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The Godspark: The Silver Cord of Life

The Godspark is a term used to describe the sacred and unbreakable connection that all humans have to God.


For those with clairvoyance (spiritual vision) the Godspark will often appear like an etheric or energetic cord that is attached at the heart chakra. People who can sense the Godspark will often describe it as a bright silver or golden cord. If you were to trace it to its origin, you would find that it connects all people to the heart of God.


This cord’s primary role is to unite us to God. Through this bond we receive vital life force energy and are nourished with Divine love and light. The cord also helps humans to establish a spiritual connection to the unseen parts of our existence.


Vital Life Force Energy

Without an energetic life force, a body cannot exist. Without an energetic life force, our heart cannot remain beating and our lungs cannot remain breathing even when we're asleep or unconscious. Therefore, we are alive only because we have Divine energy coursing throughout our physical and spiritual bodies. And that sacred energy comes directly through the Godspark.


Life force is also the power behind our thoughts and emotions. It is the power behind every movement and action.


Everyone has life force, but to varying degrees. Those with a strong connection to God, will typically be filled with vitality and have the capacity to hold higher frequencies. Those with a weak connection to God, will have a weaker or denser vibration. A person’s personal vibration and their connection to God is directly related – if one is weak, then the other is as well.


When healers practice energy healing such as Reiki, for example, we’re taught to draw more life force energy into the body. More specifically, I teach my students to draw it into their heart. And then, because the hands are merely an extension of the heart chakra, I teach them to pour that life force energy out through their hands and into the receiver. Those who are successfully able to build the life force energy in their own hearts and bodies, make excellent healers because of their ability to tap into this sacred, healing energy.


At its most basic level, this is how energy healing works. The healer learns to restore, repair, and increase the amount of vital life force energy within one’s body. And, the more energy that is created, the higher the chances are for profound healing!


It is believed that we receive vital life force energy through our Godspark cord every night while we sleep. Therefore, sleep is not only important to restore the physical human body but is essential in renewing our spiritual and astral bodies. Through the Godspark we receive energies of self-healing and renewal.


When you’re feeling disconnected from God or even ungrounded, sad, or anxious, you can visualize this healing energy being sent to you through your Godspark. Close your eyes and sense God pouring himself into your heart.


The Silver Cord

The Old Testament acknowledges the existence of the silver cord. Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 states:


Remember him—before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, or the wheel broken at the well, and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.


Essentially, what this verse is saying is that once the silver cord is severed, the Spirit leaves the human body and returns to God.


In Eastern philosophy the Godspark or silver cord is referred to as Sutratma. This is a Sanskrit word that means sūtra (thread) and ātman (Higher Self). Sutratma can loosely be translated as the life thread, the thread soul, or the thread of spirit.


Eastern mystics have described this life-giving thread that connects the physical body to all its other layers: the etheric/energy body, the astral body, the mental body, past lives, etc. They’ve also described it as a sort of holy umbilical cord, that nourishes us and sustains us. Like a fetus’ umblical cord connects it to its creator, the mother, our own Godspark connects us to our creator, God.


In his book The Devachanic Plane, theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater wrote:

All these causal bodies are filled with living fire drawn from a higher plane, with which the globe appears to be connected by a quivering thread of intense light, vividly recalling to the mind the words of the stanzas of Dzyan, " the Spark hangs from the Flame by the finest thread of Fohat"; and as the soul grows and is able to receive more and more from the inexhaustible ocean of the Divine Spirit which pours down through the thread as a channel, the latter expands and gives wider passage to the flood, till on the next sub-plane it might be imaged as a water-spout connecting earth and sky, and higher still as itself a great globe through which rushes the living spring, until the causal body seems to melt into the in-pouring light.


The Godspark and Death

Many mystics believe that this cord is not only connected to our physical body but is also connected to our astral bodies and Higher Self. It is believed that once the Godspark is broken, the human body will die. Upon death, the Godspark that was once attached to the physical body will be completely severed and released from the physical realms. But it does not disappear completely. In fact, it will stay attached on the Soul level even when it has no physical body to attach to.


When someone nears their death, a person’s soul will slowly begin to detach from the physical body. When this happens the Godspark will also slowly begin to disappear from the body. Once the Godspark has completely detached from the human body, there is no going back. It cannot be repaired or reversed.


Some people have often wondered if they can severe the silver cord for themselves or a loved one to help end their suffering or speed up the dying process. Even dark magicians have wondered about destroying the cord of their enemies. This is a much-debated topic, but my intuition tells me that God always has the final say when it comes to life and death situations. As much as humans like to pretend they can play the role of God, they simply cannot and never will. The Godspark will be severed from the body by God, and God alone. Only he has the power to do that.


(Note: I would not advise anyone to even attempt to severe someone’s Godspark, even with permission granted.)


We now know that the Godspark can only be completely severed in death. But, can it be damaged or diminished? The answer is yes!


All humans are connected, if even a little bit, to God. However, those who choose to walk a life path in alignment with God will have a much stronger and vibrant Godspark. Similarly, those who make choices to turn away from or deny God, will have a weaker cord.

This silver cord can become weakened, damaged, or reduced, via the day-to-day choices humans make that are not in alignment with God. Similarly, the more you turn to God and walk in Divine alignment with him, the stronger and healthier your connection will be. This connection can only be weakened or strengthen by your current decisions and choices in this lifetime. When it comes to the Godspark, it does not matter who you were or what you did in previous lifetimes, as each lifetime is a fresh start to choose a different path.


People who can astral travel or spiritually project their consciousness outside of their bodies, have often reported being able to see or sense the Godspark, especially when having out-of-body experiences. They report seeing a silver or gold cord linking their astral body to their physical body. People who do these types of projections are taught to follow their cord back into their physical body if they ever get “lost” because it will lead them back.


The Secondary Godspark

Every human being has a Godspark attached to their Heart chakra. This is their primary Godspark.


Some humans, but not all, will be granted a secondary Godspark. A secondary Godspark is essentially a secondary line or connection to God. It is usually given to people who come into the world with a blueprint or life purpose that is intended to positively effect massive amounts of people – think hundreds, thousands, or even millions! It acts similarly to the primary Godspark in that it allows additional vital life force energy to flow to certain humans.


Secondary Godsparks are rare and unusual in the human world. And, a third Godspark, is even more rare (but still happens!) They are sometimes given to the human at birth and are permanently attached throughout the human’s lifetime. For others, they are given at a particular significant moment or milestone in their life. Once created, the secondary cord will typically remain with the human until death.


A secondary Godspark can connect to any of the seven main energy centers or chakras. They will boost the associated characteristics or qualities of the chakra they are attached to. If a second Godspark is identified, it can teach us a lot about a person’s blueprint or purpose for incarnation.


The easiest way for me to identify a person’s secondary Godspark and the characteristics attached to it is via the Akashic Records. During my Full Akashic Record Readings, I always ask if there’s a secondary Godspark, where it is located, and how long it has been there. If one is identified, I will also be able to find the purpose or reasoning behind the Godspark. Sometimes, I have identified a secondary Godspark in energy healings, but it’s rare. Personally, I have found it easier to identify when I’m accessing the clients Akashic Records!


The secondary Godspark usually only heightens one or two areas of its correlating chakra. However, each person is different. Here are some possible meanings of each secondary Godspark and the chakra that it is connected to:


  • Root Chakra: When a secondary Godspark is located at the first chakra, a person will need additional support with grounding. A root chakra Godspark can help Souls adjust to density and lower vibrations associated with Earth. It can also be granted to Soul’s who are going through extreme medical conditions, trauma, or severe abuse as these people tend to disassociate from their body, and the extra energy at the root chakra can help them to stay in their bodies.

  • Sacral Chakra: Those with a spark located here will receive a possible boost in areas associated with sexuality or fertility.  It can sometimes provide extra healing and support to the reproductive organs. A Godspark located at the sacral chakra may also increase a person’s creative skills. People who have a strong knack for art, design, crafts, or decorating will often have a secondary Godspark located here.

  • Solar Plexus: If you need extra confidence, assertiveness, or personal power, then you may be given a Godspark at the Solar Plexus. People who need a lot of energy put towards achievements, advancements, goal setting, effectiveness, and efficiency may also have a Godspark located here. Your go-getters and movers-and-shakers of the Earth may have an extra boost of energy at the Solar Plexus chakra that helps them to over-achieve and accomplish a lot very quickly.

  • Heart Chakra: It is possible to have a primary Godspark and a secondary Godspark located both at the heart center. Those with a second Godspark at the heart will have the gift of compassion, empathy, unconditional love, and acceptance. These people are often very heart-oriented and/or have strong healing abilities. It can also show up here when the recipient needs a healthy relationship with money and matters of physical abundance.

  • Throat Chakra: An enhancement of communication and/or teaching gifts will be a central theme for those with a Godspark located at the throat. These people’s life purpose will most likely be centered around things like speaking, writing, or teaching others. Characteristics of authenticity and self-expression may also be enhanced with a silver cord in the throat.

  • Third Eye: When someone has a secondary cord attached at the third eye center they will likely have increased intuitive abilities. Often, prophets, spiritual leaders, mystics, and psychics will have a secondary Godspark located here. Because so much energy is being generated here, these people can be excellent visionaries or dreamers. They may also be quite perceptive and/or intellectual.

  • Crown Chakra: A Godspark located in the seventh chakra will give a person increased spiritual connection to God and their Higher Self. They will often lead a lifetime of intense Soul growth and spiritual enlightenment. They have a strong love for spirituality, spiritual wisdom, Universal laws, and other esoteric concepts. They may also be good manifesters and are usually highly independent.

You cannot ask for a secondary Godspark or try to create one on your own. They are only granted to humans when God believes they are necessary for our life mission. A secondary Godspark is usually given to us when we need special gifts, talents, or skills to fulfill our purpose here. The secondary Godspark is attached to another chakra and will give the energy center that it is attached to an additional enhancement of energy.

I hope you have enjoyed this teaching!

With love,




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