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We Are the Midwives

I awoke very early the other morning by a vivid and bizarre dream. In my dream I was assisting with a home birth and helping to bring in seven new babies into this world. They were all being birthed by one woman at the same time. Wow! It felt so real and exciting.

It has taken me several days to process the dream message. And, after I had sat with it long enough and gained further clarity, I realized that the messages in this dream were for everyone. So, I'm sharing these insights with you here today.

The first message that I gathered from my dream is that the birthing process we've all been waiting for is almost over. We have labored for a long time. Some of us have felt these birthing pains for years, and even decades.

The fruits of our labors are going to start showing up in the physical world in big and impactful ways.

We've suffered a great deal. We've felt deep hurt over and over again. We've watched our loved ones fall into despair and fear. And, maybe, even you, yourself, have felt the extraordinary weight of change happening in the last few years. The current situation we find ourselves living in has not been easy. At times, it has felt like too much... too heavy, too painful, too heartbreaking.

For years, you and so many others have labored a new world into existence. You dreamed. You planned. You restructured your life, your beliefs, and your habits to match the new frequency. As a result, you left many things behind. You lost friends and family. You moved locations. You changed careers. You put it all on the line and made sacrifices you didn't even know existed.

But, most importantly, throughout it all you held a frequency of hope and faith. You never forgot God's promise of better days ahead. You smiled through the pain and found reasons to be joyful even when so many were suffering. You embraced beauty, magic, awe, and wonder. You held tight to your vision of a New Era - one where everybody wins.

You envisioned an Earth where God takes the rightful center stage in our world and our hearts once again.

When so many were regressing into their wounds and falling for the old tricks of division, shame, blame and anger. You stood your ground. You prayed for all God's people and this planet. You prayed for healing on all levels. You prayed for a massive awakening.

And now we, as an awakening collective, find ourselves at the precipice of major change and healing. A birth is coming. And it promises a new and better world. For we all have grand ideas and dreams about the future. We see our babies growing up in a world that isn't destroying itself with every breath. We envision an earth that is truly free from the chains of oppression. We believe in a world where wholeness and health are the new normal.

The Ancestors have been preparing me for this new world. They're preparing all of us. They whisper to me possibilities of a future that bring about new ideas and projects that will take us to a whole new level. They talk about the future, heart-oriented leaders who are being sifted and purified to take on new roles that will benefit everyone - not just a select few. They tell me that every single person still has a responsibility to play in the creation of this new life - otherwise, they wouldn't be here.

They say to me, "Kelsey, there's no such thing as dead weight on this planet. If someone is still alive - if they are still here - then they aren't finished with their mission yet."

Every living person has a Divine purpose. Everyone is needed. Everyone is important.

So many people are waking up right now to their highest potential. They're discovering their gifts and abilities in new and fantastic ways. They're remembering the ancient medicine that lies within them. That each person came here with a recipe for healing the planet, for saving humanity, for making the world a better place.

The density on the planet that has kept us in shackles is being released. I have no doubt of this. It's as if a heavy weight has finally been lifted from our planet. The negative beliefs and habits we have formed from generations of persecution are now being cleansed and renewed. Dense timelines are breaking apart and dropping away very rapidly.

It's as if there is no longer any kind of energy put towards dark agendas anymore. And the energy that is put forth just doesn't "stick". These old magic tricks no longer have a hold on us. We've broken free from the illusions and lies that have held us asleep. And, as we begin to rub our sleepy eyes awake, we see how much we've truly been misled for centuries.

Before our times, many ancient civilizations had failed. Humanity has a way of repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again.

I have often wondered: "Is this the end? Am I here to witness yet another society destroyed? Another great civilization falls?"

And the messages I get are steadfast and strong. A resounding, "No!" Because all the heartache, the pain, the collapse, the death, the destruction, the revelation… it wasn't for nothing. All the lifetimes of failing served a purpose. They prepared us for now. This moment. Right now.

The wisdom we have gained from lifetimes of failure has brought us to the door of greatness. They tell me, "The scales have been tipped. Light has won. And this is not another sad story."

The story we create from here on out is one for the history books. That's for sure. It's the one where we win. It's the story of Light finally overcoming the darkness. I've heard it too many times to count. I've seen it played out over and over in my dreams. But essentially, the message is always the same: God wins.

Align your heart with God and you will be taken care of.

With Love,




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