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The Mystical World of Spirit Animals: Ancient Beliefs and Modern Interpretations

A Spirit Animal is your primary animal spirit guide that resides in the spiritual realms. Like any spirit guide, your Spirit Animal has been with you since birth and will stay with you until you die. The Spirit Animal is a very important spiritual helper for every human being on the planet. Your Spirit Animal's primary role is to provide healing, guidance, protection, and spiritual power to you. But they also take on secondary roles and responsibilities depending on what you need in this lifetime.

Some of the other roles and functions of the Spirit Animal can include:

  • To connect you to other compassionate and benevolent spirits

  • To strengthen your intuitive abilities

  • To help you reconnect to nature

  • To help you discover more about your own inner strengths and personal capabilities

  • To offer you love and compassion

  • To inspire and support you

  • To help you navigate life's challenges and adversities

  • To share their own unique gifts and medicine with you

  • To help with your awakening and enlightenment processes

  • To raise your vibrational frequency

  • To teach you important life lessons

  • To provide magic and a sense of wonder in your life

Other cultures have referred to the Spirit Animal as a totem animal or a power animal. If you've heard these terms before, I want you to know that I use all three of these terms interchangeably. We are essentially all talking about the same thing.

Spirit Animal Origin

I do believe that every single human being has a Spirit Animal, regardless of race, religion, or culture. Sometimes you will have inherited your Spirit Animal from your family lineage or from your ancestors. This is quite common, especially in indigenous cultures where you may find that certain tribes were actually named after their family's shared totem animal. If you didn't inherit your Spirit Animal from your family then you most likely chose the animal before you incarnated into this lifetime. Before we come to into this body, we choose who's going to help us along the way, which includes our spirit team and spiritual helpers who we want to assist us throughout our life.

A Spirit that Lives in the Wild

A Spirit Animal can be any kind of wild or undomesticated animal or being in nature. It can be a land animal, for example one that lives in the forest, the jungle, or in the mountains. It can also be one that lives in the ocean, such as an aquatic mammal, a sea animal, or even a fish. Your Spirit Animal could also be a reptile or an amphibian like a snake or an alligator. It could also be a flying animal such as a bird. And lastly, your animal could even be an insect like a grasshopper or a butterfly. Keep in mind that a Spirit Animal will rarely be a domesticated animal, like a pet. It will also not be an animal that is typically caged, like a farm animal, for example. The Spirit Animal should be what we consider to be wild and free, and this is on purpose.

Discover Your Power Animal

If you want to learn more about this topic then I would like to invite you to join me in my latest online workshop: Discover Your Power Animal. Discovering your Spirit Animal can be a deeply transformative and meaningful experience that will help you tap into a source of deep healing, spiritual protection, and personal power.

Once you've completed this course, you'll be able to connect to the healing and protective energy of your Power Animal. This workshop offers a unique and potent opportunity to uncover your true potential. You will gain a deeper understanding of the significance of your Spirit Animal and how this relationship can transform your life.

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