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Aura Fluffing: How to Cleanse and Energize Your Energy Field

Aura fluffing is a hands-on practice that I like to use on myself and with my clients to cleanse and energize the energetic field.

Aura fluffing is a simple technique that helps to raise your vibration. It re-energizes your energy field by helping to loosen any density within the layers of your aura that might be stuck, stagnant, or sticky. It's a quick way to open your energetic channels or meridians in the body and get energy flowing properly.


Aura fluffing is a hands-on healing technique. With your hands you'll create quick, circular, sweeping motions all throughout the aura. You want to visualize that you're trying to waft the energy away from your physical body or stir it up with your hands.

To practice this technique, you'll want to bring your hands out in front of you, close your fingers together, and cup your hands. I think a cupped palm with your fingers closed works best so that the energy doesn't slip through your fingers.

From here, you're going to rotate one hand over the other, like you are cupping the energy in your aura with your hands. Making circular motions with your hands, you will cup your own energy and move it outward and away from your body. You can either push your energy up and over the head, down towards the Earth, or you can push it away from you.

The main goal is to use your hands to energetically pull or push stagnant energy up and out or away from your physical body. So, you want to feel like you are opening and expanding your energy field with your hands. Because you are! You're literally using your hands to move the energy all throughout your energetic system.


You want to be intentional about how and where you move the energy in your energetic field while practicing Aura Fluffing. For me, I usually like to start this exercise towards the bottom of the aura, that is, towards my feet. And then I will slowly start to work my way up the body. So eventually I'll get all the way up towards my head. What this upward-moving action does is it moves the energy from my lower chakras upwards, towards my higher chakras. This can be helpful when I need to feel energized, am feeling mentally fatigued, or want to raise my vibration.

If you need more of a stable, grounding energy, you will want to start at the top of your aura near your head, and work to push your energy downwards and into the ground. This will draw more power into your lower chakras and give you more presence, awareness, and a feeling of calm. The downward connection to the Earth will help you feel steady and connected.

Aura fluffing is also a powerful way to cleanse your energy field of unwanted energy. If this is your intention, then use the power of your intention and your hands to push energy out and away from your body. Your intention is to "bump out" any energies that aren't in your highest Divine alignment. Similarly, if you feel very depleted, disempowered, or drained, you may want to draw energy inwards, towards your body.

As you can see this practice is very intuitive. The more you can "get out of your head" and just let your hands move and flow intuitively, the easier and more effective this practice is.

The Technique

To start an Aura Fluffing session, bring yourself into a state of peace and calm. Then, when you feel ready, quietly begin to fluff your aura. Do your best to fluff all sides of your aura, including the top, bottom, both sides, and the backside of the body. You want to aim to fluff around all your limbs, including all sides of your arms and your legs. The aura extends 12-18 inches outside of the physical body, so be sure to fluff the entire permitter of your energy field.

If it's your first time trying this technique, it's important to remember not to judge yourself. This is an intuitive practice, so let your spirit guide you. Allow yourself to remain open to the experience. Let go of any expectation or any judgment about whether you are doing it right or wrong.

I learned many years ago that any kind of worry, doubt, or insecurity only diminishes your healing abilities. So, keep in mind that there's no wrong way to aura fluff. Have some fun with it and get creative.

The entire practice only takes about five minutes to complete. You can set a timer if you want, but usually one or two sweeps over the entire body and energy field should be enough. You will usually get a sense of "I'm done" when the process is over.

Hand Sensitivity

While you're fluffing, you may notice parts of your aura that feel hot or cold, heavy, or light. If you're somewhat sensitive, and especially in your hands, you may be able to physically feel parts of your energy field that are imbalanced.

When I'm working with clients, I will often feel certain parts of the aura that seem sticky or heavy. Sometimes it's like my hands "catch" on an invisible force or like they're moving through thick mud. This usually means that there's something here in the aura that doesn't belong, or the energy flow is out of balance. So, you'll want to pay attention to these sensations. And should they occur, you'll just want to give them some extra attention with your hands until those areas feel smooth and light again.

Once you're finished with this practice, give your body a moment or two to integrate with the healing. Usually people will feel energized, awake, and aware. You might notice a heightened sense of energy like a buzzing or tingling sensation in parts of your body. In some cases, you may even feel a bit light-headed. So, be sure to ground yourself and reconnect to your body before moving on. Now that you know how to fluff and energize your aura, you can do this activity anytime. It is especially beneficial when you're feeling bored, lethargic, sad, unmotivated, sluggish, tired, or even just down.

If you enjoyed this simple healing technique, then I'd love to invite you to my online mastery course: Become the Healer of Your Home. In this unique workshop you will learn energy healing techniques to clear, ground, and protect yourself and your home and exercises to prioritize your spiritual health and wellbeing.

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