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Powerful Sound Healing Techniques for Your Chakras

There are certain sound frequencies, tones, rhythms, and musical notes that you can listen to balance and heal your chakras. Sound therapy works because the body absorbs the frequencies emitted by sound, and these frequencies help to unblock or release energy from any chakras or energetic channels that need assistance.

The vibrations from sound, music, and chanting help to open, clear, and balance your chakras. Therefore, sound healing is very a very effective tool when doing chakra work.

Let's first look at some different types of sound that you can use for energetic healing.

Sound Healing Practices

First on the list is healing vibrations. Sound baths are growing in popularity by the day. And that's because, if you've ever experienced one, you know how amazing it leaves you feeling afterwards. During these meditative experiences, you literally allow yourself to bathe in the sound waves that are produced by singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, gongs, and other healing instruments.

If you can't attend a sound bath in person, there's plenty of videos on the internet that you can listen to.

Another effective sound healing practice is the use of Solfeggio frequencies. These are specific tones and sounds that are known to help attune you to the same frequencies as the Earth.

There are six main Solfeggio frequencies that all have various healing benefits for your body, mind, and soul. When it comes to energy healing, many of these tones can assist. For example, 396 hertz helps to remove subconscious fears, worries, anxieties and feelings of guilt from your energy body and subtle layers. So, you can listen to Solfeggio frequencies at night, while you're taking a bath, throughout your workday, or anytime you need to shift your energy.

Next on my list is nature sounds. In my free Chakra Healing chart, you will notice that for each chakra there are suggested musical notes and sounds that can help to clear, balance, and heal each chakra. For example, listening to the sound of rain or waterfalls can help awaken the watery womb area that is associated with your sacral chakra. Similarly, listening to air instruments or wind chimes can balance the heart chakra which governs your breath, your air, and your lungs.

Whether you're listening to nature sounds to help heal your chakras, or you're just listening to nature because it grounds and calms you, nature can be a powerful tool for soothing your energetic field.

Chanting mantras or practicing vocal toning can also help to stimulate and balance each of the chakras. As you will soon learn in this blog entry, each chakra is associated with a unique mantra that can be used to stimulate and awaken certain parts of a person's body or energy field.

Finally, I love the use of drumming or rattling. The drum and the rattle are two powerful Spirits that I use in healing sessions with my clients. I shake my rattle up and down a person's auric field to help bring intrusive energies up to the surface so that I can sense them easier and remove them.

The drum works the same way for me. It loosens energy that is heavily lodged in a person's field. The rhythm and vibration from these shamanic tools work well in helping to cleanse the energy body and the chakras. A steady, rhythmic beat can also calm a person's chattery, mental mind and can be quite grounding for many people.

Now that you have a general idea of how certain sound healing practices can assist with energy healing, let's look at each individual chakra and the sounds that can help to heal, balance, and clear them.

The Root Chakra

First, listening to thunder is great for root chakra work. The sound of thunder has a very grounding energy because it comes from lightning. Think of the way lightning works. It is a very forceful and powerful blast of energy moving downward from the sky. And so, when you listen to thunder you're connecting to this powerful sound that can help to ground your energy downward and connect you to your root chakra.

Also, listening to any kind of deep or low sounds, like very low musical notes like a bass clef C can help to enliven the root chakra. When listening to these deep sounds, such as a bass, a flute, or a drum, you want you to feel the depth and richness of these tones, and, if possible, try to sense their vibration connecting to you directly through your root chakra.

You can tone or chant the mantra LAM. This mantra can help open your root chakra. When chanting LAM, you want to send that vibration all the way down to the base of your spine. And as you hum that "mmm" part at the end of LAM, you will feel it vibrating down at the very base of your bottom. So, that's going to awaken and stimulate that part of your body.

The root chakra also responds well to 432 Hertz. This frequency has been shown to help lower anxiety and stress. Listening to this frequency can also help you to feel more centered and balanced. Whenever I'm feeling ungrounded, stressed, or overwhelmed, I will try to find music or healing sounds that support my root chakra. And a lot of times I'll just search for these sounds on YouTube, a mindfulness app, or a meditation app.

I also like to use the Insight Timer. It's a free meditation app. There's a lot of good sound healing frequencies on there. You can just search either "Root Chakra Healing" or "Grounding Healing" or "Solfeggio frequencies for the root chakra" and you'll come across these sounds that people have created that you can either sleep with, meditate with, or just play in the background while you work. They are going to help bring healing to the root chakra.

The Sacral Chakra

When it comes to using sound therapy for balancing your sacral chakra, you can listen to the Solfeggio frequency at 417 Hertz. 417 Hertz is said to help with creative visualization. And this frequency can also help to increase your sexual energy and your pleasure.

The sacral chakra is also associated with the musical note D. And you can use the mantra VAM. You can chant this or meditate with it to help clear, cleanse, and bring energy to the sacral chakra.

Also, you can listen to water sounds, such as rain falling, ocean waves, or waterfalls. Any kind of watery, spa-like music is useful in assisting the sacral chakra. These sounds help you to connect to the element of water which is deeply connected to your sacral chakra.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Now let's look at a few healing frequencies and sounds that can help to activate or stimulate your solar plexus chakra. The first way you can activate this chakra with sound is by chanting RAM. RAM is the mantra that you can chant to help awaken and stimulate the solar plexus chakra. This also stimulates your personal power. Chanting RAM can help you to feel strong and protected, both physically and mentally. Also, slowly repeating RAM over and over again will create a strong vibration in the center of your solar plexus.

The Solfeggio frequency of the third chakra is 528 Hertz. You can listen to healing frequencies that are specifically designed to awaken your third chakra. Again, I like to use the insight meditation app or just search for sounds on YouTube that promote solar plexus activation.

Personally, I like to play these sounds while I'm getting ready for a busy day or when I know I'm going to be around a lot of people, and I just want an extra boost of confidence and self-esteem. They are also great to listen to when you want a little extra energetic protection.

Next, you want to listen to fire sounds because the element associated with the solar plexus is fire. Listening to the natural sound of fire can help to balance your solar plexus chakra. Listening to things like wood burning or a campfire crackling can stimulate this area of your body. Anytime we connect with the element of fire, we're connecting to our personal "fire power" that resides within all of us. This can make us feel very confident, strong, and protected.

You can also listen to songs that make you feel confident, courageous, powerful, and strong. What are your go-to pump-up songs that make you feel bold and like you can do anything? One way to stimulate your solar plexus by using sound is to create a playlist of your favorite upbeat and inspiring songs. And then you can listen to this playlist when you're feeling a sense of lack.

The Heart Chakra

639 Hertz is the frequency that activates healing and love. This frequency is very profound, and it's associated with vulnerability and intimacy. The 639 Hertz frequency creates the foundation for interpersonal connections and healthy relationships. So, there's no wonder that this is the frequency we can listen to heal the heart chakra.

The musical note for the heart is F, so listening to singing bowls or tuning forks that are tuned to this frequency will give you a strong sense of worthiness and unconditional love.

The mantra to chant or meditate with is YAM. Chanting this mantra heals both the physical and the spiritual heart center. It also makes a person more open to experiencing unconditional love and compassion.

Lastly, because the heart is associated with air or wind, you can listen to air sounds such as blowing fans or even wind chimes. Flute music and other wind instruments can also be beneficial in opening the heart.

The Throat Chakra

The Solfeggio frequency of 741 Hertz stimulates the throat chakra as well as the musical note G. The sound of flutes, small bells, and chimes can also stimulate the throat chakra.

Also, chirping sounds, such as listening to birds or crickets chirping can balance the throat. As we move up through the chakras, we start to notice that the sounds and pitches become more higher the higher up we go. And so, these higher pitched singing bowls and different sounds are going to be the most supportive for the upper three chakras.

And of course, you want to use your voice in any healing way. This is going to be helpful in balancing the throat chakra. Participation in any kind of singing, chanting or toning is going to stimulate your voice. In addition, repeating the mantra HAM will help connect you to this energy center.

Have you ever tried vocal toning? Another technique is to practice toning with higher-pitched Oh's, Ah's, Oooh's, and Eeeh's. Singing these vowel sounds opens the throat chakra. If you're new to toning, you basically sing these different sounds when no one's around. You can do it in the shower or in the bath or when you're alone in your car. And you just practice singing these sounds in different pitches and tones to help awaken your throat.

Lastly, you can explore different whistles and blowing tones that sound like wind. These kinds of exercises and techniques are very therapeutic for the throat.

The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is related to the Solfeggio frequency of 852 Hertz. When music is played at this frequency we can begin to awaken our intuition and begin to see things more clearly. It is also said that 852 Hertz can help with meditation and can help you to relax.

The third eye is enhanced by playing the musical note A on a singing bowl. Ringing bells or high-pitched wind chimes can also stimulate the third eye. The third eye loves the sound of bells, chimes, and synthesizers. The neurons in the brain react to these subtle sounds and get really active. This may be why sometimes when you hear a high-pitched bell or chime, it's like your whole body comes alive and you'll get goosebumps or the chills. It is because these higher pitch sounds are incredibly energizing and invigorating.

In addition, you don't hear these higher pitch sounds as much as you feel them because they must vibrate at a high and fast frequency to create those higher pitches. When these pitches are played, your body feels the frequencies more than it hears them. This explains why you get that tingly response or sensation.

Finally, you can practice chanting the mantra SHAM, which literally is translated to "I see."

The Crown Chakra

You want to connect to the musical note B or frequencies matching 963 Hertz to stimulate the crown chakra. Listening to these sounds will bring you feelings of inner peace and bliss.

The mantra OM is translated as "Source" or "Supreme." Here, in the West, it's translated as "God" or "Creator." It is said to be the first sound heard at the creation of the universe. Chanting OM energizes all your chakras from your crown all the way down to your root.

Interestingly, the best sound for this chakra is sometimes no sound at all. Our crown chakra often demands silence and a willingness to stop, pause, and listen. Many times, we need to turn off the noise and distractions in our life and just simply be at peace with ourself and our own thoughts. Therefore, silence is often the best medicine for the crown chakra.

Additional Resources

If you want to learn more about the chakra system, I'd recommend my online course, Energy & You: The Complete Guide to Your Energy Body and Chakra System. In this unique workshop, you will learn all about your chakras, your Aura, and your energy channels, as well as ways to heal and balance these areas in your life.​

Here are a few additional resources on this topic:

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