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An Animal Message From the Spirit of the Bull

I was startled awake earlier this week by a very vivid dream message from a large Bull. The first thing I thought when I saw him was, "He looks like Ferdinand!" The story of Ferdinand is a popular children's book that I love reading to my kids. This bull looked just like him - very tall, dark red, powerful, strong.

At first, I thought his message was simply for me. It felt personal and like an answer to a question I've been seeking all week long. But, as the week has gone on, I kept feeling this little nudge telling me that the message was for everyone.

This Too Shall Pass

I've been experiencing a lot of anxiety and restlessness lately. Like many of you reading this, I'm very sensitive to energies. Like a sponge, I absorb many outside influences throughout my day that aren't helpful. If I'm not diligent in cleansing and protecting my energy field, I get so bombarded with these energies it feels like I'm going to explode.

The collective, it seems, is very attuned into doomsday scenarios and worst possible outcomes. This isn't anything new, but it sure feels like someone turned the dial up to "full power" recently and I can't go anywhere without someone trying to suck me into a disempowering conversation. There's a lot of toxic energies and stories being thrown around right now, it's easy to feel heavy and overwhelmed.

The Bull showed me how, when we're under stress, we have a natural tendency to think of all the bad things that could go wrong. Maybe it's just our human nature. Or maybe it's just generations of outdated programming that we still hold in our bodies. But when we're hurting, the tendency is often to rub salt in our wounds, rather than turn to healing or reconciliation.

The first message that the Bull had was one of hope. He essentially told me that just like every adversity and setback we experience in our lives, this too shall pass. I was assured that the future does, in fact, look very bright for us and soon we will be heading into an upturn cycle. This is both personally, and collectively.

Even as I write this, I can feel the collective doubt creeping in. But then I go back to the way I felt in the dream I had with the Bull, and I can feel his assurance. His calm and confident demeanor left little room for uncertainty. It seems that even those with strong faith are being tested. And, if you find yourself being one of those people, please rest assured that hope is never lost. Every time I engage with the Spirit World, one thing is clear: they do not waiver in their messages about a future timeline filled with peace and prosperity.

The message was to nurture and strengthen your hope and faith during troubled times. Especially if you find yourself dissolving into a frequency of division and disempowering narratives. When you feel yourself slipping into a low frequency, it's imperative that you first catch yourself. And then do anything and everything you can to pull yourself out quickly. Like the Bull, we must have unwavering faith and resiliency.

The Raise Your Vibe oracle cards are still one of my favorite tools to use when I'm feeling overwhelmed or anxious. I intuitively pull 1-3 cards for what I most need in the moment and then utilize those self-care practices to bring myself back into balance.

Empower Yourself

The next thing the Bull showed me was all the ways in which we try to escape from our daily stress. We reach for external comforts to numb our pain. We engage in self-sabotaging habits and behaviors to "catch a break". He showed me how the human urge to escape is stronger than ever. When feeling overwhelmed, we will do anything to get a quick hit of temporary relief.

The second big message was to embrace the "Bull Energy" and take back control of our lives. And not just your life but take back control of your sacred energy. If you've put your attention into anything that doesn't make you feel strong, confident, and capable, then it's time to take it back. We must not allow anyone or anything outside of ourselves to have influence over our life force energy.

Spirit has often shown me the ways we place so much of our energy and attention on things we can't control. We get trapped into disempowering narratives and political theatrics that are designed to stir us up. We get looped in cycles of judgement, division, righteousness. We numb ourselves with all kinds of habits that drain us of our personal power. And all this does, they say, is add fuel to the fires of destruction.

What if, instead of focusing on the fire in the external world, we place our attention on healing the violent flames within ourselves? What the world needs now is for each of us to steadily and persistently commit to our own personal healing. If you heal your inner world, the outer world will follow suite. The change must start on the inside.

Recommit to Healing

Many of my clients right now are feeling like their healing and progress has come to a slow crawl. And for some, they even feel like it's come to a complete stop. I believe that there are some malevolent energies at play here that want nothing more than for us to stay feeling broken, insignificant, and disempowered. The greatest thing we can do is to fight that urge and commit to walking a different path.

The path of healing isn't an afterthought or something you "get around to when time allows." The path of healing is a choice we make in every moment. It requires our constant commitment and dedication. It requires us to make moment-by-moment choices that break old generational cycles and create new, more constructive patterns.

Sometimes, we need a little nudge. A gentle reminder that our healing and evolution is our own responsibility. A push to do better and to show up for ourselves in an even greater way. And I believe that was why the Bull visited me. It was an invitation to go even deeper into my healing and to bring a greater level of harmony to my life. He highlighted the areas of my life that were out of balance and gently coaxed me back on track.

As a reminder, not all Bulls were designed to fight. Take Ferdinand for example. In the story, he was expected to be "the biggest, fastest, roughest bull" to fight in Madrid. And, yet, despite all adversities, he chose to walk his own path. Now THAT is strength!

"While all of the other bulls snort, leap, and butt their heads, Ferdinand is content to just sit and smell the flowers under his favorite cork tree."

With Love,



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