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Animals Are Healers

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

If you're sensitive or empathic you may be feeling some REALLY intense energies right now. And, even if you're not, you may still be feeling it! November 11 and December 12 (11/11 and 12/12) are always sacred dates on our planet where immense amounts of light, love and healing energies pour into the Earth. This effects every living being, including the plants, trees, crystals, humans, and animals!

The energetic codes we are currently receiving are pushing us to strengthen our relationships with peace, unity, non-judgement, and compassion while helping us to grow and evolve, both collectively and individually. This helps to highlight all the areas in our life that are not in alignment with these core, Universal values so that we may clear them completely in order to move on.

I noticed that our family dog, Charlie, has been acting a bit unusual the last few days. He's been extra tired and needy for attention. He's also drinking more than usual. He normally lets me go about my day while the kids are at school, but today, he followed me around everywhere. He even insisted that he ride in the car to take the kids to school this morning, which is rare, and then he cried when they left. This is very sweet, I know, but it's also not like him at all.

This morning, as I passed Charlie and his sad, puppy dog eyes, I immediately heard a voice say, "Stop what you're doing and let him clear the energy for you!" I was so surprised to hear how loud and clear this message was, especially because I wasn't expecting it or looking for it.

I immediately sat down next to him, centered my energy, and closed my eyes. I placed my hands on his body and was instantly brought to tears. Before I knew it, I was sobbing. I honestly didn't even know I was carrying any kind of sadness or heaviness today, but here I was, letting it all out. I didn't name my sadness - I just let it flow until it was gone. I kept intuitively feeling that Charlie wanted me to keep going until I felt complete.

Charlie calmly sat in front of me the entire time and let me stroke his soft body. As I released my heaviness, his restless body began to relax, and his eyes finally softened. It was as if he was saying to me, "Finally! Why don't you let me help you more? After all, that's why I'm here." By the time my mini healing session with Charlie was over, we were both in a much better space!

I have learned that our animal companions aren't just here for friendship and unconditional love. Many of them have very special, spiritual purposes for living amongst us. I have seen many of my clients' pets who have shown me ways in which they energetically protect and cleanse their owners homes and auras. I've seen the ways they can transmute energetic darkness and pain in a way that humans are unable to do. I find this really fascinating!

There's two important points I want you to take away from today's message:

The first, is that if you're going through a hard time or an energetic upgrade, chances are the animals and other living beings in your home are also feeling those effects. You must not only support your own body through these transitions, but also your family members, pets and even house plants. Extra hydration, amplified self-care practices and proper rest are going to help tremendously.

Your furry friends may need some extra TLC, water, food, walks, naps, or time in nature. If you've done your research, there are also natural ways to support your animals such as crystals or essential oils. I also love to give Charlie Rescue Remedy Pet tinctures. They seem to really help.

The second takeaway from this message is that your pets are here to clear energy for us, to cleanse our homes of toxicity, and to spiritually protect us. They are powerful healers. And, just like us, they come into the world with a whole toolbox of spiritual gifts and abilities waiting to be shared with others.

What I observed today is that Charlie is constantly clearing energy in our home and doing healing work for me and my family. But his healing abilities are much more powerful when I pause everything I'm doing and take a few minutes to deeply connect with him. It's the same with any healing work that we do - when we're conscious, aware and present, the healing is going to be much more effective.

If you have a pet, spend a few minutes today spiritually connecting with them. Give them permission to assist you in anyway possible, and then be sure to thank them when they're done. Don't feel guilty about "dumping" on your pet. They know exactly what they're doing and they want to be of service to you. Also, if you don't have a pet living under your roof, you can call on your Animal Spirit Guides or favorite Power Animal to work with you in your sleep.

I feel like these intense energies are going to remain high for the next few months. And, then, I feel like they will lighten back up in the springtime. But, for now, be sure to utilize every single tool that you have for managing your energy and taking care of yourself. My free Raise Your Vibration eBook and Oracle Cards can be a very valuable tool to use when the energy is heightened.

With Love,




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