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Quick and Easy Tricks to Balance Your Energy

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Maybe it's that June Strawberry Supermoon. Maybe it's these upcoming Solstice and eclipse energies. Maybe it's just that I'm on day one of my monthly cycle. Or, most likely, it's a combo of many intense energies being thrown our way at every direction that's causing me to feel unbelievably overwhelmed and anxious for no logical reason.

But, whatever the reason. I'm here to say, that I'm currently moving through a unique season of my life. And, as I talk to so many of my clients, I've realized that I'm not alone. Many people are feeling this intense heat wave of energies that are leaving them feeling raw, vulnerable, emotional, lost, angry, depressed, and even exhausted.

I'm wondering, are you feeling it too?

I don't know about you, but summer is actually a very busy, active time for our family. My kids are hyper-involved in extracurricular activities, practices, camps, swimming lessons. We squeeze in as much sun, pool, and play time as we can while school is out. We're moving and grooving all day long. And, what I'm trying to say, is that the normal things that I would normally use to ground myself and reenergize during these crazy times - such as exercising, quiet walks outdoors, meditating, yoga, long salt baths, self-healing sessions... yea, well, those moments are basically nonexistent from my life right now.

I'm not complaining. I LOVE this season that I'm in. But I've recognized that my sensitive Soul is struggling to integrate these overwhelming frequencies right now. My nervous system is fried. My body is exhausted. And if I'm being completely honest with you, I need downtime, but it's just not happening at the moment.

So, today's post is a peak into my daily life and what's behind the curtain. I want to show you, in times of excitement and chaos, how I quickly balance myself in moments of great need. These 6 tips are my go-to protocols when I need a hasty fix to rebalance my energy and I thought they'd help you too. I hope you enjoy!

Tinctures and Oils

Let us never underestimate the miraculous healing powers of nature! I keep my purse, our pool bag, and my car fully stocked with essential oils and herbal tinctures to help elevate my mood and soothe my anxiety.

There's an infinite number of ways to work with plants to help raise your vibration. You can diffuse essential oils throughout your space. You can sip on herbal teas and utilize tinctures. You can incorporate plant ingredients as part of your skincare routine or bath rituals. You can spray yourself and your home with aura cleansing sprays. Whichever way you choose, working with plants helps to attune your frequency to that of nature and can radically shift your mood, your emotions, and your energy.

Personally, I've got a few big go-to protocols right now that I'm utilizing constantly throughout my day:

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil helps your body’s endocannabinoid system to operate correctly. One of the benefits of CBD oil is that it helps to regulate your mood and stress by activating the serotonin receptors in your body. An increase in serotonin equates to a natural way to stabilize your mood. I like to work with non-psychoactive CBD oil by dropping it directly under my tongue. I hold it there for 60 seconds before swallowing. This allows it to reach the bloodstream quicker, which means fast and effective mood support for my toughest moments.

dōTERRA’s grounding blend, appropriately named dōTERRA Balance, provides a tranquil aroma for the mind and body, and balance to the emotions. This blend was one of the first essential oils that I ever worked with. I began using it religiously back in 2013 when I first became a new mom and was having a difficult time adjusting to motherhood. Anytime I notice anxious feelings rising, I pause and apply several drops of this oil to the bottoms of my feet and over my heart. I also cup my hands over my nose and breathe in the aroma deeply. The oils in this grounding blend are known to help bring harmony to your mind and body.

Mood Juice is an herbal tincture formulated for stress support. The herbs in this tonic help you to maintain emotional well-being and balance by naturally supporting the nervous system. I take Mood Juice the same way that I use CBD oil - directly under the tongue. But you can also add it to tea or other beverages. I'm a huge, huge fan of this one!

In a close second to Mood Juice is Bach Rescue Remedy drops. This is a homeopathic blend of five flower essences that can be used for relief of occasional stress. What I love about Rescue Remedy is that it's safe and gentle for all members of your family, including your children and your pets!

I usually alternate using CBD, Mood Juice, and Rescue Remedy every 2-3 hours throughout the day. So, I might start my morning with CBD oil under the tongue, and then a few hours later I'll try an herbal tincture, and then another couple of hours later I'll work with a third protocol or start back over at the beginning.

When working with plants, there's not an exact science to it. I intuitively listen to my body and choose essential oils and protocols that feel right for me in the moment. Everyday looks a little bit different for me, but, during these busy times, I'm really mindful to work with plants as much as possible throughout the day for emotional support.

*Disclaimer: Just like everything on my website, nothing that I share is medical advice. You should discuss any advice I provide with your Health Care Providers before implementing.

Sun Time

The sun is a powerful healer. On a physical level, sunlight helps increase serotonin levels in your body, which in turn, helps to boost your mood and lower your anxiety. On a spiritual level, the sun helps to raise your vibration and purify your auric field from denser energies that make you feel heavy or anxious.

Since it's summertime here, I make it a point to get at least 30 minutes of sun time a day. What that usually looks like for me right now is lunch on the back deck with the kids, piddling in my garden, or a quick family bike ride around the block. Also, when the little ones are doing outdoor activities like baseball practice or swimming lessons, I opt to watch them from a nice, sunny spot where I can catch extra rays. I make sure my kids have as much time outdoors as possible because, hey, kids need the sun's help, too!

If the weather is too cold or rainy, be sure to open your windows every morning to allow the natural light to fill up your home and office. The sunlight has a natural ability to cleanse and purify these spaces while raising your serotonin levels. I have noticed that on days when I don't get as much sun, I'm a lot moodier and imbalanced.

5-Minute Morning Routine

This one might surprise you but let me explain. With two tiny humans running around, I barely have time to use the bathroom without little voices interrupting me. Self-care looks much differently once you become a mom. Long live the days of steamy showers, luxurious at-home facials, and non-interrupted cups of coffee!

At the beginning of the summer, I realized that from the moment I woke up I never stopped moving until my head hit the pillow again in the evening. And, by about noon, I'd glance at my reflection in the mirror and realize I still had sleep-smudged mascara under my eyes complimented with an uncombed mom bun hanging off the side of my head. My heart would sink every time and I'd feel myself getting anxious about the lack of self-care I was receiving.

So, after about a week of this unsatisfactory run-in with myself and the mirror, I decided to mandate 5-minutes for myself each morning to comb my hair, rub in some tinted moisturizer and apply a swipe or two of fresh mascara to my lashes. Even if the only people who see me today are my kids and my husband, it doesn't matter. I'm not doing this to impress anyone. In fact, I take these five minutes every morning for me. Because there's just something about applying a luxurious facial serum and eye cream to my skin each morning that makes me feel a little more confident and happier.

So, if splurge worthy beauty products aren't really your thing, that's okay. The point I'm trying to make is this... If you only had 5-minutes each morning to set yourself up for success and make yourself feel just a bit happier, what would you do? And then, whatever that thing is, be sure it's non-negotiable for you, even if that means waking up five minutes earlier to indulge yourself in a treat.


Music can help to clear and balance any misaligned energies in your body or your space. You most likely have already noticed how your body and energy responds to certain songs, or how you feel after dancing or going to a concert. That's because music is a universal language. And this universal language acts like a medicine to your soul.

Music, when listened to in a conscious way, can vibrate the entire cellular structure of your body within minutes. Any kind of conscious movement or dance can get stagnant energy flowing. Now let's look at some different types of music that you can use for a quick healing. First on the list is Solfeggio frequencies, which are specific tones and sounds that are known to help attune you to the same frequency as the Earth. There are six main Solfeggio frequencies that all have various healing benefits for your body, mind, and soul. When it comes to altering your mood, Solfeggio tones can help. For example, listening to 396 hertz will help to remove subconscious fears, worries, anxieties, and feelings of guilt. You can listen to these frequencies throughout your day and keep them on as background noise, or you can play them when you need to quickly shift your energy.

Next you can listen to nature sounds. This can be especially helpful if you have specific chakras that you're working to clear, balance, or heal. For example, listening to rain or waterfalls can help awaken the watery womb area that is associated with your sacral chakra. And listening to air instruments or wind chimes can balance the heart chakra which governs your breath, your air, and your lungs. So, listening to music that contains nature sounds will help to ground and calm you when you're feeling frazzled. Finally, I create and utilize music playlists. The one I listen to on repeat right now I've titled "Raise Your Vibe." This playlist includes my favorite upbeat and inspiring songs that always make me feel happier. I know that when I start to feel overwhelmed, I feel that the mental chatter in my head gets louder and more annoying. Singing and dancing to my favorite songs helps to quiet that mental chaos and put me into a better mood.


When I'm feeling stressed, the last thing I usually think of is pausing for a moment to talk to God and my Spirit Guides. But it's in these trying moments that I need God the most. For many years I felt silly about "bothering" God with my simple problems. I'd tell myself "God doesn't want to hear about how your kids arguing is driving you crazy." But, because I've been so stressed out lately, I've been trying a new approach. And, anytime I feel myself becoming overrun by my emotions, I'll pause and have a brief conversation with my Spirit Team.

First, prayer gives me a moment to check in with myself and name my feelings. When I can identify my triggers clearly, it helps me to be less reactive. Secondly, prayer makes me feel held and supported by the Otherworld. It helps me to remember what's important and makes me feel more connected.

I grew up being taught that prayer was something that only happened before meals and bedtime. But I'm learning that prayer can be a consistent conversation with God all day, every day. I check in with my Spirit Team while I'm driving in my car, running errands, washing the dishes, or putting away laundry. These are great times to let God and your Angels know what you're up to, what you're struggling with, and how you'd like them to assist you.

Daily Salt Scrubs

Salt is one of the quickest and easiest tools you can use to cleanse your energy field of negative or unwanted energy. Make sure you use real sea salt, not Epsom salt, as this is the best kind to use for energetic clearing. Personally, I buy Himalayan pink sea salt in bulk and use it daily in my baths and showers. But you can also use table salt, kosher salt or whatever you have on hand. A cup or two of salt mixed with a warm bath can be very transforming. If you don't have time for a bath, a foot soak or a good salt scrub can do the same job. If your intention is to cleanse your aura of any unwanted energies, salt is a powerful tool. Remember, if you don't have an intention to clear, then you're simply going to just be rubbing salt all over your body, and it's not going to do much good. So, you must have an intention. I mentioned earlier that I don't have much time for long baths right now, so I work in a simple salt scrub in the shower each night to cleanse my aura. I take a spoonful or two of salt in a small bowl into the shower with me. Then, I take that salt, add it to a palm full of my body wash, and gently and consciously scrub my whole body with that salty mixture. I use the power of my mind and intention to visualize the salt and the water clearing away anything that is causing me worry or stress. I ask it to be released from me and see it vanishing down the drain.

Tech Detox

Too much technology and social media consumption can pull your energy out of alignment. I find that when my energy is really drained, I often turn to technology to check out or numb myself. This only makes my energy, much, much worse.

In addition, there's a whole reality being created on our screens that is not in our highest Divine alignment. If you're someone who spends ample time online or listening to the news, then I'm sure you're aware of the "doom and gloom" scenarios that are constantly being pushed our way. It's nothing but bad news that is designed to lower your frequency and make you feel disempowered.

So, when you feel your energy sliding, I'd recommend trying a new approach. Choose a couple of these "tech detox" challenges to restore your energy back into equilibrium:

  • No social media before noon.

  • No social media an hour before bed.

  • Unsubscribe from unwanted emails.

  • Unfollow people on social media that do not add value to your life.

  • Eat all your meals today without your phone turned on.

  • Choose a time this week to go phone free for a full 8 hours.

  • Clean out your inbox and organize your emails into folders.

  • Organize content on your laptop into folders.

  • Delete apps on your phone that you do not use.

  • Leave your phone at home when you go for a walk or go out.

My personal favorite tool is the new "Do Not Disturb" function on my cell phone. This function is great when you're working, resting, or just need a break. I turn it on a lot when I'm playing with my kids or spending quality family time together. When turned on, it silences all messages, calls and notifications so that you can stay more present and aware. And I've found that this temporary break is helpful in rebalancing my energy and keeps me from checking my phone as often.

Don't forget to utilize ALL of your energetic tools for clearing, grounding, and protecting your energy. My Guides have been talking to me quite extensively lately about how those of us who make spiritual hygiene a priority will be able to move through these energies with ease and grace, whereas those who don't will continue to struggle.

There's many tools on my website that can help you including my free Raise Your Vibe eBook and my new online mastery course: Become the Healer of Your Home.

With Love,




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