed in this lifetime. I don't believe that this to be the truth. Because, for me, I experience the Higher Self as not something separate or outside of us, but rather something that is us.

The Higher Self is a part of our Soul. It is that part of us that never dies; that part of us that is eternal.

The Higher Self is our most Godly self, our most holy self, and our most sacred self.

Our Most Ancient, Eternal Identity

When we refer to the Higher Self, I believe what we're referring to is that spark of light that was there from the very first moment of our creation. I can get lost in daydreams trying to imagine what the first day of my creation was like. For many reading this, it was millions, or even billions of years ago.

When we claim that we are old souls, we're not just saying that we've existed as long as human history can date back. We must imagine that we may have existed even longer before that. For many of us, we've existed on different planets, in other solar systems, and throughout multiple epochs. We've also, perhaps existed as more than a human body. It's enticing to think about life as a tree, an animal, or even a rock.

You see, when we're talking about our Higher Self, we're talking about the most ancient part of ourselves. And what's more is that the Higher Self contains every lesson that we have ever learned throughout our existence. It contains every memory, every drop of wisdom, guidance and Divine knowledge. It contains all of that... and more!

The Veil of Forgetfulness

When we are born into this body and incarnate into this lifetime there is a veil of forgetfulness that is placed over us. When this happens, we don't lose that piece of our soul that is often called the Higher Self. It just simply gets concealed for a short amount of time.

This happens so that we can come into this world and learn the lessons that we need to learn. Most of us have signed up for this lifetime because we want to undergo certain adventures or fulfill Soul missions. We want to discover the lessons that this world has to offer such as the practices of non-judgement, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

Our Soul wants to grow, evolve, and reach a higher state of consciousness.

So, we choose this very dense reality to come and play in. Earth is, essentially, a school that our Higher Self comes into to learn many, many lessons. To come to this Earth school, one of the things we must agree to is to temporarily forget our Higher Self. Otherwise, the growth we desire here would be stunted.

I do believe that when our body dies, we fully remember and realize our Higher Self again. It's as if we remember the most ancient parts of our Higher Soul aspects. Essentially, death reunites us with our wholeness once again.

Anchoring the Higher Self

The Higher Self is not separate from us. I believe, that despite the veil of forgetfulness, this part of us is still inside of us. I find traces of it inside the heart space, throughout the energy field, when connecting to God, in moments of prayer, and in our deepest dreams and longings.

I know this because I've experienced it too many times to count with my clients. This is one of the things that Spirit has often guided me to perform in my private healing sessions. Many times, I've been asked to help ground some of those Higher Soul pieces deeper into a person's body and to help them to no longer deny their existence.

When I perform this kind of energy work, Spirit isn't asking me to go out into the Universe or travel far distances to connect the client to a place that exists outside of them. No, not at all. What they ask me to do is to simply bring those memories, higher knowledge, and wisdom down and into the body. They ask me to anchor these higher frequencies into the body.

How I see it is that the Higher Self isn't meant to exist outside of us, but rather to remain deeply rooted in the here and now.

The way I understand this healing technique is that it assists my clients to have an easier time remembering who they are at the core of their being. It is about helping the clients to reunite with who they are on their deepest and most sacred layers - that is their spiritual layers. It's giving them the boost they need to acknowledge and embrace their Higher Self.

From this perspective, we can realize that we can always tap into that sacred part of ourselves. We can better discover who we are beyond our personality, beliefs, and persona that we've claimed in this lifetime. And we can begin to embody higher frequencies.

The Wisdom of the Origin

In many ways the Higher Self has a lot to do with what the Dagara call Beru. Beru is a piece on my Cowry Shell Divination cloth. Beru represents our most ancient wisdom. Malidoma, my teacher, refers to Beru as the "wisdom of the origin." What this means is that every person contains the ancient wisdom of their Ancestors.

If you could trace your lineage all the way back to the very first Ancestor, the most ancient one, and then imagine every single Ancestor who derived from that lineage, you would find that you have, quite literally, millions of Ancestors.

What Beru insinuates is that every piece of wisdom or knowledge that was inherited by those Ancestors has all been passed on to you. Malidoma would say that somewhere inside each of us lies our most ancient wisdom.

I think it's also important to note that we're not just talking about the wisdom of the Ancestors from our current family lineage. What we're talking about here is our Soul's lineage and all the information that has been obtained and/or passed on to us from this lifetime and others.

From this belief we can also discover that we each have at least one Ancestor that can be traced to the beginning of time, or the beginning of creation. The Dagara believe that we have Beru inside of us. We have the most ancient wisdom inside of us. That is, the wisdom from the very beginning of our creation.

I find it difficult to truly sit with this knowing and try to process the beginning of my creation. What was it? What did it look like? When was that? The more I ponder these questions, the closer I feel like I get to better understanding my most ancient self.

The Spark of Creation

What I know about my origin is that it started with a spark - a spark of God. That spark of Divine Light created my Soul. And, that Light was simply an energetic force that brought life to me. And, eventually, landed here, inside of this beautiful body.

This spark is the force behind our thoughts, behind each breath, behind each heartbeat. I know that there is something greater to my existence than just this one simple lifetime. That there is more to me than just my physical body that I'm occupying right now.

That spark of creation is so ancient. Everybody feels this, I think, on some level. Most people have some sense of a part of themselves that is so ancient they can't describe it or even fathom it.

What we are referring to when we talk about our Higher Self is our most ancient self. We are talking about the wisdom of the origin, the most sacred, holy, and Godly part of ourselves.

We are a piece of God. That is how I see each and every one of us. If you have a soul than you were created by God. It's as if God broke a little piece of himself off, a little spark of himself, and sent it out into the Universe to go and experience an incredible existence. And then, God did this over and over and over again, creating countless Souls. Many of those little sparks floated off into the Universe and found their way, eventually, right here, in this moment, in these bodies.

Connect to Your Higher Self

It can be helpful to connect to your Higher Self, to ponder your existence in a deep and meaningful way. I write this post today to encourage you to think about yourself in a way that you maybe haven't thought about before.

In my line of work, I sense that there is a great deal of people in this world questioning why they are really here. They want to know what their true purpose is and why they came into this world. They wonder, "Why am I always struggling in life? Why is life so difficult? So painful? So challenging?"

A common theme in my treatment room is an overall feeling of people feeling lost, broken, and lonely. Clients often feel like something is missing, and they can't explain it. Something is absent from their life, and they don't know why.

And it's not that they're missing anything. Nothing is outside of them that they don't already need or have. It's just that they have forgotten. They've forgotten that there's something bigger to their existence than what they can remember, then what they've been taught.

There is something so much more to us than just this simple, little life.

For a lot of us, we just know that. Either we feel it, or we intuitively know that there's so much more to our story than what we've been shown. And, when we can't remember or access that bigger picture it can make us feel so disconnected and lost.

A Worldview

One of the things I've been witnessing the past few years is the rise of people who are starting to connect in a deeper way to their Higher Self. These people are starting to realize that they can connect in this lifetime!

It's unlikely that you will remember everything. But you can remember a lot. You can access a great deal of that ancient knowledge. It is up to each individual person to decide how much of their life they want to dedicate and commit themselves to evolving and raising their consciousness.

That is what it means to me to raise your consciousness - to connect to that higher frequency that is your Higher Self. To raise your consciousness is to become more whole, embodied, in touch, and connected to that part of you that is eternal. That is what it means to be an enlightened being.

We know that it is possible to walk on this Earth as an enlightened being, as somebody who does have access to their unlimited potential. Because, Jesus, for example, was somebody who was able to do that. And he wasn't the only one, of course, there were others. In fact, there are others walking on this planet today that are undoubtedly connected to their Higher Self and the Divine wisdom within.

A Splitting of Worlds

But here's the problem in our world right now. Is that you have two kinds of people. I feel that many mystics and new age leaders are touching on this in multiple ways. But essentially, I believe most of us agree that there is currently a splitting of the worlds or, maybe said more precisely is a splitting of consciousness.

I've been thinking about this split for a while now, and here's what I think. You have people who are in touch with their Higher Self and those who are connecting to it in a deeper way. These are the ones who are following their Higher Self's will rather than their earthly will or ego's will. These same people are calling on God and remembering that Divine aspect within. For these kinds of people, they are allowing their Higher Self to lead their lives.

When you make that choice, to let your Higher Self rule your life rather than a lower aspect of you, you start to embody Truth. Truth with a capital "T" - Divine Truth, Godly Truth, holy Truth, the almighty Truth. You start to live your life in a way that is fully aligned with your Higher Self.

On the other hand, you have the people who still refuse to acknowledge the Higher Self exists. They refuse to acknowledge that God exists. Rather than having your Higher Self lead your life, you're choosing to let your lower self lead your life. And that's where we start getting trapped in this 3D cycle of materialism, greed, power, suffering, pain, and control.

When we live life from that lower, egoic place where our lower aspects are ruling our life then we're not connected to our most Godly self. You can easily look at people and quickly see who's operating from their Higher Self and who's operating from something else. I'm sure you can see it and you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Look at many of our world leaders, for example. You can see that most of them are operating from a lower frequency. Because if anyone is promoting division, judgement, or hatred, for example, then they are not operating from their Higher Self. Simply look at all the ways our politicians utilize bullying, shaming, and manipulative tactics to promote their agendas. That's all "lower level stuff". And it seems increasingly more obvious as the days go on that those in power aren't operating from their Higher Self.

So much of the structures in our world are still operating at a lower frequency. While, at the same time, individuals are beginning to shift more into their higher aspects and operate from that higher place. The more each individual chooses to operate from that higher frequency, the more we're going to see the prophesied "splitting of worlds."

The Choice Is on The Table

In the end, this is the choice we each must make. We each must make this choice individually. We can't make that choice for anyone else but ourselves, nor can we force this choice upon others.

Are you going to continue to serve your ego or are you going to serve God and your most Godly self?

The challenge is to wake up every morning and choose to operate from our Higher Self. The more we do this, the more we start to influence the people around us. You see, we show others what is possible. That is why we are called the Way Showers. Because we show the world what it is like to operate in this life from a higher frequency.

We show others what it is like to access our divinity and walk fully embodied as a Divine human on this planet.

We show the way by simply being. By waking up each and every morning and choosing the higher path, the higher frequency. We choose it moment by moment, day by day. And the world around us starts to follow, because they realize that their way of life isn't working for them anymore.


I write about the Higher Self today because I think that it's an interesting piece of our existence. It's an appealing aspect for us to ponder.

We can meditate and send our prayers to those deeper, more ancient parts of ourselves. We can practice connecting to our Higher Self. The first step, however, is to become aware that there is a grand, Divine Light/Spark/Soul that is ours. It has always been ours.

Our Higher Self is not outside of us, but right here, right now.

Many people are arriving at a point in their life where they are beginning to tap into this higher potential. We're finding how to lift the veil, if even just a little, so that we can better understand our existence.

With Love,




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